Loner Boy

This was from the author of gandal'fr which i liked so i tried it

So far 5 chapters has been released , This has been an interesting read and  was a enjoyed by meso now i'm read waiting for more keep up the good work


A really interesting original

I am writing this during the authors 7th chaptrr i like how he paced the chapters not too slow not too fast. the novels is very interesting hope to read more of this novel and hope that it is updated regularly ( as long as it keeps going so i can read more about it  ^_^)

The Gamer

An interesting twist to the gamer manhwa

Really interesting hope you have a fun time here in rrl thanks for sharing your work with us  hope you dont get RL difficulties cause my reading of your fiction would get delayed ^^

Rise of the Dungeon

great fiction im a fan of this type of fiction sadly its been going out of style because there are too many bullies/haters/grammar freaks here on this site STAY STRONG hope this fictions goes on a long time hope RLs not gonna be difficult for you anyways this is a great read pls support ^^

Once a Hero

A really interesting fiction

The fiction is interesring the pace is great and it makes wanting for more

The Soul Fire

To succeeding reviewers pls dont expect something that author cant do let the author mark his wayon his own fiction


Really interresting and fun i like how the character is developing hope to read more  

Fighting Back The Tide

I really like this story simce this and Change: New world(CHW) Has similarities i kinda like the character dynamkc of this one compared to CHW i like how there are twist and turns and for those reviews that isnt about the fiction pls open your own thread. IT IS SIMILAR TO CHW BUT DONT EXPECT THE AUTHOR TO FOLLOW LEVEL1 SLIME'S WRITING STYLE ENJOY THIS NOVEL FOR WHAT IS IS NOT FOR WHAT ITS NOT

Reaching for Immortality

Great fiction with wuxia and xiansia reference what more could it offer

Been reading its first 4 chapters and im hooked.  Please read and enjoy the author's work

Sealed Memories

there are some grammar issues but thats to be expected since this is a amateur fan fiction site hope you improve and write more since this seriea is fun

Ascension VR

This is a really fun fiction hope you read it