Invasion - A Nanomachine Magical World LitRPG Adventure

Invasion - A Nanomachine (...)
by freedcats
813 pages


***BOOK 1 is now on Amazon.***

Thank you all for helping make this happen.  I really really apreciate it.  As the rules of publishing go, I have left a few chapters as preview and taken down book 1.  1ST DRAFT of Book 2 is up and I hope it is enjoyable.  Please keep in mind, it is only the 1st draft.  That will be my next publish.  But it may not be.  See below.


I also have another series of which Book 1 is out on RR and is released every weekday:  Reborn - Book 1 of the Jade Phoenix Saga (A Wuxia LitRPG Series)

I hope you all find both interesting.  Enjoy!

In the year 2035, humanity broke the dimensional barrier and attached its world to another.  Unfortunately, something was waiting on the other side.

Nearly 150 year later, humanity is in a never-ending war to hold what is left of its world. Vic is a military asset for the United Forces of Humanity (UFH) and his job is to kill the Invader orcs and their kin.  While on a mission, he is exposed to an advanced technology which grants him powers beyond anything he has known.  How can he grow and use those powers serve humanity and its hope to take back the world?

Travel with Vic as he uncovers strange happenings throughout human cities, strengthens himself and his allies, and breaks rules set in place a century and a half ago.  Watch as he allies himself with elves, dwarves, gnomes and beastkin to battle the Invaders using a mix of ancient magic and futuristic technology.

This story is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi with an OP main character, magic, guns, crafting, violence, sarcasm, love, betrayal, swearing, blood, gore and some sexual innuendo (Fades to black with no explicit sex scenes).

**This story is copyrighted.  Any attempt to plagiarize and claim this writing as your own with be reported to the sites as well as the authorities.**

This story is posted to Royal Road ONLY.  If you reading it on any other platform it is done so illegally.  Please report it and let me know.  Thanks!

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Vainqueur the Dragon

Vainqueur the Dragon
by Void Herald
1.7k pages

Vainqueur is now available on Amazon! Book 1 (Audiobook 1), Book 2 (Audiobook 2). 

Vainqueur Knightsbane is your average dragon: a giant, fire-breathing lizard who loves to take naps on his golden hoard, kidnap princesses for fun, and make the life of adventurers miserable. Vainqueur's only pleasure in life is to watch his treasure get bigger, one coin at a time.

So when a would-be thief turned unwilling minion tells him about "classes," "levels," and "quests," Vainqueur wonders if maybe, just maybe, he should consider a career change. 

After all, why bother hunting monsters for free when you can get paid for it?

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He Who Fights With Monsters

He Who Fights With Monsters
by Shirtaloon
3.3k pages

Access the discord here.


Book I now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Audible and in paperback here.

All chapters following book I are available here, but only the first story arc from book I is available here due to Kindle Unlimited requirements.


Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. He’ll face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that’s just the first day. He’s going to need courage, he’s going to need wit and he’s going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he’s going to need pants.

Follow Jason as he makes a place for himself in a world that is strange, yet sometimes strangely familiar. He’ll meet crime lords and aristocrats, gods and monsters on his path from would-be victim to heroic adventurer. At least, he tries to be heroic. It’s hard to be good when all your powers are evil.

Release schedule is 5 chapters per week, Monday-Friday USA time.

Please note: I am Australian and this story is written in Australian English, so there will be less of the letter Z and more of the letter U.

This web novel is also available at

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Star Wars: Reborn

Star Wars: Reborn
by Jacksonion Democracy
12 pages

An average man is given the chance to reincarnate into the Star War Universe with some benefits to help him survive in the brutal galaxy filled with death and adventure. However, he isn't getting the disney animated version where all the bad stuff is shunted to the side, and the lines of good and evil are black and white. The lines in this universe are so grey and blurred, sometimes you can't even tell what is good and evil. So why bother? Make your own lines. 

(Cover is not mine, saw it at and I thought it looked pretty cool and relevant to the story, so I am using it for the cover, if you are the owner and you want it gone, PM me)

 (Currently I am unable to write due to insane loads of schoolwork + my job, additionally I have fallen out of the SW vibe/mood which inspired me to write this story so while I do have loads of draft's and plans for this story it's unlikely for me to release a chapter for the time being, after that it looks much more promising)

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A Different kind of Hero (Marvel)

A Different kind of Hero (...)
by Michael ArcAngel
96 pages

With his wish, he was set free from his hell-like world, now on another world follow Alexander on his quest to reclaim normality.. or some of it

sigh.... who am I kidding! his in marvel universe for god sake where is normality in that!

Just to let you know I don't own Marvel

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The Hunter - Trilogy

The Hunter - Trilogy
by Bokuboy
4.1k pages

“Start talking.” Ullir said.
“Go to hell.” The scaly alien spat.
“You have always underestimated me.” Ullir said and touched the alien's arm with the Light sword and he screamed. “You believe that I hold your lives in high regard, and you couldn't be farther from the truth. You are scum. The worst of the worst.” He said and slowly moved the Light sword through the alien's arm, who screamed again.

publish daily with occasional breaks between books. Preliminary cover by me.
The first book (Star Wars like, 777 pages, part one) is done. A complete rewrite / retelling / massive expansion / using some of the ideas from Reborn Into Starwars, Summoned into Fantasy by TTT144. With permission, I made it my own. I've actually created a whole new universe for it.
The second book (Fantasy, 1,348 pages, part two) is done, and characters from the first book are in it, crossing scifi and fantasy.
The third book (Scifi, 1,983 pages, part three) is done, and characters from the first and possibly second books are in it.

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by Str1keFreedom00
90 pages

What is a Creed? There have been many different definitions of the word over the years. They all have one thing in common though. You aren't supposed to break them. Breaking a Creed can have disaterous consiquences dependon on the circumstances. These range from anything such as loosing a finger... to complete annialation of you and those you love. Before you agree to a Creed just remember, think about the consiquences. Think about the ones you love. And if you ever decide to break your Creed. Be prepared for the possible hell you may have unleashed upon yourself and those you care for.

This is a story that has been plaguing my mind for the last couple of the past couple of months. It has been keeping me in a daydream a lot while at work and trying to go to sleep at home. The updates for this story will be just as sporadic as my others.


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The Perks of Immortality

The Perks of Immortality
by cjet799
318 pages

This story will no longer be updated.

After living decades and dying hundreds of times, Kegan has learned that he has finally passed some test that the cruel spirit had given him. Now, Kegan has the ability to gain “perks” that can make his life much easier. He is looking forward to finally having an easy life with the new perks he has earned.

Rules to keep me honest for the perk system:

Spoiler: Spoiler
1. The purpose of perks is to help the MC live longer and do new things each life.
2. The perks can be unlocked by getting hurt or killed.
3. The perks can be unlocked by putting in a lot of effort that isn’t easily duplicated in a new life.
4. Perks are generally beneficial enhancements to the MC’s body.
5. Perk costs can be lowered with more impressive achievements to unlock them.
6. Perk costs can be lowered by repeated death or injury from something the perk protects against.
7. Perk costs are increased for quality of life improvements that don’t benefit survival.

I want to avoid one of the pitfalls I see for other LitRPG stories where the game elements barely relate to the story, or offer very little information. If people are skipping over and not reading the perks then I'm doing things wrong. So I promise to try and make the perks interesting, sometimes humorous, informative, and relevant to the story.

Cover art by

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The apocalypse happened and it was named- The system’s advent

The apocalypse happened (...)
by Donny Clearwater
150 pages

The world either ended or it began when the system came online. People can now be immortal and the laws of reality are intertwined with what the people of earth know as RPG game systems. All of this and yet it is only the begining. What is in store for humanity when everything they thought was just smoke and mirrors turns out to be as real as they are and far more deadly.

One man went back in time because of an event that shouldn't be possible to a place he had forgotten. For him it was a chance at redemption for a life he is ashamed of. It was a chance to make things right with the people he couldn't face before it was too late to say sorry. A changed man will attempt to defy logic that he doesn't even realize exists. He tried to be the dashing rogue and failed, he tried for the overbearing shield bearer and was worse than useless, he tried to be the rightous paladin and not even the dark gods would accept him. The only path left was the 'weakest' of them all. 


Ok so alot of you probably reading this are people who have read my previous works and I can only say 'thank you for your incredible patience' so much before it gets awkward but for those you who don't know this is my third story and no I haven't dropped the other two it's just that tragedy struck when I was writing them and I haven't been able to get my motivation for them back yet so I'm trying this as essentially a jump start to get back into the fight so to speak. I'm really hopefull that I can pull this story off the way I want it to be but only time will tell so here's to hoping, now let's get this show started. 

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Nova Terra: Titan

Nova Terra: Titan
by WildCard
1.9k pages

Nova Terra, a new world, a new reality. Nova Terra runs parallel to the real world and seeks to fulfill the fantasies and desires of those who dare plunge into its mysterious depths. Nova Terra, your dreams, your world.

Jump into the world of Nova Terra with Thorn, a giant young man seeking reprieve from his life of pain. Watch as he carves out a place for himself and discovers that there is much more to his life than he realizes.


Book #1 is finished.

Book #2 is finished.

Book #3 is finished.

Book #4 is being posted.

If you are interested in reading further ahead, please consider supporting me on Patreon.

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The Demon Against the Heavens

The Demon Against the (...)
by PlainJane
1.7k pages

On faraway lands where the Chinese culture meets a Korean nuance, a strange Curse befalls Helial. It may ruin his life entirely, or it may not.
From a Korean video-game scenario which follows the Immortality genre design of Chinese fantasy novels, in a world outlined by Classical elements as well, nothing compares the call of freedom.
While contrastingly different worlds get in touch volume after volume, this brand-new genre explores new horizons that traditional fantasy literature has never reached before.

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Young Adversary

Young Adversary
by Kodyak Combs
2.8k pages

Mundus, a world where every being from every mythology exist. In this world these beings once lived in harmony, under the rule of a being only known as the Supreme Being.

However, this peace was broken when the Supreme Being suddenly decided to step down and told the Gods of myth to decide a new ruler among themselves.

A war broke out among gods of Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and every other mythology. Eventually, demons, Beasts, and Human Heroes of different mythologies joined the war as well.

After countless years of fighting, the four factions decided to sign a ceasefire agreement among themselves and instead implemented a system called the Proxy System, where lower beings fought in their place.

10,000 years after the Proxy System was created a descendant of the oldest recorded god, and the first dragon Tiamat was born. His name was Gamiko Dragna, nicknamed Miko. The birth of this child had unknowingly changed the world forever, and it was now his time to enter this war.

What changes will this child, who was seen as a cursed monster, will bring to the battle for the title of Supreme Being?

Follow his journey and see if he'll become history's most revered God or most feared evil.

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