The Pen Is Mightier

The story reads really well for something rushed out for the writeathon, however there are some small grammatical errors that reduce readablilty. But my biggest gripe is with the inconsistency the author displays in terms of plot pacing. The synopsis claims the plot will be slow which it is for the most part, but mixed in are these giant forced plot points that don't belong in a slow paced novel. Without getting too spoilerly the main plot device for the entire story thus far feels so forced I almost dropped the story when I read it. It just doesn't make sense, all evidence counteracts the decision made that drives the plot.

Absurd Mage in Another World

Priceless entertainment...

I don't even know what else to say lol it's just such a weird book. But ... the humor is so bad that it's good ... and bad ... but also good. I just don't know ... it's a rollercoaster. One of the weirdest story's that I have ever read.


The Many Lives of Cadence Lee

Nice! But you might want to change the title.

Really interesting story so far, it feels like what another book (has acendant in it don't remember the full name though) could have been. I would however recommend changing the title, it took probably hundreds of redditors to find it when it was posted to one of those "what is this books title" subreddits.

The Daily Grind

Derp Derp Derp Derp Derp, Living Staplers.

Its top quality. There is nothing else to say. It's unique, well written. Has no grammar issues. The Author is really interactive, and the discord is a blast with all the theoretical possibilities this universe has to offer. The characters are well built and the universe feels ever-expanding. All in all its a fun unending read. the chapters are infrequent but huge so each release is satisfying. Read It.

Restart Again

With a volume behind me I can say a watched a promising story become an EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT.

as best described by a comment on the last chapter of volume one characters develop by learning from their actions. Here the MC just broods on them. He makes the same mistake 3 times in the first volume just to push the plot. Not to mention that he shouldn't be making ANY of those mistakes in the first place cause he has 3 lifetimes of experience behind him. He literally says that he knows what not to do in a new world in an early chapter, but he clearly has no clue because the first thing he does is admit he has no idea of what his strangely stamped coins (currency from his previous world) are worth to some random stranger. 

this is made worse by subtle plot holes, for example a big part of an early chapter is testing if his old gear from a previous world still works, we are introduced to a belt with "orbs" on it there. As of the end of volume one we still have no idea what those "orbs" really do, hell we haven't even SEEN the belt since

like chapter 5. What happened too it?

all in all I feel like I just wasted an hour of my time reading volume one, no character development, lackluster world building (still don't even know what the world is called), and a faceslap cliffhanger. No wonder the amazon reviews are so angry.

The King of Luck

Lighthearted cliche OP MC read.

So far it's been a pretty fun lighthearted shallow OP MC read, the plot armor is thick with this one (literally the premise for the story is "excused" plot armor) so don't read if that's not your cup of tea. Not a masterpiece but also not really bad. It's got some weird phrasing here and there but for the most part the book flows well. The most annoying part for me is that each chapter has a plug for the authors patreon right in the middle of the chapter (after a certain point, don't really Remember when it starts) which ruins immersion. Each chapter is kinda short so I will update this review when there is about 40 chapters. (If I'm still reading then).

Overpowered Magus

I often stalk a certain raccoons reviews/favorites and I am quite pleased to have discovered this gem while doing it. It's quite impeccable, no grammer errors nice world building a dash of mystique and intrigue makes this a fine read. In fact why are you still reading this review?? get to the story!!!

What a Creator Does

This story is definitely not for everyone, the MC has almost no personal power of her own so far (getting some hints at this chapter but nothing concrete) and needs to rely pretty heavily on others. Grammer has a few mistakes here and there but nothing dealbreaking, I also find the main character a little naive for someone of her implied intelligence. I'll keep reading and update this review if anything changes.


Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold.

if you don't get it random person looking at the reviews of this novel, your gonna need to do some research if you want to understand some of the character motivation in this novel, that's all.

Dwarves of Appalachia

This story really pulled my attention, it's incredibly unique. Without spoiling too much it comes down to the fact that we get to see so many perspectives about how the world has changed/is changing. There are both sides of my favorite coin here too, it has just enough OP influence from will (a very interesting take on a typical cliche character) while being balanced out by the current slightly underpowered jamie. My only criticism is I don't feel like we have spent too much time with Jamie yet, while most of the characters feel alive and vibrant Jamie is a little bit flat. However I am optimistic that this will change as it gets further into the story.

thanks for writing this story!