1. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      I find it interesting how going by twos makes the game feel much more volatile, like it can go from 30 to 2 in seconds - for now however, it is once again a lowly 12.

    2. Re: Sociopathic kid who decapitated animals, kills father later? Story

      AH HA! Its Called Morbid. It's one of Bokuboys ( Deleted fictions. I know he was having some talks with the RR administration because his story didn't follow the (...)

    3. Re: Let's Write A Terrible Fanfic Together!

      It finally managed to break through to the Earth-Shattering Realm, an Earth-Shattering Realm... Penguin.

    4. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      20 Yea, i totally didn't skip like from page 10 to 150 :S

    5. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      24 As an individual who makes up a large portion of the rest of the forum I take offense to that. :DrakanLaugh: 30 Now Considering Endless a traitor, look at that -2 despite being a guy (...)

    6. Re: The Penguin Below Me Game

      Ahah but this penguin saw through your plan and already slashed the tires of the emergency car!  This penguin has just had a thought... the penguins are still in precarious peril perpetually because (...)

    7. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      26  Holy this is 150+ pages of number game lol

    8. Re: The Penguin Below Me Game

      Surprisingly relatable, I do indeed have a test this weekend. The penguin below me is replying during real gamer hours. 

    9. Re: Looking for crafting novels.

      hex Overgeared by Park Saenal is a must read if you want a crafting mmo web novel. It's not on royal road though. It follows a blacksmith with the ability to create anything in VR while the MC is (...)

    10. Re: Tiny little visual bug

      don't know if this I where I should post this.... please tell me if this belongs somewhere else. A little visual bug I stumbled across while playing with the top review carousel on my phone tested it (...)

    11. Re: Creation magic

      I just finished a story called the spell analyst that has some spell creation but it mostly happens in the second volume Here

    12. Re: Creation magic

      Are you looking for magic creation creation magic or like god create a world creation magic??

    13. Re: Story where MC is non human

      Core.001 works if you can deal with a brief period of the mc being enslaved in the beginning. Here

    14. Re: Are There any vrmmorpg stories where MC is Super lucky but dosent know it

      This is like a really late response but the novel starting from zero fits your criteria. Here

    15. Re: I just want stories of evil people doing evil things!

      Re:hamster it's a extreme mix of villainy an slightly vulgar humor and the mc is clever as well. 

    16. Re: Looking for Esper novels

      Looking for esper or superpower stuff anything that has every or some humans with a SINGLE or very few individual powers or abilitys. Can be based around any type of setting as long as it has the above (...)

    17. Re: Looking for lucky MC novels

      Looking for a novel where the main character has insane luck not like plot armor luck but more OP luck (not "i must be very luck to because I just barely dodged that killing blow" but More like "that inoccent (...)

    18. Re: Looking for crafting novels.

      Maybe this? Tallrock Read the first chapter looks interesting thanks for the recommendations!

    19. Re: Looking for crafting novels.

      I haven't read Tec Mage or Master of all Jack of None, so I don't quite know you preference. This might fit though: The Voice of The World (...)

    20. Re: Looking for crafting novels.

      All i can think of right now would be dungean heart Mc is a dungean, and makes it a work of art. Dunno if you'd like it, but it's a damned fine (...)