by toastet
87 pages


A VRMMO. Standard, and not unusual for the market, despite being suspiciously named.

It is just a normal game in a fantasy world.

Except, the player himself is not normal.

He is an artifical intelligence- and his name is PAL.

Nothing wrong- just a robot servant playing games with his master.

Or, that's what he deludes himself into thinking.

He becomes his greatest enemy.

Always will be free and only on RR unless I say otherwise.

Releases will try to be once or more a week.

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The Runesman

The Runesman
by Teagus
103 pages

In the kingdom of Guleress nearly any crime can get you sent to the dungeon under the mountain. What was once an ancient dwarven city is now an ever changing death sport. Convicts are collared and tracked while every citizen in the kingdom watches on viewing mirrors, betting on how long the convicts will last and cheering when they finally meet their bloody end at the hands of whatever monster or trap finally catches them.

Sentenced to the dungeon for crimes he didnt commit, Llond must keep his wits about him and put his budding runesmans skills to the test in order to survive long enough to reach the first human settlement in the dungeon. 

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by Rossweisse
234 pages

(If you don't know much about Destiny 2, you should look up a few basics about it, I do my best to explain it as we go, but if there are questions let me know)

As a 32 year old failure in life, I get pulled into Destiny 2, my favorite sci-fi FPS game, and I am in the beautiful body of my Warlock, who was my main character. As I try to take in what is happening, I'm at the Tower, I have no time to process anything as The traveler pulls me into another world. 

I find myself in a new world, with my Warlock power set and only the weapons and armor that I had equipped. It s time for the one thing I have always wanted to happen....To go to a fantasy world. 



This is the first time I have tried to write anything since college, so take it with a grain of salt. I just have to get this story out! please let me know where I can improve. There will be some harem aspects, and sexual content down the road, I have a few chapters written, I am just editing and such. I also made an imgur photo albumn so people can see more of kira, the weapons she has, and her ghost. I might also have some slice of life aspects mixed in. 

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Double Rewards for Half the Cost

Double Rewards for Half (...)
by Joker the True Protagonist
45 pages

While riding my bike home, I was run over by a truck. Fortunately, some gods took interest in my life and gave me a second chance. But isn't this skill a little too OP?

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Exceed System: The Gambler

Exceed System: The Gambler (...)
by JL Huang
16 pages

Axel Nal is out of luck and out of time.

He has failed every single induction ceremony and it is his last chance to Exceed to a higher class. At his wit's end, he desperately tries one last time at Exceeding, expecting to encounter absolute failure once again.

...except something was different this time. 

Had lady luck finally given him a boon?

Had he received a class the world had never seen before?

Melding gambling, adventure, and magic, the Exceed System invites you to join Axel and his companions on a crazy ride through the Five Kingdoms.


The Official Launch of Book One:


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Supervolution: Awakening

Supervolution: Awakening (...)
by Kamitoan
552 pages

A strange visitor to our solar system grants extremely rapid evolution for all humans and creatures on earth. Fantasy races and beasts now walk the streets alongside superpowered humans. Governments topple, chaos reigns and tyrants rise as the world struggles to deal with this strange new future. 

Amidst all of this, a former quadraplegic wakes up with the power to edit not just himself, but anything and everything around him... provided he can get ahold of the energy to do so. With former friends and new allies, Ryan Richards must do more than just brave the dawning of a new super-powered era of human history. 

He must survive

New chapter posted weekly on Mondays. Discord-only preview is released Sunday, available here:

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Dwarves of Appalachia

Dwarves of Appalachia (...)
by Blackguard
458 pages

Magic is returning.

That is a simple fact. As the small newly reborn town of Barthel is whisked into the sky by the return of the powerful supernatural force, beings lost to time immemorial are returning. An entire mountain lifted into the air, surrounded by mysterious pillars, the only saving grace; three portals appeared around the town keeping travel possible.

Jamie, apprentice scavenger at an antique shop has let their life become mundane, enjoyable in the nature-filled monotony of the small town. But when a small thread of mana pulls itself out of the ether and begins granting wishes, even their own life will be thrown into chaos.

Contains: Town growth. Dungeon-core esq dungeon building. Adventurers. and mild litrpg elements.

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Cutest in the Omniverse

Cutest in the Omniverse (...)
by BubbleGum
158 pages

MC: So I can choose anything within my allocated points and imagination?

???: Yes, from Almighty Systems to Evolving Weaponry, to Dominating Cultivation Techniques, anything you desire. 

MC: Then, make me the cutest! The cutest in the Omniverse!

???: ...

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[email protected]
by irony
3.1k pages


If you're receiving this message, I am unable to respond to your email.

If this is an emergency, please contact Madhavaditya Sharma (adi.sharma) for immediate assistance, otherwise I will reply as soon as I'm able.

Director of Information Technology

PS. If you're reaching out from Engineering, please use the [email protected] inbox to ensure proper handling of your request.

The above message is intended solely for the named addressee and may contain trade secrets, industrial technology or privileged and confidential information otherwise protected under applicable law including the Uniform Trade Secret Act and Defend Trade Secrets Act. Any unauthorized dissemination, distribution, copying, or use of the information contained in this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender by email and delete this communication immediately.

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The Mark

The Mark
by greentleevis
27 pages

Out now on Kindle Unlimited!

A boy born with an unusual birthmark on his forehead survives a murder attempt by a religious extremist, who believes him to be an incarnation of the Devil. Thought to be slow, he is homeschooled and lives a sheltered childhood, but at thirteen years of age, his mother falls sick, and he is forced to enroll at the local highschool. 

A rage-inducing incident on his first day awakens powers sealed within him, which take the form of Source powers that are coincidentally similar to Will powers from his favorite science fiction franchise Galactic Wars. 

He walks a path of vengeance, cruelty, and a warped perception of justice.

This is an extremely dark supernatural story featuring LitRPG mechanics. 

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In Another World with my Daughter

In Another World with (...)
by Wry Grin
177 pages

Everyone is summoned to another world sometime between the ages of 13 and 17, where they learn martial arts, magic, and eventually fight hoards of evil creatures on their way to destroy the Demon King. Everyone, that is, except Samuel Carter.
Sam was somehow overlooked. All of his friends, his family, everyone in the whole world had been summoned to another world, fought the Demon King, and returned with incredible stories of magic and heroism.
Now Sam is on the wrong side of 40, raising a teenage daughter as a single father, and dealing with bureaucracy as a member of the Other World Research Division -- until a summoning circle opens and transports them to another world.

* * * * *
Author's Note: You should expect In Another World with my Daughter to read as a first draft, unpolished, with some typos and occasional grammatical errors. I write rather methodically, so my first drafts are pretty solid. Time permitting, you may receive second draft quality.

This is an Isekai style epic fantasy adventure, where the MC is summoned into another world full of swords, magic, and things with sharp teeth. Lip service will be paid to appropriate tropes. 
A personal goal of at least 1,000,000 words has been set.

Readers should expect a total of 20-40k words per month.
Input for story direction will be considered as appropriate.
Royalty free image credit: Stefan Keller @ Pixabay

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Broken Sky and Shattered Earth: Apocalypse Convergence

Broken Sky and Shattered (...)
by JayAck
281 pages

Participant in the Royal Road Writathon Challenge!

(Updates sporadically)

Wilfred had been thinking about ending it all, but then it all ended before he could.The apocalypse came in a matter of hours. Not from weather, not from nuclear strikes, but something far worse. Mankind lost its dominance over their own planet in a short afternoon, and now Wilfred is one of but a handful of survivors who must make sense of the catastrophic nightmare world that they once called their own.While the Earth is many things after the end, it is anything but the sole domain of humanity. As Wilfred and other survivors discover, their planet was not subject to just one world-ending event, but several. The undead roam the once proud metropolisis, and inhuman beasts stalk the countryside. The physical fabric of reality itself is twisted beyond repair in some places as unnatural distorions that warp physical laws appear across the landscape, and even a simple jog across an empty street can prove fatal to the unwary.The ones who died in the initial catastrophes never had to face the horrors that followed. And for Wilfred, a man who found no purpose in life before the apocalypse, what is there to be found after?

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