Enchanting Pays Way Better!

Enchanting Pays Way Better! (...)
by TeenageAuthor
173 pages

Okay, synopsis writing is hard!

Johnathan Cribb was not the best humanity had to offer, not even close.

Following John's untimely death, we will see our morally questionable lead enter a new and fantastical world with a new mindset on life.

A newfound skill in enchanting proves to be worth far more than John could have guessed. It pays so well, that John decides to invest in adventuring in his new world. After all, there are monsters to slay, maidens to lay, and secrets to be uncovered! John will take to his new role swimmingly. That is, of course, if he can get that damn stat screen to work correctly!

Updates: The current release goal is at LEAST once a week. More if I'm able.

The cover is in no way mine, if you are the owner of this artwork please tell me if you want it taken down.


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I Became a [Biologist] in a Fantasy World!

I Became a [Biologist] (...)
by Innate_Lymphoid_Cell
272 pages

I loved Biology - always have, and always will. Unfortunately for me, years of fruitless research whittled away what little joy I had left in what I did. Escapism came in the form of reading isekai works, where the stresses of real life seemed so far away.

Luckily, I was summoned to a fantasy world of magic, dragons, and other mythical beasts. I didn't even need to deal with the Demon Lord threat, since it seemed that my summoning was a mistake, and all they needed was the Hero who was coincidentally summoned together with me! There was no revenge subplot, no hidden trap directed against me, and they even paid me compensation for their mistake. At long last, I could finally do what I ever wanted to do - experiment for the fun of it!

With my new class as a [Biologist], none of this fantasy world's mysteries will be left untouched. Even if the Demon Lord himself comes knocking, nothing will stop me from researching every nook and cranny there is to discover of the magical biology of this world!

I write extremely casually, and purely for leisure. Updates will likely be irregular, depending on when inspiration strikes and whether I can spare the time to work on this. Don't expect too much out of this, and certainly not anything close to professional quality!

Inspired by an overconsumption of Japanese light novels, manga, and anime... expect their influence to slowly but surely take hold. 

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RPG Immortal

RPG Immortal
by Wandering Fool
242 pages

Over the years, humanity spread its fingers over the surface of Earth. They left nothing untouched. Now, they can only build upward, leaving behind the poor and unfortunate to struggle on the forgotten ground below.

Once a person from those upper areas who lived in bliss during his youth, Sigmarus Grayson gradually lost everything and was banished to the streets below. Eight years into his suffering, he discovers a briefcase holding the item that will change his life forever.

Thus begins the journey of the RPG Immortal.

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World Reset

World Reset
by Dick Benetton
387 pages

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"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Dean Eventhal, student council chair of his university, earned his place through wit and charisma alone, making up for his abysmal stats in a world which discriminates between humans and hominids—those who can use magic and gain stats, and those who can't do both.

As the new government failed to fulfil its promise to make things better for her weaker citizens, a disenfranchised Dean grew weary of his own inability to make a change.  

However, he would soon unlock an ability which flipped the very concept of strong and weak, setting him on a bloody path to undo the lies purported by the ruling party, and later—the rest of the world. 

Note: This story borrows heavily from the style of translated Japanese light novels.

Chapters are uploaded every Monday/Thursday/Saturday, 1pm, GMT + 8

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The Timebender

The Timebender
by Epsilon Twilight
179 pages

What would do your typical, totally normal human when it gets summoned by a being that can only be classified as a Divinity to another world.

This is the story of a man who thought that the Arcane Record was a game and was surprised to find the reality of the universe. We are not alone, there are more. Maybe identical, maybe different. Maybe friends, maybe enemies.

Only one thing is sure, and that is his fucked [Status]

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by nikostar
582 pages

I was sent back in time to fulfill my wish of living peacefully. I returned to the day it all started; the day the humans first entered the tower of hope. I was the chosen one; the only human with the knowledge of the upcoming events. And yet, I chose a different path. I am tired have no intention of joining the frontline. I earned my retirement and shall live peacefully in the cities as a healer. But first, I need to get through this tutorial and shall squeeze out all the benefits I can from the zeroth floor.

[Also, first time writing in first person]

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Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path

Unlimited Power - The (...)
by Ex-Soldier Lv 99
252 pages

                A college student was returning home after studying abroad for several years when the end of the world happened. A dragon appeared out of nowhere and attacked the plane he was in, thanks to an incredible amount of luck and his quick-thinking, he managed to survive the plane crash only to get stuck on a tropical island.

                A weird system took over the world and brought monsters to Earth. While nations collapsed and the world as a whole was being destroyed by ridiculous monsters, Leon was stuck in a godforsaken island with no chances of being rescued. What will happen to him? How will the world change while he is away? Will he even manage to return?

Discord Server:

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Private Academy System

Private Academy System (...)
by Sigmao
356 pages

Ensen Fuentes was a teacher at a top-tier local private academy. However, a few months ago the board decided to transition the academy into a girls-only academy. Due to pressure from the families of the students, male faculty members were slowly let go.

Because of Ensen's excellent reputation and progress with his students as a math teacher, he was kept but was ultimately forced to be let go after a few months.

With nowhere to go and nothing to aim for, watch how a mysterious system changes his life and aids him to create a world-renown private academy!

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My Second Life at Asura World

My Second Life at Asura (...)
by ZeeNath
52 pages

After living a really miserable life for 16 years, our MC eventually died while saving his own bullies from a thugs attack. When he thought his life would really end just like that before he even experiences happiness, the gods gave him another chance to live as a thank you gift from the MC's deed in saving the world, unintentionally, of course.

With a game-like system where magic, adventurer, guilds, elf, dragon, and many fantasy beings lived, how will our MC live his second life? After all the suffering he endured back on earth, will he be holed up in the past or move on to the great future laid in front of him? 

This is a story of an unfortunate boy on earth that was granted a second life in another world called Asura...


Author's Note: English is not my native language so forgive me if you found something confusing in the story. I'm still learning too c:

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Reality Drift

Reality Drift
by Godly
149 pages

Kaye's life always had been cruel to him, but then he met ava, his girlfriend. She spirited away every single problem from his life. 

Yet life laughed at him once again by taking his reason to live. It fully devastated him. He tried to commit suicide, but he heard her voice one more time while he was drowning in the water telling him: “Don't give up yet. Try to give life one more chance.” He did as her voice guided him and found himself teleported to another world.

He started to live a normal life in a fantasy world. However, one day he found out that the world he had been living in wasn't even close in comparison to the previous one. He found the truth of the world that every single thing was possible in the world he had been living in. The same truth led him to believe that he could also bring back Ava alive. So he set off to the quest for finding a way to resurrect her, and his doings plunge the world into chaos without even him knowing.

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The Unknown Goddess: A Naruto Fan-Fic

The Unknown Goddess: (...)
by Archer__Phoenix
498 pages

Life is unexpected after all. Unexpected and mysterious. You never know what could happen. Even so people have certain expectations. Things in the line of reality. Things that could actually happen. Simple things. Like being a doctor when you grow up. Or winning the lottery. Becoming the president. These are all things that are within the line of reality. What isn't in that line is waking up in a forest in the middle of nowhere with short term memory loss. Even more impossible is finding out that you went from 15 years old to 5 years old. The impossibilities keep on going. Not only did she wake up in a forest, find out she was five and suffered from short term memory loss,she somehow stumbled upon the gate to the leaf village. 

The line of reality had completely shatte red


Soooo, I have this story posted on webnovel by the same name and image, feel free to check it out over there if you wish. I also have the same user name and profile pic. 

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The Traveling Technomancer: A Westward LitRPG

The Traveling Technomancer: (...)
by JC Chambers III
112 pages

When Owen Westward dies in a bank robbery, he is given a second chance at life in a new world filled with magic, adventure, and mystery. Although he is out of his element, he will use his knowledge of the old world in combination with the magic of this new world to become The Traveling Technomancer.

Story is aiming for PG-13 levels of content. Tagged with Profanity & Gore just to be safe.

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