Farmer Boy

Farmer Boy
by Ken Law
106 pages

Evel was just a farmer boy in a remote village. Where other boys left to go on adventures, he stayed with what remained of his family, toiling away at the field his father had left him with.

One day, as he explored the woods, he was attacked by a wild goblin. Afraid and weak, he could only cower when a knight came to his rescue, saving him from his untimely death. 

Then, as he stared at the corpse of the goblin, he had an idea, and buried the goblin into the soil before planting some seeds over it. He thought the goblin would act as a good fertilizer! At least, according to that old book he read.

To be fair, it was. But how was he supposed to realise that it would bear so much more?

A slice-of-life story of a fantasy farmer boy growing towards the future, and all that happens along the way.

-Updates roughly twice a week. New chapters every Tuesdays and Fridays-

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Beware Of Chicken

Beware Of Chicken
by Casualfarmer
539 pages

Jin Rou wanted to be a cultivator who defied the heavens, and surpassed all limits.

Unfortunately for him, he died, and now I’m stuck here. Arrogant young masters? Heavenly tribulations? Cultivating for days on end, then getting into life or death battles?

Yeah, no thanks. I'm getting out of here.

In which a transmigrator decides that the only winning move is not to play.

Beware of Chicken will be updated Monday to Wednesday, and then Friday.

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The Pen Is Mightier

The Pen Is Mightier
by J Pal
581 pages

1770: 9 vessels destined for Australia disappear en route to their destination.
1775: Individuals with supernatural abilities and objects start appearing around Asia and Europe. Investigators suggest they're the crew and prisoners from the missing vessels.
1777: Flying leviathans rain monsters down all around the globe. They set up nests and destroy human settlements. Only the powered individuals can stand up to them.
1780: A fleet of warships lead by Lord William Anson find a mysterious tower growing out of the Indian Ocean. Leviathans fly around its peak, and the sea around it is unnaturally calm. They discover the structure, Gaia's Ark, is the source of monsters plaguing the world and the powers that challenge them.
1783: The East India Company and Her Majesty's Royal Army collaborate with European and Asian states to set up the city of New Calcutta. They aim not just to contain the monsters, but to harvest the unearthly resources within Gaia's Ark.

It's 1836 and Bunty, son of Swordmaster Utpal Sen, has finally started climbing the tower. He and his party—children and staff of his father's employer, the Boleyns—hope Gaia will bestow spirits upon them so they can start ascending. Not all spirits are made equal, though, and there is no telling what one might get. Bunty doesn't care. He'll settle for anything that'll let him climb. Gaia's Ark has taken someone dear to him, and he's desperate to find out the truth of their fate.

Bunty will soon learn it's not the just tower's monsters he needs to worry about. The nobility and darker factions of New Calcutta are an equally terrifying threat.

[Participating In The Royal Road Writathon]



This is a story dedicated to a Universe I've been putting together for three years. The tale isn't written as a web novel, but a traditional novel. As a result, the pacing is a lot slower than what's standard on RR. As suggested by the blurb, this story features an alternate history. The events in the Universe branch away from ours from around the discovery of the tower.

I've used the GameLit tag because the tale takes inspiration from the genre. I've used the dungeon and tower tropes but the story has no levels or stats. There are 'skills', 'spells' and 'summons' but function differently from what one would expect. My magic system is heavily inspired by the Chinese comic: Doulu Dalu. If you're a fan, the story might scratch your itch as it does mine.

I'm probably repeating myself but be warned: the tale focuses on the people and the plot a lot more than the system. The progression part of this progression fantasy will be slow and our protagonist will need to overcome several obstacles to get there.

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Male Spy at an All-Girl's School

Male Spy at an All-Girl's (...)
by tailblueX
92 pages

AN: I'm the original author (redmitte2x), so no copyright law was violated in any way.

Rin Grayson, Male Agent and Code name "Ant" of the Brotherhood Secret Service. He has one mission, protect the daughter of the Headmaster from all the inevitable danger that is directed on to her but there's a catch... He'll have to do it in disguise... as a girl at an All-Girls School!!

"If it's cute, it's not gay!!!" - a certain Chameleon

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 In Umbra Hasta

In Umbra Hasta
by Kvasir
817 pages

A blue marble floated in the unending void. On that marble, billions went about their lives, unaware that somewhere else, something had changed. Some requirement was met, and suddenly, a new type of energy saturated the universe.

A mother closed her car's door and lifted a bag of groceries in an arm before vanishing into nothingness. Across the world, a teenager disappeared mid-word from a conversation with friends. In eastern America, Captain Octavius J. Asher of the US Army vanished from a mountain trail with no witnesses. People all over the Earth disappeared simultaneously.

Such a thing would normally cause mass panic across the globe were it not for the fact that there wasn't a single person left on the globe to panic.

Congratulations! Your universe has joined the System.

Note: I wanted to read another litrpg apocalypse novel but couldn't find one. Thus, I decided to write one. The MC will be strong for a human but insignificant on a cosmic scale. No destroying worlds with a spell on chapter 25 in this novel. He will face challenges and be forced to make hard decisions.

This serial now on hiatus for the time being :(

Please rate and review. Constructive criticism is welcome!

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Tower of Somnus

Tower of Somnus
by CoCop
958 pages

When humanity first encountered alien life, we were judged and found wanting.  

The Galactic Consensus interviewed our leaders and subjected us to a battery of psychological tests to determine our progress as a society.  They found us to be selfish, wasteful, impulsive, and boorish neighbors.  Earth was blockaded and our collective encounter with our extrasolar neighbors rapidly faded from memory.

All they left behind was a hypercomm relay and a handful of subscriptions to a massively multiplayer game that participants played in their sleep.  The Consensus said that it would let us interact with our neighbors in a controlled setting.  That it would teach us to be better members of the galactic community.

The megacorporations that controlled Earth ignored the game until they learned that the powers earned from clearing dungeons were just as real when day broke.  Magic, supernatural abilities and rumors exploded from nothing and a subscription to The Tower of Somnus became a status symbol.

Katherine ‘Kat’ Debs doesn’t have much, but it could be worse.  Born in an arcology, she was assigned a job in the megacorporation that raised her almost as soon as she could work.  Despite the stability of her corporate life, she wanted something more.  A chance to claw her way up the rigid social and financial ladder to make something of herself.

A chance that wouldn’t come naturally to someone as familiar with dark alleyways and the glint of steel as she was with office work and corporate niceties.

Cover art by Faewild

Coloring/shading by KrazeKode

- - - - - -

Book One was  a National Novel Writing Month/Writeathon entry.  Book one has zero editing or proofreading.

As a warning, this WILL eventually go to Kindle Unlimited (meaning each book will come down shortly before I publish it).

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The Primal Hunter

The Primal Hunter
by Zogarth
1.8k pages

On just another normal Monday, the world changed. The universe had reached a threshold humanity didn’t even know existed, and it was time to finally be integrated into the vast multiverse. A world where power is the only thing that one can truly rely on.

Jake, a seemingly average office worker, finds himself thrust into this new world. Into a tutorial filled with dangers and opportunities. In a world that should breed fear and concern, an environment that makes his fellow coworkers falter, Jake instead finds himself thriving.

Perhaps… Jake was born for this kind of world, to begin with.


Release Schedule:

5 chapters a week.

Average chapter length: 2500

Tags and content warnings are mainly to give me creative freedom later on. This is my first novel ever, and English isn’t my native language, so go easy on me chaps. Any feedback is more than welcome, of course.

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The Many Lives of Cadence Lee

The Many Lives of Cadence (...)
by vladerag
556 pages

Cadence Lee thought she was a normal girl, perhaps a little well to do, but not exceptionally so.  She had her college classes, she had her job that her uncle gave her, and she had a nice boyfriend who was sweet if a little awkward.

Except, when a mugger accosts Cadence and her boyfriend attempts to wrestle a gun away from the criminal, Cadence ends up shot.  A normal girl, with the kind of wound Cadence had, would die.  Cadence managed to do that part.  But a normal girl wouldn't then open her eyes again and learn that death is not as permanant for her as it is for other people.  She can be reborn again, and again.  Each time stronger and with new abilities.

The catch?  Any world she is born into, she can never return to.  She has infinite lives, but only one life for each.

So begins The Many Lives of Cadence Lee.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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The S.T.U.D.Y. -Sucks To Ultimately Die Young-

The S.T.U.D.Y. -Sucks (...)
by neilu
315 pages

Dear reader,

This story starts in 2035, on a planet Earth that was turned into a well managed utopia by the Knowledgeable, Marc Russel decided to accept The Offer. A unique chance to discover strange and wonderful worlds.

This is Marc’s tale of what he lived in the S.T.U.D.Y., of how he faced it and how it changed him.

A glimpse in the head of a man who wasn’t quite ready to be thrown in at the deep end.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, let’s just... get comfortable, settle in an armchair, pick up a cup of tea or something, and see things as they come, shall we?


I’m Marc.

The sun is rising, the date is February twelfth, of 2035, and today, I’m entering the Study.




********* Author's note *********

Cover credits : MavvoZ, a talented artist from Italy on Reddit.

I will make sure to give this story an ending and not drop it into an indefinite hiatus. Well life happened and that's a fkin lie. Hopefully will get my shit together at some point...

I'm very open to any feedback, I will take it into account so let me know what you think !

I do read every single comment even if I don't always answer, it's super satisfying to see readers engaged in the story.

Most importantly of all, I hope you enjoy the story!

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Apocalypse: Generic System

Apocalypse: Generic System
by Macronomicon
31 pages

Jeb Trapper tried to kill himself. The gun jammed.

Two months later the vet is participating in underground trials of ecstacy to treat his PTSD.

Everything seemed to be going great until...


 >>>The System has Been Installed<<<

Now he's got to choose the difficulty of his tutorial.

Just one problem.

He's high as a kite, and nothing seems Impossible.


A:GS book one is up and running on Amazon!



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I, The Lightning

I, The Lightning
by SC Requiem
342 pages

In the world of Foronea, power rules, and for the 80% of those who don't have any power--The Mundane--life is hard. Really hard.
Emmanuel Burroughs has had enough. Enough of being pushed around, and spat on. Enough of having his friends and family harassed just because some asshole decides he can. Enough of the nobles using The Mundane as little more than cattle.
And he knows just what to do about it. Godking Samuel Lionheart, ruler of Terralane and most powerful of the four god-rulers of Foronea, allows every citizen one attempt at the 'Trial of Blessing', a grueling test of wit, strength, and overall competency. If the challenger wins, they receive a Blessing, a power that manifests a unique form based on the user's personality. The better they do, the stronger the Blessing.
Emmanuel's plan is simple; get an S rank on the Trial, and get a Blessing strong enough to overthrow those at the top, fixing the problem with his own hands.
But when Godking Samuel makes Emmanuel his Chosen, with a Blessing miles beyond his expectations, Emmanuel finds that being the capital h Hero isn't all he thought it would be. And before he saves anyone, he'll need to figure out how to stop his own power from ripping himself apart.


Hello! Author here!

Updates Every Friday! Chapters are anywhere between 2k and 8k words long. 

So, some warnings;

-This novel contains a rather high amount of swearing. Thats just how it is. I like swearing, its in the book. 

-This book is LitRPG, BUT it takes a LONG time to get there. This is a much slower burn than most other LitRPG, so please keep that in mind. 

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Titan Online: How to be a Trader in a Fantasy World

Titan Online: How to (...)
by Writing Waffle
461 pages

**New Chapters Every M-W-F 7:15 PM EST**

Instead of enjoying early retirement, Jason, a young fast food tycoon, has decided to buy a stasis pod for the popular fantasy RPG Titan Online. Now that he has all the money in the world, Jason would rather focus on making friends and having fun, but along the way some of his old habits might return. But Jason will find that Titan Online is not as simple as he first imagine. Join Jason on his adventure into Titan Online.

Titan Online is a LitRPG with a noncombat MC with a focus on class and profession advancement as well as wealth accumulation. Magic and Combat play a part but will be explored through the MC's companions and other characters.

Discord Link:

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