Alex M

Alex M

The Trickster's Tale 2: Gnomes Don't Rule!

Wow, what a great find! Houndsmaster's pulled out another banger with this one. Perry's a hilarious character with the perfect levels of attitude and wit. The book kicks off with a parody of the typical killed and reincarnated into another world trope, introducing a group that make it their business to decide just who should be chosen for such a thing. Of course, Perry was a mistake, and it was his arsehole of a friend that was supposed to go instead. This whole section gave me similar vimes to the time traveling group from the Umbrella Academy, and I love the concept.

And straight away we're witness to the consequences of Perry's big mouth, as the rather unpleasant goddess, Tracy, bestows upon him a curse (and what I hope will be a blessing).

All the seeds are there for a great book, and we're quickly introduced to a fun cast of humanoid monsters and companions that make for an interesting and unique setting. This is the perfect break from typical litRPGs, where the MC certainly has his skills and talents, but is far from OP.

The writing is great. There's a few typos here and there, as one would expect, but the pacing and voice had me hooked all the way to the latest update. Just with Houndsman, if you're looking for a new and interesting take on litRPG, this is a great one to check out.

Eyes of the Asura: A Superhero GameLit

This is an awesome new take on the super hero genre, drawing on inspiration from Hindu mythology. The action kicks off in the prologue, where we're hinted to the source of Danny's power and the antagonist that he will at some point need to face.

Quill has done a good job coming up with original takes on various superpowers and magical abilities, making a lot of the ideas feel fresh. The litrpg elements work nicely, giving us a good insight into Danny's progression.

There are some other reviews talking about being thrown into the deep end with the Hindu terms, however I found myself learning the important terms as I went through context. 

Overall I really liked this one. The super hero genre has been flooded with many similar ideas over the last few years, and it's nice to see something so different. Taking so much inspiration from mythology really helps to bring the world and the characters alive, and it's great to have a main character from a different background to your typical protaganist. The London setting is well done and believable. Dialogue is on point. Secondary characters feel like real people, and I especially like the relationship between Danny and his Uncle.

Definitely worth a read.


The Pen Is Mightier

The Quill may be even mightier than the pen

The Pen is Mightier is an amazing example of a clever protagonist with badass fighting skills and original and interesting powers. This had me hooked from chapter one, and only became more interesting as I came to see the world that Quill had built revolving around the Tower. A great read for anyone that likes fantasy and progression.

Style - This reads like some only an experienced writer could have produced. The tone is on point, the voice interesting and engrossing to read, and the detail brings the world to life.

Story - While the plot is quite slow paced, it is pushing forward with decisive and interesting beats. The premise is great. The idea of a magic/alien tower appearing in our world and seeing how that would change things has made for a really interesting setting.

Grammar - Well proofed. I've not spotted any mistakes that have taken me out the book. A few missing commas here and there.

Character - Bunty is the star of the show. He's got a great personality and works differently to your usual YA hero. His abilities are great fun and I can't wait to see how they progress as he becomes more powerful.

This Quest is Bullshit

I need more...

This Quest is Bullshit starts off with an interesting introduction to the world and characters. Eve and Wes play off of each other brilliantly, and as soon as the rest of the party joins in the story just starts to pop. Nixia does a great job at keeping you interested, with painful cliff hangers and unique plot elements that are slowly being unraveled.  The characters are brought to life through excellent dialogue and well written conflict that makes them each feel like their own person.

Margrave's Divinity (Rewrite)

Cool setting with interesting characters

Endemus does a great job adding character to his writing. Right off the bat, we’re thrown into a low moment in Lyle’s life, and it’s made believable and interesting through great characterisation and interesting narrative.

The plot kicks off quickly, introducing multiple people of interest before sending Lyle on an entirely different challenge. Come the end of chapter 2.1, I was hooked.

Keys of the Endpoint

Kaizer's got a knack for crafting excellent magic systems and in an awesome world. I've read ahead of the chapters on RR and you've got lots of interesting plot twists and awesome characters to look forward to.

Sacrificed to Summon a Shattered God

LW Endless has created a thought-provoking and interesting world where gods and humans work together to face their threats. While many novels on RR look to push the plot forward at a fast pace that leaves little room for character development, Endless gives us a chance to see the impact the conflict has on the characters.

The No Names: Calforn Chronicles (Reborn)

This is a great sci-fi with a dark look at the future. Look forward to aliens, a cool upgrade system and a badass maincharacter. 

The original was already a well polished book, but Falbelo has gone and improved on that further, adding a lot of depth and neat abilities. 

Greyblood: Progenitor (A LitRPG Series)

Many litrpgs on RR feel very rushed, leaving little time for any real character development, particularly in side characters. Adventurer Academy has taken the time to establish a setting, and introduced actual personalities. The grammar is good and descriptions are on point.

Well worth a read.

Calforn Chronicles (Original)

Cool story and different to most on RR

The No Names starts quickly, and maintains a fast pace throughout. I like the world, and how the disjointed society is represented. Look forward to seeing where it goes.

--To the author: I recommend you touch up your synopsis. In my opinion, it doesn't do the story justice. (A really quick fix that will make a big difference, starting two of three paragraphs with 'When' is a bad idea.)