Alex M

Alex M

    1. Re: To Plot Or Not To Plot?

      After many dropped projects, I've found that I absolutely need to know the ending before I start, otherwise I meandre about and get lost and never finish. Outside of that I'm a little more flexible. I (...)

    2. Re: What makes someone successful on here?

      I consider premise, book title, book cover, and synopsis to be the most important aspects in creating a popular novel on RR, in that order.  The most popular books on RR use the title and book cover (...)

    3. Re: Need Feedback for writing a physically disabled character in a fantasy/action story

      My favourite example of a disabled character suffering chronic pain is Glokta from The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. The author does an amazing job of making the reader really feel every bit of frustration (...)

    4. Re: What is the best fight scene you have ever read?

      My favourites are from the First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. If you're looking for a reference, about 50% of the way through book 3 there's a chapter titled 'The Circle'. They're my favourite books, (...)

    5. Re: A Convocation of Wizards!

      This is a great idea! The Hedge Wizard would be honoured to join the convocation :D A Dungeons and Dragons inspired adventure with a realism-focused spin on gamelit. Hump grew up believing his master (...)

    6. Re: Book Covers

      They look amazing. Love the typography too, really nice stuff.

    7. Re: Two times back to back featured review!

      That's awesome, mate! Congrats. Quality reviews take a lot of effort and I'm glad to see you getting upvoted for it. I'm sure the authors appreciate it massively too.

    8. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      A Dungeons and Dragons inspired adventure with a realism-focused spin on gamelit. Hump grew up believing his master was nothing but an ordinary hedge wizard, but when the old man unexpectedly dies, (...)

    9. Re: I have returned!

      Ratings from non-relatives are the best ratings! Sounds like you've got a good plan in place. Good luck with the book! Love the cover.

    10. Re: Greetings from the UK

      51000 words in a week is amazing! Congrats! The fact you are only 'quite happy' about it puts me to shame :D Good luck with your release and I hope it goes well!

    11. Re: Fantasy, asoiaf, dragons, Hi.

      Welcome! Good luck with your fictions. Hope it all goes well!

    12. Re: Best time to update the story.

      Most traffic on RR comes from the US, so you may want to target them with your releases. I've had best results between 2pm and 9pm gmt

    13. Re: Looking forward to being part of the community

      Good luck with your book! Having fun with it sounds like a great plan.

    14. Re: Hey everyone! I'm new!

      Welcome! Love all the artwork, and good luck with your releases!

    15. Re: Ask the Editor

      Thanks for all the advice, really appreciate all of your help! I'll be sure to have a look at those books that you recommended.

    16. Re: First draft finished

      That's an amazing word count! You should be really proud of yourself, mate. You've pulled off a massive project. Good luck with your next project!

    17. Re: how to write a battle between wizards with magic?

      I tend to start by considering the main spectacles of the fight, as these are the bits that the reader is going to remember. Think about what magic you want the characters to use, and how they can use (...)

    18. Re: How do you decide on an optimal length of each chapter? Especially when you are writing a short novel

      For RR, I see people typically recommend 1500-2500. I find the reading experience on chapters that length to be good, so that might be a good starting point. If you're concerned with not having enough (...)

    19. Re: Favourite books on writing?

      Stephen King's 'On Writing' is fantastic.