Valery Starsky

Valery Starsky

Ancients [An Epic Litrpg]

Ancients [An Epic Litrpg] (...)
by Lin Lee
57 pages

After failing his soul awakening, Chen's terrible fate appeared to have changed for the better when he became a chosen. But as the mortal affiliate of a deity, he was thrown into the chaotic, never-ending, battles of the immortals. And in this world, dead souls tell no tale.

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by RenamedUser8903457
183 pages

Don't ask Will why she's certain that the clipboard wielding, teaching-assistant looking creep loitering outside of her door is bad news. Worse than bad news. In fact, she's sure that he would be up there with the worst things to ever happen to her, and there are some impressive items on that list. She can feel it in her gut.

Don't ask her why her gut seems to know more than she does, either. It is what it is.


A school for magic in the middle of the desert. A lot of very angry kids.


Updated weekly or biweekly, depending on the way the wind blows. This story is mostly vibes, though not necessarily good times. Go into this expecting fast paced action, and recieve a stern finger wagging from me.

Hear this: Beyond lies gays, blacks, and the socialist agenda. If it's not for you, it's not for you. 

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Intellectum [RealRPG series] Book 1

Intellectum [RealRPG (...)
by Valery Starsky
16 pages

What's up GameLit and RealRPG fans!

I'm happy to share the 1st book of my new series - Intellectum!

Here's the blurb:

They say God created the Earth in six days. Highly advanced invaders, calling themselves Admins, destroyed Earth’s civilization and part of its biosphere in a single day.
People had always considered their minerals to be the most valuable material on Earth. They quickly learned how wrong they’d been. People turned out to be the most valuable material, or rather, the substance that could be produced from them.
Intellectum was a liquid so potent that a drop of it could bestow any creature or thing with sentience. It could make all sorts of objects smart, strong, and infuse them with magic.
The Admins gave the three hundred million survivors a slim chance to improve their lot in life through the Global Game. Though the Earthlings were supposed to breed in special farms in order to produce more Intellectum, at least they hadn’t been deprived of their right to fight back.

Feel free to comment on the chapters! I'll be happy to talk to you! 

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Universe ICS: Keymaster

Universe ICS: Keymaster (...)
by Sergey Zaytsev
52 pages


This is the second book of the series.

In a closed game location designed for convicts, the kingdom of ice and snow, the battle of all against all rages on. Humans are an endangered species in these lands; inhuman races are everywhere, and it’s often worth having a good look around to avoid being backstabbed as the souls of others are always in demand. Bad news, as always, come last — you can leave the location only by completing an impossible Epic Quest...

We are all stuck in this snowy hell forever…

Or are we?


All the books in the series "the Universe ICS”:

  1. Soulcatcher click here to read 1st book
  2. Keymaster
  3. Seeker
  4. Executioner
  5. Destroyer


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Realm of Noria [LitRPG series. Book 1. The Birth]

Realm of Noria [LitRPG (...)
by Paul Kite
38 pages

For those who hunt for the best gems of the LitRPG genre. An impossible to miss new explosive release sure to catch the eye of all the fans of Sword Art Online and Log Horizon! 
The Fate has to lead you to a stone dead! The body languishes in the captivity of the regeneration capsule; the mind is connected to the virtual game of the new generation. Well, you could take it, but a strange system error has deprived you of the connection with reality and outside help. Now for NPCs you are one of them, and for the players you are one of NPCs. There is the only chance to recover your body, crippled by the catastrophe. It is to survive in this superfluously cruel world! To survive here--you need to become stronger. But who could make you stronger but the 'Shadows', the most famous assassin guild in Noria?
'The Birth' is the first book by Paul Kite (real name - Pavel Korshunov) - one of the most popular Russian LitRPG series 'Realm of Noria'. Paul Kite is one of the top-rated of the new wave gamelit-author. He has created the story of Kraven, a person who accidentally became a captive of the virtual world and fought not only for his freedom, but also for his life.

The whole book is available on Amazon. Welcome! It's Kindle available!

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Dark Academy. LitRPG series: Transformation (Book 4)

Dark Academy. LitRPG (...)
by Valery Starsky
21 pages

TRANSFORMATION. BOOK 1  Kindle FREE. Read right now!

The familiar world collapsed overnight. As the Game Transformation progressed, disasters occurred throughout the Earth. Materials changed their properties, new species of flora and fauna appeared, and there was no more electricity. The Game was massive, spread across multiple worlds, and when a new planet was added, it was converted into a huge dungeon, completely replacing the previous civilization.

However, the aliens’ plans for Earth began to go awry from the very beginning. The conversion was less successful than expected and then an ordinary young man stole the bonus for the first gaming action in the new dungeon, depriving the invaders of their perk.

How can he manage the situation? Which of the aliens will become his ally? Which ones are his enemy? Dare they rebel against the all-powerful invaders, regain their land and even create a new world?



The 4 th book will be released on Amazon 07 February 2020

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