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Daddy Ike

    1. Re: How Do You Find Web Fiction Off RR to Read?

      I'm pretty sure Creative Novels has some webfiction that never went to RR. You can also publish there too.

    2. Re: Feedback (For Real This Time)

      I'm up for a trade! Sure. I'll read as much of it as I can. Depending how long it is, it might take a while.

    3. Re: Feedback (For Real This Time)

      Alrightie that's one down. Open for reviews again.

    4. Re: Feedback (For Real This Time)

      Sure, I'll trade critiques.  Any opportunity for that's a good one.  Mine's pretty early on at 8 chapters so any feedback right now wouldn't be too late for edits. I've done a lot of critiques, but (...)

    5. Re: Update "Chapters"

      Hey. We're not sure if this is the place to post this question. Browsing the forums it seemed like the most fitting place, so if not... Apologies. We haven't spent that much time here yet. But, we were (...)

    6. Re: Feedback (For Real This Time)

      I've stated in the past that I can only work on Chapter 1 Reviews of any story. Now, I have time to completely review anyone's story, though depending on what you ask, it will take some time. I will (...)

    7. Re: Help with introducing a bundle of characters.

      If at all possible, split up the group so that only 1-2 new people are being introduced in a scene. No matter how well you present the information, readers are going to be overwhelmed and confused if (...)

    8. Re: Help with introducing a bundle of characters.

      I'm stuck on how to present TEN characters for the future scenes of my story. I was planning just to reveal their names rather than who they actually are, but if I do so, my readers will be confused as (...)

    9. Re: The best editor software to use?

      It depends on what you want to write and where your problems are. There is no perfect solution at all, and different people will use different steps to get the output they want. If it is about basic (...)

    10. Re: The best editor software to use?

      I really want to improve my writing with the help of a software. I tried Grammarly but it wasn't worth the subscription. Anyone knows an editing software they tried that's actually good?

    11. Re: How to create conflict worth investing in?

      Conflict drives many stories, hell it's the reason why stories were made to begin with (most of them at least). You'd expect most fictional stories to have a main conflict/premise surrounding the plot (...)

    12. Re: Question, do you enjoy novels with more thought or more words

      Well it depends for me. If, let's say, I'm reading a mystery novel, then I would expect for me to have more thought-provoking details than words. If it is a fantasy novel, more words would be necessary (...)

    13. Re: *clap* *clap* Book Review (first impressions really)

      Free at last once again!  Anyone else?

    14. Re: *clap* *clap* Book Review (first impressions really)

      Done with everything on the forum! Free at the moment.

    15. Re: *clap* *clap* Book Review (first impressions really)

      I'd be up for a *clap* *clap* book review. My story's in the sig. It's a superhero story with a medieval fantasy twist. You can just leave it as a forum reply :) Ever heard of a map creating site (...)

    16. Re: *clap* *clap* Book Review (first impressions really)

      I'd like a review on Classmancers. I barely get any reviews due to lack of popularity because it's trash, so it's hard to figure out what are the main aspects I need to work on. Sure thing. PM or (...)

    17. Re: *clap* *clap* Book Review (first impressions really)

      Who wants an honest review on their story? Unfortunately I only have time to review first chapters (or two depending on length) and will tell you straight up what I think my first impressions are. It also (...)

    18. Re: I'm rating and recommending your stories

      Might as well join in on the bandwagon. Don't mind if you take a million years to get through these stories to get to mine. Take your time. (...)

    19. Re: Interchanging between tenses

      While PoV-handling is an interesting topic in itself I believe the OP asked about the use of tense. Yeah, I was. Many writers, including myself, often struggle with some sentences being in present, (...)

    20. Re: Interchanging between tenses

      Coming back with another thread, but it is not about my story this time. I remember back in the good ol' days when I read this book Stephen King made. Unfortunately I cannot remember the book title (...)