Phoenix Academy: Extracerebral Educations and Emotional Melodies

Wow this is good. This story starts off with Taz wanting to go to psychic Hogwarts and her muggle mother Anna wanting her not to. While Taz is a protagonist, so is Anna. Anna isn't misguided or an allegory for racism, but rather a person who has her own understanding of the world and life experiences. Pessimistic, perhaps, but not necessarily wrong.

On that subject, psionics have been integrated into this setting well. This world doesn't revolve around psychics just as the real world functions just fine without them. Humans have done shitty things to other humans, so it would only make sense for people to do shitty things to other humans with psionics just as they would with any other tool or technology. The conflict between people who want to limit psionics and people who want it to see more widespread use has depth, where we see believable and understandable arguments from both sides, though just like with real life it also has extremists who do really horrible things because really horrible things have been done to them, or extremists who are just unjustified dicks whether they buy into some bullshit ideology or just want an excuse to do horrible things to people. Overall, the tension between psychics and non-psychics are uneasy, and it seems that what happens in the plot will end up having a major impact on where things go from here.

On the other topic of that debate between Taz and Anna, I enjoy both characters. Taz is a teenage civilian. She isn't training to be good at fighting or to save the world. Though I am by no means predicting that she won't end up in situations where her actions and choices will have major ramifications, nor that the abilities she'll develop won't be important to the plot just because they aren't combat focused. As for Anna, I started trying to predict what plot twist would happen from pretty early. That isn't a bad thing. I remember hearing someone say that a plot twist isn't about surprising an audience the first time they read it, but rather about giving information that makes the previous parts of the story make more sense and fit together. That I was trying to build this model of what sort of background and past experiences led Anna to her current perspective speaks to how developed her character is and how invested I was in it. Oh, and while she may be presented as a completely ordinary person early on, she ends up shown to be far from helpless or ineffectual, so don't worry about finding her pov boring.

Heart of Cultivation

Much more reasonable than usual

I've been keeping up on SB. The characters behave much more reasonably/realistically than they do in other WN. It's not the most subversive take on the genre, but it's a pretty good read.

The New World

At chapter 17

So basically, the MC wins against "OP"/overleveled opponents which by definition is only possible with either luck, plot contrivance, or poor worldbuilding or such. And this is one of those LitRPGs where being the protagonist seems to mean that you "earn" or "accidentally stumble into" unique perks and abilities and such.

I'll probably update this review if I continue reading and my opinion changes, but I'm currently not expecting too much.

Edit: At chapter 25, the MC's boxing skills are for some reason considered impressive in a universe where everyone has to fight for their survival. The thing where "people rely too much on Schema" and shit to justify the MC having an advantage over others is just the last straw that breaks my suspension of disbelief. I can't say anything about whether the fic changes in later chapters, but I'm not going to force myself to read further to find out.

God Of Cheat

I like fics with OP protagonists. I also like fics that are well written.


The protagonists rambles on about how exciting that people will backstab him because he's "genre savy" (heh) and thus won't be nice...? Some random subplot happens where someone decides the MC should make someone super OP because plot contrivance I guess. While "blablabla curves in all the right places" is bad, I don't start complaining until an author starts throwing names of real life celebreties/whatever. Like, even if it was someone every reader knew about and thus was actually a useful descriptor (not the case here anyway). And we get to see how talented the MC is because at several months old or something he survies this attack or whatever from this random person for three seconds.

Btw word of advice fics to everyone fics like these can start out when the plot starts. Not when the MC's in a previous life which is completely irrelevant every single time, and definitely not in the womb or during year 1 or whatever.

The writing itself is rambly or whatever. It's hard to describe other than just not good.

And the reviews are supposedly all 5-star despite there only being five chapters. This fic is definitely not five stars. And apparently people rate it well because the Mc's supposed to be OP, even though every single MC in every single Xianxia/Wuxia and half the JP WN are super OP.

The Making of a God Slayer

Most fics on this site aren't very good. This isn't an exception.

Outright spelling mistakes. Slime becomes the MC's servant waifu because. Blindness is just an excuse to give the MC shiny Naruto powers. Surprise random fanfiction crossovers can turn out well, but this isn't one of them. Overall lackluster characters and boring premise.

The Bounty Hunter

Mileage may vary, but it was okay for me

There were parts that weren't to my tastes. Like too much edge and pessimism and nihlism at times. Pandemonium seemed more annoying than interesting most of the times, though it didn't tank the arc for me, and there were signs of originality and cool things. Harem wasn't awesome, but it was good enough. Plots in general were mostly meh in concept, but carried out well and in relatively interesting ways.

The Inheritor

I'd say that this fic has a lot of good concepts, completely avoiding the typical cliche 1-D Xianxia novel. The execution leaves me wanting, but I'd say the fic passes Sturgeon's Law, for me.

Ley World-The Game

I personally feel like the fic is missing some things. For example, characters who are people instead of completely bland. Innovative ideas. Reasonable MMO game design, and one whose only selling points don't remind me of the game "No Man's Refund". But I'm sure that there's people who would enjoy this, and either you'll improve or you won't see the need to, so good luck.

Fighting God

So, first, the beginning is too cliche. The "abused for having no talent" is takes up too much story, and widespread the discrimination is leads me to conclude that the majority of the people in this universe have no depth, and don't have anything better to do. And how the main character doesn't show his strength is less about being mature and more because then he'd be less of an underdog.

Next, the main character is passive. Basically, he gets into situations because stuff happens to him rather than him going out and doing things. The only thing he does other than solve the problems the plot puts him in is train, but the training itself is practically a sidenote.

Also, don't make the main character the reincarnation of an awesome cultivator if he's indistinguishable from a non-reincarnated kid with martial arts. Not only does he not have any significant strength or experience from his past life, he's bland as it comes.

And aside from the fact that the plot with the Saintess was something you could see from a mile away for someone who's read similar stuff before, and that killing characters off would work better if the readers had an emotional attachment with them, there's also the fact that, while doing rituals to increase the lifespan are fine (though both the fact that the MC knew about the ritual and the fact that he didn't realize it earlier), one would expect that one's lifespan increases from cultivating anyway, which made it really jarring that it was suspicious that someone didn't age 10 years.

And on the subject of killing characters for emotional impact, while I would argue that good characters are more than people to be killed off for drama, I would also expect that important decisions should be made by the author, rather than, say, rolling a six-sided dice or making a poll.

But aside from the fact that the plot and the characters bore me, It's decently written, so maybe the author has potential or something.

Different World along with One Piece System

At first, I was worried because I'm tired of cliche Chinese webnovels, and from the reviews I read Different World with Naruto System was definitely one. But since the reviews for this story were pretty much all positive, I decided to give it a try.


To summarize, this fic isn't super innovative or revolutionary, but it's good enough to make it one of the reasons this site is worth browsing.