1. Re: On the Subject of Ratings and Reviews; Or, How I lost the motivation to write following a bad rating

      By the law of large numbers, the more ratings there are, the more accurate they as a total are, diluting outliers. Anyways, I feel like a large discrepancy between how two people would evaluate a work (...)

    2. Re: Machine generated stories...

      Reminds me of those programs that generate images based on a prompt, and the youtube videos where people play around with them. Like, several years ago, the stuff with ai and text didn't seem interesting (...)

    3. Re: How successful can a sport light novel become

      To the person above, I do no agree with you at all. You're story is a great idea. There is currently a tennis novel on royalroad that is very popular right now.  To be successful in any novel, I believe, (...)

    4. Re: Harem, and why some love them

      Sometimes, if I feel like looking for a story that doesn't take itself too seriously, I'll search for stories with the harem tag. In general, I judge harems by the same standard I judge romances. If (...)

    5. Re: What do you enjoy in a progression/magic system?

      I think that a more interesting progression system is one where the requirements to progress are important to the plot rather than just training montages or killing random monsters which otherwise don't (...)

    6. Re: Rising Stars give anyone else a whiplash of emotion? From elated to "omg all these bad ratings"

      If more people are reading your story, but a greater portion of those happen to be more critical or dislike your kind of story, then the greater audience probably still means you're getting more readers (...)

    7. Re: If given enough time to prepare, Batman could easily defeat Goku

      Anyone can defeat Goku or Superman or whoever. You or I could win that fight. All that is required is the author wanting someone to win and so deciding to give that person a way to do so and making everything (...)

    8. Re: So the Slave Harem story is now top 5 on [Popular This Week]

      I don't consider stuff I don't like or think sucks being popular to be newsworthy. Anyways, I'm fine with a protagonist having a slave harem, at least as long as the protagonist isn't kind to their (...)

    9. Re: Should I focus on the numbers or care more about telling a story?

      Giving too much detail can end up just creating more room for mistakes or writing yourself into a corner. I’d suggest, more, like, zoom out. Like, how many years does it take an ordinary person to reach (...)

    10. Re: The Dungeon Core is actually a Dungeon

      In an RPG, the goal of a dungeon, from a doylist perspective, is to be fair and challenging and rewarding. Imo if the dungeon just wants to kill people then the author has to contrive stuff like why treasure (...)

    11. Re: Warning if you're trying to get your system apocalypse story onto amazon right now

      Uh, if less stories use the term, then less people will search for the term as stories switch to something else, so less people will find this particular story by searching for that term.

    12. Re: One star review as first review, so deleted story

      Don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll get better at writing with more practice and experience.

    13. Re: The Rising of Heroines Falling for the Villain

      I feel like I've seen this a lot in romance fics with female protagonists. I also don't find it very interesting, since the villain MC isn't really a villain at all and is only seen as a villain or (...)

    14. Re: What defines "Intelligent" or "Dumb" MC? (Xianxa-Genre)

      Intelligent vs dumb depends on whether or not they make the choice that leads to the best outcome. For example, a dumb MC might make a choice not realizing the negative consequences of said choice. (...)

    15. Re: Stories with friendly Eldritch entities. Why isn't there more?

      I'm pretty sure that eldritch beings were supposed to be beings beyond our human comprehension, holding neither benevolent nor malevolent intentions towards humans. Even if such a being were to help humans, (...)

    16. Re: Character Growth and character flaws

      In regards to a story that uses Envy/Sloth as the MC's character flaw, I'm sort of reminded of Possessing Nothing, where the MC discovers that the real cheat power is the character development/training (...)

    17. Re: When spoilers became the best marketing tool

      Reminds me of hearing people explain about Greek plays, about how everyone already heard the myths the plays were based on when they went to see said plays. I also remember some study where people told (...)

    18. Re: A deep dive VRMMORPG is released. Would you actually play it?

      Also, I don’t like MMORPGs. Now, with a single player RPG I might consider checking it out.

    19. Re: A deep dive VRMMORPG is released. Would you actually play it?

      Considering that I don’t do sports in real life and don’t particularly feel like doing them any time soon, I don’t see any advantages to VR games over games I can play just by clicking and using a keyboard. (...)

    20. Re: The roots of RR's popular fiction

      In regards to roots/original inspirations, for LitRPGs, if you count VRMMOs, hack//SIGN and Sword Art Online both started in 2002. Meanwhile, Log Horizon, which is more of a LitRPG Isekai, started in (...)