1. Re: Notification when followed / rated story get deleted

      I am thoroughly convinced that allowing readers to get a notification if the story is removed would most likely just open authors to abuse from the readerbase.

    2. Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career

      Also, really interesting trending is based on reviews and not view count... not what I would expect. If it were based on the view count, you'd constantly see the same fictions over and over again. (...)

    3. Re: Who founded and owns RR now?

    4. Re: question about tags and 'mature' content

      Please don't operate under the assumption that we're bound by US law, as we're not. Our content guidelines regarding mature content exist (and are frequently asked about) and are currently under minor (...)

    5. Re: Ranked by something other than ratings

      Could always have a voting system or power ranking system where stories are ranked according to the number of votes (or power stones) that they receive. So, a user-based system where users apply points (...)

    6. Re: Formatting style when writing

      We use HTML, with BBCode obsoleted a while ago. Eh, we can use it too? or not... You can, but results may vary.

    7. Re: Formatting style when writing

      We use HTML, with BBCode obsoleted a while ago.

    8. Re: Ranked by something other than ratings

      Didn't know it takes five 5 star reviews to make up for a one star review. Is that true? Simply put, it's not. Since the formula we use is not a simple rating average, the impact of a single bad review (...)

    9. Re: Ranked by something other than ratings

      Our ranking system actually uses a much more refined formula than a simple rating average. For newer fictions, a bad rating will actually push them up in rankings.

    10. Re: Maybe I'm Just Paranoid but...

      Hi, could we get a copy of the exchange that took place between you and the other person in a support ticket? It would help if we could investigate properly.

    11. Re: [Official] New Suggestion Platform live

      Our suggestion platform is live! Follow this link to get started.

    12. Re: Polls at the end of chapters

      The request has been put up for internal discussion.

    13. Re: Do I received notification if someone replies to me?

      You should be able to. Go to to check your settings.

    14. Re: Coauthor

      Because it presents a security risk to your data, the GDocs real-time editing and inline commenting system would require a much larger budget to develop (if I remember correctly wattpad had spent an amount (...)

    15. Re: Where did the search by Chapters go?

      Chapters have never been a way to search by because they can have variable length, whereas the page count has a fixed meaning.

    16. Re: From Inception to Self Publication: an all Inclusive Guide with Price and Process

      Stickied. Currently considered to be moved to Assistance requests.

    17. Re: Notifications

      You can set up notifications from your bookmarks page (, accessible from the top right dropdown menu (click on your profile picture on the top right)

    18. Re: ROYAL ROAD APP?

      Is there anyway I could get a copy of the WIP. I'm a software designer. While I'm not promising to do anything with the app, I would like to see if I could contribute to getting this moving forward because (...)