1. Re: Having Problems Uploading a New Fiction

      Make sure you don't have any hidden HTML code in the synopsis. That tends to happen when copying from another rich-text editor (like Word or GDocs). You can use the source code option in the toolbar to (...)

    2. Re: copy Image

      You have to use an online image hosting service, such as imgur, to host the image you intend to copy into the chapter. Then you have to extract the .jpg link and use the Image Insert function in the textbox (...)

    3. Re: ROYAL ROAD APP?

      I'll just take a moment to correct a statement here. Royal Road also doesn’t seem to be reliant on advertisement revenue whatsoever and there does not seem to be much hope for ad revenue becoming large (...)

    4. Re: April Story Promotion.

      Official thread started, apologies for the delay:

    5. Re: April Thread - Promote your story

      For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread.  You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available) and your word count. But most importantly your Royal (...)

    6. Re: Are you affected?

      Hi, I'd like to remind the users to stay away from political and religious discussions on this topic, as those can quickly get out of hand. Discussing the effects of COVID-19 on your personal or professional (...)

    7. Re: Quick easy question from a noobie..

      Once the submission has been approved, further chapters do not have a wait time.

    8. Re: Question about Series?

      Our incoming overhaul will feature the separation of a fiction in volumes on the same fiction page.

    9. Re: Soo I just got this :Your fiction has been rejected due to political themes. What's that about?

      For personal matters, we would prefer communication via support tickets, as we feel some things are better left in private, but considering you decided to open it up to the public, our concerns are inherently (...)

    10. Re: Subscription E-mails have stopped

      We have issued a fix to the email issue.

    11. Re: Change the way reviews are sorted by default

      Sorting reviews is currently on our roadmap and will definitely be implemented in the future.

    12. Re: Does adult content get "dungeoned" here?

      Do note that as a general rule Royal Road does not allow fictions that centre on sexual content. Considering that, we do not have any premade filters regarding mature tags.

    13. Re: Can I not upload mature images for my story tagged as mature and has sexual content?

      Per our FAQ, we do not allow fictions that focus on sex and sexual content. You can open a support ticket to receive an epub of the deleted content. 

    14. Re: Can I not upload mature images for my story tagged as mature and has sexual content?

      Dude, your fiction is 100% sexual content. It shouldn't even be on here.

    15. Re: Can I not upload mature images for my story tagged as mature and has sexual content?

      Mature images, or links to them, are not allowed on Royal Road due to sexual content policies, and because it's a slippery slope when considering our advertisers. Imagery is much more scrutinised than (...)

    16. Re: Chapters while Waiting?

      Once the initial submission is approved, the Drafts become available for the fiction. Until then, you can wait. The approval takes about a day, and 48 hours at most.

    17. Re: Followers and Favorites

      Internet stalking is generally a no-no.

    18. Re: donation processor

      We currently only allow Patreon and PayPal as official donation/subscription channels, and you can set up the links to these from your fiction's dashboard.

    19. Re: uploading pics...

      No, you still need to have the image hosted off-site.

    20. Re: uploading pics...

      The only images we save on our server are covers and avatars.