The Weapon Spirit

Unique take on an overused genre

Disclaimer: When I post a review on royal road, I don't overanalyze everything. If I like it I like it and if I don't I don't. That being said, I am absolutely in love with this novel. When I read the synopsis I went into the first chapter with doubts on my mind about whether or not this will be another cringy poorly written wish-fulfillment story filled with every trope in the book. Long story short, it wasn't.

The grammar is good, the few times I do find an error it's barely noticeable and usually gone after editing with help from comments. 

I'm never really sure how I should rate a writer's style, that being said though I don't find myself having any problems with this one.

So far the story has been interesting, though as of this review only 12 chapters have been released so there isn't much to be said about it.

Where Ithalion; the weapon spirit especially shines through though is with its characters. The MC comes across as a real person and doesn't feel edgy like I was afraid of or unrealistic. Another plus point this story gets from me is how the MC is a sword, I don't see it done a lot and it's very enjoyable so far.
The supporting cast so far is likable and doesn't come across as unrealistic. So far we have also seen character development with a lot of them.

All in all, I am loving this!

The Primal Hunter

Primal hunter is a story about Jake and how he comes to terms with his new reality and begins to thrive in it. Add to the fact that its a system apocalypse novel with immaculate grammar (after edits atleast), makes it so that i read all 27 chapters in one night. Our MC is an Archer/Dagger wielding badass which is a build you dont see a lot in these kinds of stories, but author manages to pull it off. Really looking forward to more chapters!

No More Respawns

First of, the style for me personally is perfect. System? check. Not too much crunch? check. etc etc.

So far most of the characters seem genuine, and I really like the main character and. The MC is a rogue assasin which is fairly unique and something i love too.

Grammar is good with few noticable mistakes.

As there are only 31 chapters at the moment, there isn't much to say about the story itself, though i do like where the story is headed.


All in all, I would definitely recommend this

Aether Knight

gives me horizon zero dawn and monster hunter world vibes, barely any grammar errors and when there is one its minor and barely noticeable. Characters feel real and not two dimensional and the story so far has kept me engaged. Loving this author, keep up good work

Last Flight of the Raven

This is genuinely one of the most well written stories i have read on this site so far, i feel really invested in the main character so far and the story manages to convey his desperation and emotions very well. 10/10 would recommend. Grammar is immaculate as well, the only thing i could take issue with is the walls of text. That isn't really that big of an issue for me though since the story flows really well.

Respice Post Te: An unusual Apocalypse

I swear to god, i love this so much. The sarcasm, the humor, the grammar, it's all very well done. love this man, havent laughed so much in a long while.

Shovels In Spades

it's honestly just a very good story                                                                                                                                                                                 

Skulls of Atlantis: A Gamelit Pirate Adventure - 4 Chapter Sample

its a good read, nice grammar, nice story, and it keeps me interested

The Acts of Androkles

it's very well written with barely any grammar mistakes, so far I'm enjoying the story and am excited to see where it goes from here

Post Human

one of the best royal road stories

this is definitely one of the most well-written stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading on royal road. The story kept me so hooked that I finished it all in 2 days, you can really see how the author has thought out the entire story in much detail. it really gives you a sci-fi feeling when all the science stuff is explained, even if I don't understand it.