Agenda of the Villainess

Agenda of the Villainess
by ThaviaVex
151 pages

As the daughter of a duke, Lady Alicia Senius expected to awaken her latent magical ability during her Blooming ceremony. She was not expecting her connection to the flowers of Fate to awaken memories of a past life, however, and certainly not memories that were somehow inextricably tied with her future. Now, Alicia must find a way to escape the fatal punishment that is the destiny of a villainous noble girl. In doing so, she might even alter the fate of the whole world.

This novel is a steampunk take on the otome villainess genre, heavily inspired by the late Victorian era of England and with a system of magic based around floweral circuitry. If that sounds like your cup of tea, why not give it a shot? It updates sporadically, but hopefully will follow a proper release schedule soon.


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Re:Direction The Peak (Cultivation Tale)

Re:Direction The Peak (...)
by UguDyLight
1.1k pages

Reaching the peak of battle in a world where power had no meaning left him empty.

Now that he reached a world in which Might is the only thing that matters, he will rise to the peak once more.

~                ~                 ~  

Cultivation Tale: It's about cultivation duh~

~                ~                 ~  

The first volume finished at chapter 268 after 1000 pages.

The second volume is ongoing right here starting from chapter 269 and called Re:Direction 2, The Throne.


[Winner in the Royal Road Writathon challenge October 2020]

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Respice Post Te: An unusual Apocalypse

Respice Post Te: An unusual (...)
by Felix Acroama
140 pages

There are some days when life seems set on mocking you. And then, there are those days. Days when everything goes to shit and the Apocalypse decides to fall down overnight.

Rather understandably, almost everyone panicked when it did. Others though...

In any case, Earth became a world under the laws of a System that doesn't seem to work that well. A revamped Earth, where monsters can hide behind every corner!

No, scratch that, who are we kidding? They always did, right? But these are monsters of a different kind! For one, they tend to have really long fangs. For another, they might come straight out of myths and legends. Perhaps they're not the only ones?

Follow Athan as he learns to, hopefully, thrive in this new reality. However, he might first need to learn how to set some order in chaos, or the other way around. But, even before that, the cynical dog might need to put on some clothes.


Hey, maybe most everyone may have died, but at least the System that came later was kind enough to gift every survivor with a skill, right?



Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Please mind the tags!!! (And consider that 'strong lead' means 'op from pretty much the very beginning' here)

This story won't have any extremely dark scenes (torture, rape, etc) but it might get rather gory. On the other hand, do expect the MC to have an extremely dark sense of humor. This story might not be for you if you are very sensitive or easily offended.

Also, don't expect to see any harems or whatever here.

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The Runesmith

The Runesmith
by Kuropon
734 pages

What happens when a man gets transported into a foreign world filled with magic?

Will his knowledge in hardware technology help him out after he discovers its correlation to the words of power?

How will he fit in with the other noble houses as the lowly 4th son?

How will his story play out in a world where skills and stats equal power and status?


First time trying to write a LitRPG, so problems might arise x3

Discord: Click here Here 

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Existence Saga: Charlie Foxtrot Zero

Existence Saga: Charlie (...)
by BTI Penner
216 pages

Would you sacrifice your teammates to win the game?

Born into the leadership caste, impulsive John Easterbrook pissed away his birthright, and it caught up with him. He is exiled into the game and forced to become a soldier in a war against a mechanical horde. Imprisoned in the boot camp tutorial, John dedicates himself to becoming the leader he should have been all along.

The only problem? Reynold Bauer is gunning for team leader, too. John has to find a way to outclass the stronger, vicious psycho before he graduates boot camp. If he doesn't, he'll live out the rest of his life under Bauer's thumb.

If you love Starship Troopers and The Forever War, Charlie Foxtrot Zero will carve out a place in your heart.

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Trials of Sanity

Trials of Sanity
by Senna
424 pages

When 23-year-old Leo is suddenly transported to a new dimension filled with horrors, he needs to adapt to survive. Taken from earth together with thousands of others, they must do anything to come out on top. In their new reality, under the all-powerful System, their human limits are no more. Will this newfound power breed cruelty or compassion?

Follow his struggle and journey, as he grabs hold of whatever he can only to see another day and another fight. Human nature and morals will be put to the test with each passing moment. When the horrors of the imagination become all too real, the feeble minds of men and women alike are brought to the brink of insanity.

If we are the product of our environment and culture, what sort of people will be born of a place filled with violence, nightmares, and horror? Forced to fight for his life, Leo must remain sane. And so does the people around him, if he is ever to survive.

Author's note:
This is a work in progress, expect edits and adjustments as the story progress. You should feel more than welcome to express your thoughts and help me in the process of building it.

Chapters Mon-Fri.

The reviews have caught up to the release. All chapters are released with a certain standard of quality.

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Stranger than Fiction V1 (Draft Edition)

Stranger than Fiction (...)
by The BlackStaff and NightMarE
233 pages

"You have entered the Crypt of Fiendish Worms.”

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in hell? Probably look around for the fire and brimstone.

What’s next?

You'd check to see if you’ve still got pants.

For Lukas Aguilar, it is no different.

Torn away from his former life on Earth, he finds himself trapped in an underground dungeon with no escape in sight and hundreds of questions...

Am I still alive? What is this place? Why am I here?

Vicious monsters stand in the way of answers and in a world where even the smallest of insects sees him as a potential source of food, Lukas will have to grow quickly to survive. Still, an underground cave, a strange assortment of monsters and a screen that just won't stop following him around— You'd think that Hell would be a little more consistent.

Release Schedule

Four Chapters a month, released on Sundays.


Exodus for his wonderful artwork and illustrations.

Solo Starfish for his help as a beta.

Skadarken for his help as a beta.

All of our Readers who have left feedback in the comments sections and reviews— we constantly update older chapters and we've made several corrections and edits based on your suggestions.

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Sword System Academia

Sword System Academia
by purlcray
350 pages

Talen, youngest Master of the Koroi, makes his way to the Empire's capital to salvage his clan's fate. But the bustling city has few opportunities for the traditionalist.

For the old sword clans are fading. With the rise of alchemy, gold can purchase strength that ordinarily took years of training to cultivate. Sword artists, once rare and accomplished, are quickly growing in number, especially among the wealthy noble class.

Even with such alchemy, though, no one has advanced to the rank of Grandmaster in countless years. Talen's true dream is to walk the path of a sword artist to the very end while fulfilling his clan duties.

And then the Swordgeists return, fabled founders of all sword arts, gods who had touched the world long ago and vanished. These myths turned into reality warn of a coming threat. Alongside this warning, they issue an invitation to the Sword System Academy, a path to power beyond the mortal realm. But first, they will hold an entrance exam...

Story notes:
Sword System Academia blends elements of western and asian fantasy such as xianxia and litrpg. I took parts from different genres I enjoyed and twisted them into my own creation. There will be an explicit system, both of the litrpg kind and the hard(ish) magic kind, but it is embedded within an academic structure that will develop over the course of the story. This is my attempt to design a unique type of system, the System Academia.

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This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder

This Young Master is (...)
by KaiserBlak
897 pages

Within the Huang Realm, a world where the era of divinities has ended and the era of immortals is nearing its waning years, exists the Buzhou Immortal Sect. And within the Buzhou Immortal Sect on Jade Peak was a disciple of the sect, Xi Tianyi. He was of noble birth, the only child of the Sword Empress who reigned invincible.

But the truth was that Xi Tianyi, was originally an ordinary mortal from Earth who suddenly woke up one day as in another world filled with immortals and demons. Under heavy pressure, knowing that his life is at stake to whoever is strongest, Xi Tianyi quietly cultivates in hopes of one day fearing no one and discovering the circumstances of his transmigration. But…

“You bastard, you stole my fiance!” Said a former genius who had lost all his cultivation.

“Bastard, pay with your life for the death of my entire clan!” Said a cultivator with blood leaking from his hatred filled eyes.

“What the hell!? I’ve been cooped up cultivating quietly so why are you guys suddenly finding trouble with me!? Besides, I'm only ten!” Cried out Tianyi in disbelief. “Fine, if you want to make me your cannon fodder, I’ll step on your corpses for my ascension! ”
Discord: https://discord.gg/WCTeWEH

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaiserBlak0

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Blessed Time

Blessed Time
by CoCop
654 pages

Some disasters can only be avoided if you know they’re coming, and even then, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

On Karell, you are either blessed by the gods, granted a unique power and the ability to gain experience and levels, or you are forgotten.  Micah Silver was a boy picked for greatness.  Chosen by the gods to bear a mythic power, he longed to take his place amongst the heroes and legends he grew up reading about.

Unfortunately his primary blessing only allows him to travel into the past by sacrificing his class, wealth, and levels.  Even if Micah's unwilling, fate has a way of forcing you to take up your destiny, possibly at the cost of everything.  Over and over again.

-Cover Art by Monomus-

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Last Flight of the Raven

Last Flight of the Raven
by Joelni
901 pages

„Some people live lives with narrative weight. A story woven into the possibilities of everything they do or say. A princess in a golden cage. A baker swept away by circumstance. A father challenged, a mother desperate or a son lost. Twice – Born are those who lived a life of narrative weight and died a death worth telling. Just to do it all over again, for the gods enjoy a good story as much as everyone else. And they want more. Always more.“   - Dio, the Mad King

Rather than being thrown to his death by the hands of the demons of the Wyld, eternal foes of his empire, a young man takes his last free choice. The choice to die defiant of the wishes of his enemies, to die on his own accord and to jump.

His last desperate act of freedom catches the eye of the gods and so he is reborn as a Twice-Born of the Wanderer, his patron a boundless spirit of freedom. A second life to survive the hell he had jumped down into. A second life to carve a new path to freedom from the depths and darkness. A path to freedom for the lost, forsaken and shackled. A second life for himself in a world he doesnt know anymore. For the Wyld has won and the old ways are gone.  

He enters the dark tunnels with nothing but a faint hope and the powers of the Twice-Born: to manipulate the class system and tailor to his needs what he thought was destiny. 

Light on the LitRPG elements. Book 2 will feature heavy kingdom building. 

I am not a native speaker and try to learn and improve. Please correct me when I'm wrong!

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The Calamity of a Reborn Witch

The Calamity of a Reborn (...)
by Vera Anne Wolf
1k pages

**WARNING: The following story contains DARK, TRAUMATIZING elements that may not be appropriate for young viewers or those who struggle from traumatizing events. If you're not good with mature content, regardless of your age, this story is not for you. You have been warned. It's nowhere near as bad as GOT but it has dark shit. Again, you have been WARNED. Plenty of other less dark webnovels to safely read. **

**Additional Warning: A minimal amount of LGBT content is included in this story. There is no TAG for this so I'm including it here. If that makes you uncomfortable, go ahead and give it a pass. **


Previously titled: A Maiden's Frozen Heart.


What if you knew the future? But what if that future was not yours?

After a gruesome death, Carina was reborn in Lafeara as Lady Maura, the unwanted “half-blood” of an impoverished noble family. The previous Lady Maura was publicly executed as part of a conspiracy to conceal the murder of Queen Eleanora.

With Maura’s memories to guide her, Carina prepares to follow her predecessor’s path into the palace as part of the Selection to become Crown Princess Eleanora’s lady-in-waiting. Her meticulous years of planning and preparation to ensure her survival, fulfill Maura’s revenge, and avert the oncoming Calamity will require every ounce of courage, cunning, and intellect she can muster.

Because Carina has more than one secret which she can not reveal—her true identity among them—but even more treacherous is her frozen heart and the ice magic that comes with it.

After all, they still burn witches in Lafeara.

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