Tale of the legendary Magus

Tale of the legendary (...)
by Jay Hazard
714 pages

A magical school. A talented boy. Things should've gone perfectly, a talented magus should've been created within the walls of this school. Yet it is now, now that he is here that all these horribly dangerous events transpire.

Traitors of the continent are hidden within the school. Mage supremacists are making their move. Schools will fall and cities collapse when the events begin unfolding.

So what will become of this boy, wanted by both groups? Will he perish under their manipulative hands or will he rise and bring magic society to a new high? 

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Rise of the Mechanar

Rise of the Mechanar
by Gallekryde
352 pages

(For new readers: LITRPG elements don't take effect until Chapter 12)

At twenty-years, Nicholas has lived his life to fulfill a vow. With the obligation settled, he yearns for answers to the mystery of his own origin. To solve it, he will need to venture to the old continent, the Ancient Capital, and to the midst of the war waged to reclaim it from the monsters that have driven humanity from it, countless millennia ago. He has planned for this, with years of effort in the making.

Yet not all plans survive, and with the advent of heathen invaders, he swears another promise and finds himself alone in the wilderness of the old continent. With enemies, both monster and human, surrounding him on all sides, he draws on ancient powers that may finally provide the answers he was looking for all along.

However, the night is long and he must tread carefully on his newfound powers, because he may turn into something that even monsters fear.

Updates Weekly

Cover Art Credit: ELEX @ELEXART

Discord: https://discord.gg/JSwhpKqB9p

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Return of the Tower Conqueror

Return of the Tower Conqueror
by theReamedOne
956 pages

August 8th, 2026 -- the day seven mysterious Towers appeared around the Earth, changing the life on it forever. Cain had already lived through it once, experienced the irreversible changes that the world underwent seemingly overnight. Now, for him it is twenty-five years later, while for others it is still three months before the Towers are to appear. Having stolen the Timecube and used it to reverse back the timeline, Cain is now back before it all began -- with the sole difference of already knowing what will happen.

Nobody had managed to discover the mystery behind the Towers even twenty-five years after their appearance, but with the fresh start and advantage, Cain plans to unearth the story behind them, and whoever, or whatever, put them on Earth.

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Archaic Princess

Archaic Princess
by gdlizy
481 pages

"The past should remain in the past. What do you think?"

In the world of magic and technology, a lady found herself in an abandoned aircraft. She remembered nothing except her former humanity. With the body of an Arachna and the mind of a human, she was forced to side with the Arachna to survive.

Gradually, she encountered fragments of her past and hints of her future. In the road paved with hope and disappointment, she stood against the world. To protect her significant, she had to.

Will update every 3 days.

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Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two

Copy, Paste: The Misadventures (...)
by treebark
383 pages

Milo, 30, has everything going for him—with the exception of a paying job, girlfriend, or anything resembling an active social life.  None of that is about to change, but he will be transported—copied?—to another dimension where the rules are pretty different, so that’s…something. 

Join Milo as he bids farewell to his sister’s spare bedroom and says hello to the magical world of Altabar, where he’ll encounter scary monsters with lame names, meet new friends, and learn where not to pee. 

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No More Respawns

No More Respawns
by Pleonastic Name
389 pages


In a world where the system reigns supreme and death is (usually) a mere setback, Allen has spent his time surviving, gaining power, and dying over and over again. He has become strong in that world, but when a divine being offers a way out, he takes it without a thought. Allen must then fight for his freedom, but it’s not so bad if you have unlimited lives… until you don’t. Needless to say, it’s all fun and games until there’s no more respawns.


This story is meant primarily as a dark and nihilistic comedy. It may not be readily apparent in the beginning, but that's what I have planned (I feel the need to emphasize the dark; don’t rage at me if it gets too ‘traumatizing’ or something). I’m going to take my time with this, so it won’t immediately inundate you with doom and gloom. This is also a comedy, remember? On that note, if for some cursed reason you just can't handle either the references or the jokes, I am willing to battle in the comments.

Anyway, I still put a significant amount of effort into the system, so I hope you enjoy that part. It is a little bulky, I'll admit to that, but I wanted to try something new and its more fun when there's more depth to it. Regardless, I still have a lot of fun doing math in the middle of writing a fictional story (/s).

I also want to see if I can keep from messing up the pacing. Many times, I end up going too fast because I'm afraid of the story getting boring, which tends to ironically have the opposite effect. I'm still learning I suppose; we'll see how things go. Lastly, please leave reviews and comments, they really mean a lot to me and (usually) help me improve considerably. I'll be asking for feedback in the polls and I do still check the old ones from time to time.


The story takes a bit of time to develop; give it time if you're here for drama, grimdark, or antihero.

The system is all blue boxes and I'm not half-assing the numbers.

Chapters will be between 1k and 2k words usually.

always use the oxford coma, fight me.

Updates on Saturday at 7:00PM EST (NYC time).

Might drop if rating falls below 4 stars, idk. It depends on how my life is going.

Cover drawn by yours truly in MS paint. (I have skill, I know) 

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by delta201
1.3k pages

Updates Once a Week! Click here to donate to my patreon and get access up to 10 chapters ahead!

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A young woman finds herself dead and is given the chance to reincarnate in another world with cheat-like magic powers. She accepts, only to find that this world treats magic users the same way hers did— by hunting them down for heresy.

My name is MELAS?! Like... Salem spelt backwards? Oh my God, and my mother is a Witch. I am SO going to be burned at the stake!

Melas is a story about action, adventure, and most importantly, survival in a world that isn't always kind to the MC. It's a slow progression fic, and although it is NOT a SoL/fluff story, IMO it's NOT a Grimdark fantasy either; in fact, I'd be inclined to believe it's closer to the opposite, although sometimes 'dark' aspects of the world will be explored within the story. However, I've tagged it as Grimdark since that apparently fits RR's definition of the Grimdark tag. It takes some inspiration from the real life relationship between Witches and religion, involving a setting that is closer to the period of an industrializing world rather than the typical medieval fantasy-type setting.

Book 1 (Rewritten, Completed): Chapters 1-38

Book 2 (Completed): Chapter 39-76

Book 3 (Ongoing): Chapter 77-??

Covert art by Boboplushie

This is a rewrite of the original of the same name. I do not recommend reading the original as the original is discontinued and this version is far superior.

Disclaimer: The "Strong Lead" tag means "Weak-to-Strong", and not immediately strong. If you're looking for an immediate Strong Lead, then this story isn't for you.

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New Game (Reborn as a Reluctant Demon Lord, Book 1)

New Game (Reborn as a (...)
by TitusGM
805 pages

Portal Fantasy. Isekai. A daydream of nerds everywhere, leaving behind their boring world and living in a fantasy one that is full of adventure. A daydream that became a reality for me and 1000 other Comic-Con attendees.

Except for me, it was more of a nightmare. Wanting nothing more than to find a way home, and also saddled with being the world's new [Demon Lord], I found myself trapped in a gamelike world and also somehow a part of the [Hero's] party.

So join me as I tell the tale of my struggles. A tale of levels and skills. A tale of cagey game admins and bugs. And a tale of our party's grand quest to defeat... Well... Me.


Release Schedule and publishing information:

I have basically used up my backlog, so expect approximately 1 chapter a week. Usually on Sunday.

There is also a wiki for the crunchier side of things https://omniverseengine.com/ (note that a lot of the info on the wiki is minor spoilers as a lot of the struggle that is covered in the book is trying to figure out how the new world works).

This publication on Royal Road is basically the beta version of this book and it may be taken down if I decide to publish on Kindle Unlimited or elsewhere. Feel free to give feedback, positive or negative.


Other notes

Book 1?

Yes, this says Book 1. There are probably going to be 3 books.

No, the plot as you can guess is not going to be tortured to drag out all the way to book 3. That would be ridiculous. If you can guess the plot of books 2 or 3 at any point before the last chapter of book 1, please use your clairvoyant powers for something more productive.


This story is intentionally told under the username TitusGM because the idea is that he was the one actually writing everything down what happened after it all is over.

I initially planned to answer everything in character on this site, but that just really didn't work out. If you want an in character response to a comment, simply prefix it with IC: (I also leave that as a reminder in the author's note after each new chapter)

Cover art?

Made by a friend who shall remain nameless at this time because he wants to make a better cover before I credit him.

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The 13th Essence

The 13th Essence
by Fictionless82
461 pages

In the Tower of Metris, a babe is delivered on the doorstep of an orphanage. This is an all too common tale in the Towers of Kahlea. As Adventurers die braving the dungeons of the Towers, the children left behind are stripped of their home, their possesions and their name. What might seem cruel will sometimes be the only way that the orphans may survive.

Dante is such a child. His thirteenth year is upon him and he must now leave the orphanage to become a student of the Academy, where the skills of an Adventurer are taught. Dante, his class and all others in their thirteenth year, will be entering a new life.

From their new affinities of magic to the political power plays of the upper tier citizens, will Dante and his friends even survive before they make it to the dungeons?

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Aether Knight

Aether Knight
by TracyGregory
215 pages

Aether Online sounded like Alex's dream. Now, it's his nightmare.

After winning a prize, Alex is one of the first people to play Aether Online, the worlds first full immersion VRMMO. Alex quickly learns that once you're in, you can't get out.

Trapped in the Aether Lands, Alex must become an Aether Knight to survive. Struggling to survive in a world under siege, Alex must learn to fulfil his new role, hunting the deadly machine beasts known as Machina for parts. Every kill brings him new materials, new equipment to forge, each a small step towards becoming more powerful.

As his new role as a monster hunter takes him further and further out into the Aether Lands, Alex will face the truth about Aether Online.

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Outlaw Country

Outlaw Country
by Ghotty
195 pages

Buck Jones was born in 1850 and died in 1880. He was an outlaw, and technically still is.

 The world may change, the species may differ, and the circumstances may twist, but Buck knows one thing for sure.

Always draw first.

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King of Beasts

King of Beasts
by TaiBot
911 pages

A man has been reborn into a land of magic that is rife with strife, death, and war. Perhaps he can shift the world into a new age with his newfound powers. 

This is the first draft of a project that I update daily. I usually post first on my Patreon though.

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