His Majesty's Immortal Academy

His Majesty's Immortal (...)
by Gentle Rose of Radiant Waffles
1.1k pages

When you wake up in a new world, you expect a certain kind of… reception. So what happens when the perfect opportunity turns out to be the last thing you ever wanted?

The world of Ænerith is one of adventure—where anyone can cultivate to gain Skills or a Class. It’s a place where wars are waged over resource-producing Dungeons, and Monsters threaten deadly, otherworldly incursions. Grandest of all is His Majesty’s Immortal Academy: a mobile bastion and center of learning for the best aspiring Immortals of this, or any, age!

For one young girl, however, this world is far from grand. When her congenital illness leaves her without much longer to live, she goes down the only path left to her. Taking a mysterious offer, she uses a cursed Tome to reach across the Expanses—pulling on the only hope she could find.

But in the end, she failed.

Now, a poor fool finds himself in an unacceptable position. Worse still, the unlikable sod is stuck with no way out, all while something seems to be screaming in the back of his mind. If only he could hear the voice?

No, that would be ins


Wait, what was happening again?



Okay, fancy intro done! 

A quick note to everyone: I’m a new writer and quality is rough in the beginning. It’s slow, introspective, uses bright colors (first few chapters only), and is something that I’ll seriously reconsider if I come back to re-write the story later (I won’t do so while the story is in progress). The length was overly long as well, so I split the early chapters into parts. I get better about that after chapter 16. Lastly, my story does use a lot of LitRPG elements, however menus and the like don’t start actively playing a role until chapter 19.

Still, all the mistakes helped me learn so I can’t regret it!

I will warn, however, that this story contains sensitive topics such as mental illness, self-harm, loss of loved ones, and body-dysmorphia. Please avoid if these are triggering you. Also, the sexual content tag is for language used, mostly due to the crude protagonist—who starts off very unlikable (that does change during the story, and his lack of agency picks up around chapter 16).

Finally, I decided to do batch writing so my release schedule is no longer consistent (it used to be Tuesdays and Fridays). When I do have more story to post, it will likely follow the old schedule until its all out. In between drops, don't be surprised if the story falls into Hiatus. Thanks!

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The Stained Tower

The Stained Tower
by Tilted_Axis
353 pages

The soul seeks eternity.
The consciousness seeks existence.
The body seeks exemption.

Now an eerie and spectral existence, in an era centuries ahead of her own, Constance Nightingale finds herself tumbling toward a modern-day Earth on the verge of a system apocalypse.

Constance refuses to lie down and die, yet things are made ever more complicated as she realizes her survival relies on siphoning and collecting Essence from other creatures—a parasite some would term her. Nevertheless, in the concrete jungle, she scarcely understands, she shall struggle and endeavor to improve in hopes of someday becoming an extraordinary presence that Towers high above the deranged city she finds herself.

[A LitRPG hybrid for those looking for something unique, yet familiar.]

Author Notes:

- LitRPG elements introduced in Chapter 5. Start increasing Chapter 7/8. The majority of LitRPG fans that read up to Chapter 9 keep reading.
- This isn't a tower climber story.
- It's written as a first-person narrative. Experience the world through the MC's eyes, thoughts, and viewpoint.
- The MC speaks a tad archaically, but it's simplified. Archaic elements do ease up after the first six or so chapters. Still, if your grasp of the English language is poor this novel may be tough for some people.
- The cover was commissioned for use with this novel only. Artist (Possible NSFW Material)

I want to thank anyone who reads for their time. Any feedback, reviews, or support is appreciated.

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Star Eater

Star Eater
by Vongoalyken
474 pages

When a man finds himself in the presence of absolute power, what will he do? Dying has already happened, but he wasn't given permission and the creature responsible finds his tragedy amusing. Forcing him to continue his life in a new world, he is given an unknown task that must be completed if he ever wishes to rest.

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Young Master Has a Daughter

Young Master Has a Daughter
by Heplar
302 pages

Tremendous wealth? Check.

Formidable background? Check.

Exceptional talent? Check.

An arrogance that can anger both gods and devils alike? Check.

Daughter? Err, c-check.

This young master has it all!

Yun Ling is a supreme genius born in a powerful clan in a massive empire. It is said that a genius of his caliber is only born once every ten thousand years. Aside from his exceptional talent, his father is no other than the clan master and the general of the empire which is why very few dared to offend him or challenge him.

Everything had always been smooth sailing for Yun Ling however, never did he expect that upon his return to the empire from his journey would he discover that he apparently has a daughter waiting for him at home.

Release Schedule: 5 days a week (Monday - Friday)
Join us in Discord: HERE

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The Dragon Realms Saga

The Dragon Realms Saga
by Fancyotter98
498 pages

Young Elucard is thrown headlong into the ruthless world of the assassin clan: The Black Rabbits. There he must survive the grueling training, deal with cutthroat competition, and wrestle with the vastly different morality of being a killer. 

The Dragon Realms Saga is a sprawling epic that features, assassins, ancient magic, heroes and larger than life villians. I tried to capture an anime fantasy feel with over the top fight scenes and action, centering around an anti-hero along with moral compass characters that try to infulence him

This will span 5 volumes

Vendetta's Rise, Blood and Bounty, Wayward Hawk, The Mage King, and finally Wintertide!

Stay tuned!

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Sylver Seeker

Sylver Seeker
by KingKennit
789 pages

After fulfilling the duty all arch necromancers are tasked with, Sylver Sezari was not expecting to ever wake up again.

But he did.

And after crawling his way back into the land of the living, he’s alive once again. In a strange land, a strange time, and with a strange floating screen in front of his new face.

Either through plan or chance, he’s alive again, and planning to enjoy himself to his heart's content.

-The story isn’t grimdark, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either. There will be lighthearted and positive moments, as well as some sad ones. That being said, it’s a whole lot more light than dark.
-This is a LITRPG story.


Author’s note:
-It can get very GORY. I’m somewhat desensitized to gore and violence. So while the story isn’t full of gore for the sake of gore, it can get a little too descriptive.
-The MC is a necromancer, so corpses and decay, and all the things that come with it, will be mentioned from time to time.
-I’m a huge fan of Egyptian, Slavic, and Greek mythology, so expect quite a bit of that. That said, so much is altered, you’ll be hard-pressed to guess how exactly it is being used.
-Despite being ‘immortal’ the MC can die. In the event he does, the story doesn’t end, simply time skips forward. Which in some cases is going to be worse than just dying.
-I love plot twists, as much as I love red herrings and Chekhov guns. Deus Ex Machina’s not so much.

Cover: https://angshumandhar.artstation.com/projects

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The Primal Hunter

The Primal Hunter
by Zogarth
1k pages

On just another normal Monday, the world changed. The universe had reached a threshold humanity didn’t even know existed, and it was time to finally be integrated into the vast multiverse. A world where power is the only thing that one can truly rely on.

Jake, a seemingly average office worker, finds himself thrust into this new world. Into a tutorial filled with dangers and opportunities. In a world that should breed fear and concern, an environment that makes his fellow coworkers falter, Jake instead finds himself thriving.

Perhaps… Jake was born for this kind of world, to begin with.


Release Schedule:

5 chapters a week.

Average chapter length: 2500

Tags and content warnings are mainly to give me creative freedom later on. This is my first novel ever, and English isn’t my native language, so go easy on me chaps. Any feedback is more than welcome, of course.

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The Many Lives of Cadence Lee

The Many Lives of Cadence (...)
by vladerag
556 pages

Cadence Lee thought she was a normal girl, perhaps a little well to do, but not exceptionally so.  She had her college classes, she had her job that her uncle gave her, and she had a nice boyfriend who was sweet if a little awkward.

Except, when a mugger accosts Cadence and her boyfriend attempts to wrestle a gun away from the criminal, Cadence ends up shot.  A normal girl, with the kind of wound Cadence had, would die.  Cadence managed to do that part.  But a normal girl wouldn't then open her eyes again and learn that death is not as permanant for her as it is for other people.  She can be reborn again, and again.  Each time stronger and with new abilities.

The catch?  Any world she is born into, she can never return to.  She has infinite lives, but only one life for each.

So begins The Many Lives of Cadence Lee.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Leaves of Terranthir

Leaves of Terranthir
by Rhaegar
279 pages

Leaves of Terranthir is a gamelit blend of ARPG, action, fantasy, and slice of life.

It's inspired in part by some of my favourite games, borrowing in themes, sense of exploration, and aesthetics from the Soulsborne and soulslike genre, mixed heavily with arpg itemization from Diablo/PoE style games.

While many may remember their Soulslike experiences as nothing more than suffering, I personally loved the sense of progression, to prevail over challenges and monsters that seemed impossible to defeat at first.

If any of that seems interesting to you, do check out the first chapter and let me know what you think.

Cheers, and thanks for reading.

Cover by Baconstrap.

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Pieces of Sonder

Pieces of Sonder
by MintyMintyMilkTea
269 pages

Freya Evenkey is the shaman of Safka. Her mundane life includes helping townsfolk and exorcising demons. Until one day she almost loses her life during a routine house call. After picking up a mysterious item she discovers there is more to her world than she ever thought before!

Some call it a game, or is it a curse?

Author's Note: This is a litrpg story that focuses more on adventure than stats. No harem, no romance.

Release Schedule: every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9 pm ET

Special thanks to aphin123 for the awesome book cover!

©2020 MintyMintyMilkTea. All rights reserved. This story is also being published on Webnovel and Tapas.

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Me? Dragon

Me? Dragon
by PigLord42
181 pages


The life of a baby dragon, from birth to unknown heights. Born as a red dragon Rue will experience the benefits of such a prestigious race and the downsides. Dragon hunters, surviving in the wild, the journey will be difficult, but when you can breathe fire and weigh in at a couple of tones, pointy sticks don't do much…

The world they live in is magical with many different beasts and races, and hopefully, our young dragon will live to “taste” all of the finer points of life.

The story contains a litRPG element but I still like to have a natural feel to the way the world works. Please forgive me for mistakes and kindly point them out. I'm still new to writing.


The Basics: Spoiler

Magic: Yes

Smartphones: No (Dragons Can't Use Them)

Martial Arts: No (Ever Seen a dragon Punch?)

Monsters: Yes

Adventure: Yes

Basic Physics: Yes (Fire….lots of Fire)

Dialogue Boxes: Yes


Well, we will have to see, at least once a week though. most likely every day for the first little while. I have a backlog of chapters I will release to kickstart the story.

Author : 

This is my first attempt at writing a fiction from a female point of view, even if it is a dragon. I hope I get the tone right, please be lenient.


The MC will be a fauking dragon, that's all you really need to know. Please give it a shot.


(I do not own the art for the cover of this novel if someone wants it removed I will do so promptly)

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Apocalypse: Generic System

Apocalypse: Generic System
by Macronomicon
26 pages

Jeb Trapper tried to kill himself. The gun jammed.

Two months later the vet is participating in underground trials of ecstacy to treat his PTSD.

Everything seemed to be going great until...


 >>>The System has Been Installed<<<

Now he's got to choose the difficulty of his tutorial.

Just one problem.

He's high as a kite, and nothing seems Impossible.


A:GS book one is up and running on Amazon!



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