Dungeon Tour Guide: A Dungeon Core LitRPG

after chapter 38, i lost motivation to further read it. The Story feels like a lukewarm adventure story to me. i dont feel any tension in the dungeon Dive, because the power that helps the Heroes triumph and the Evil that wants to stop them ARE THE SAME PERSON. our Dungeon Guide/Keeper basically helps others defeating himself for experience and profit. He already stated that he doesnt want anyone to die in the Dungeon he himself created and controls, so we already know nothing bad is going to happen from the start but he also mothers the people who test themselves on him so severely, that even those small excursion dont feels a tad frightening. the first people he let into the Dungeon, he healed a dozen times from every little scrape and poison they got, and then lets them continue the dungeon even after they almost died without him.

sure there COULD be a fun story to be had if he has a big dungeon and people are stuck in the layers and dont progress and he needs to intervene to save them or guides them on single topics they didnt know about, maybe like the other Dungeon Stories where you show cool new monsters, traps and the layout you change, but he is a tiny 5 Room dungeon people clear as a matter of fact. clearing the dungeon is Expected and not the Super GAU it really should be for him. he should not forget that he is not only the guide but the Heart of the Dungeon too and if he guides all those people to the end, only the Authors will prevents people from going inside his Heart Room and messing with him. he himself is only a Healer and pretty weak in Combat.

if the Author wanted to focus mostly on the guide part of the Story, i think he should have been a guide in someone elses Dungeon, that would have prevented a lot of these problems from cropping up.

Heroine? Yeah, no.

i like the premise of an Evil MC that is actually Evil and not an Anti hero and so far you have delivered. i hope the cast extends a bit now that she is in the city and includes other POVs maybe more time with her Friend she made that is a nice character or the cat receptionist.

The Terrarian's Reincarnation

i liked the start so far hope there's much more +1

Bow of the North

i really like the Story and the MC he really has a very fleshed out Personality with priorities and things that concerns him. And i can feel the typical GoT style in your Story when you change things up a bit it still feels as if that could have happened in the real Story if he were there to influence it

Azarinth Healer

i really like the Story and i think it is one of the best you find on RR. Wordbuilding is solid and the leveling parts are pretty entertaining. The only part i dont like about it is the romance but not because they arent well written but because im a guy and watching her chasing after men is offputting to me (prob the reason most Stories go with Yuri if you have a female MC)

Lost in Love

i really like the Story and i hope there are many more chapters

My Necromancer is a Lich

first 2 chapers are pretty neat hope the rest will be good aswell im having an eye on it. Good Necromancer Storys are rare and loyal MC's in Service of someone i can count on one hand.

My life in the anime worlds.

just bad! i know its just a power wank from the Author and some need to write these to get the pent up feelings out of their system to write later decent ones but you arent ment to publish those online. that is the kind of story to sit in your folder and never see the light of day.