1. Re: Isekai Title Game

      You can't spell necromancer without romance! i never realized that lol

    2. Re: Can people write what they have never felt ?

      i would say it is a lot harder for people to write about something they don't fully understand. not just Emotions but Character traits too. How can you write about a prideful character for example if you (...)

    3. Re: What is the most annoying reoccurring fantasy race?

      Probably catgirls. (And bunnygirls. And any 'beastman' race with collars as a fashion statement.) I think they annoy me because cat people have so much potential. What kind of strange societies would (...)

    4. Re: Isekai'd with Amnesia? Has it ever been a good idea?

      i think the only Amnesia Story i enjoyed was "the Lazy King". it was about a Demon King of Sloth that sleeps all day in his Castle and almost does nothing. i think he was an Isekai and we hear the story (...)

    5. Re: What happened to tragidies and characters deaths.

      I can understand that authors don't want to kill off their characters. they are meant to be liked and you want them to succeed. see their ups and downs etc. if someone dies then it is 99,9% planned from (...)

    6. Re: What do you think, Guys??

      satisfaction maybe? they wouldn't kill an important character if it doesn't contribute to the overall story and that's the goal, right? making a gripping story. and if someone needs to die for it then (...)

    7. Re: What happen to monsters being terrifying in fantasy?

      maybe make your Main Character not so op/fast that he can get away instantly or fight on even footing. A normal Human chased through the woods by a Werewolf is pretty terrifiying. there aren't enough chase (...)

    8. Re: Blades, Bullets or Bolts?

      Bullets/Bolts are 99% of the time boring because they are normally one shotters and the only way to make it more action-heavy or suspenseful is if you miss and that's kinda stupid too. Important enemies (...)

    9. Re: Best manga of all times

      its the same answer as the best Anime :D Bakuman obviously

    10. Re: How useful/powerful could this common skill be, in your opinion?

      maybe like a Tomb raider where he can translate old Hieroglyphs and dead languages to find treasures others wouldn't know or a magic language like spells like inscribed runes

    11. Re: Which real-life animals do you think would make for the most powerful, original and/or useful were-creatu (...)

      get a randomizer and type in as many animals as you know. the one you get at the end when you click it you go with

    12. Re: Do in-book character conversations carry character introduction and development by themselves?

      i actually don't care what the author tells us the character is like, because 90% of the time that is false anyway. I look at his deeds and how he holds himself in front of others, how he progresses through (...)

    13. Re: Should you put a genre in your title? (Debate)

      if you cant list the genres then putting it in the synopsis is a good idea. no need to make it the title. same as the origin of fanfic if it's one. I don't want to guess what kind it is.

    14. Re: Associations


    15. Re: ~Recommendations~

      not counting the top-ranked spots you see permanently like Super Minion or Beware of Chicken i really like "Heroine? Yeah, no." the Main character really captivated me because you don't really see Capital (...)

    16. Re: Which real-life animals do you think would make for the most powerful, original and/or useful were-creatu (...)

      by picking the very first one in an impossibly long list of powers in gods office while he took a coffee break, a lone soul snuck in and accidentally gave himself the power to turn into an Aardvark bc (...)

    17. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      if people want to pursue multiple girls for wish fullfillment or whatever reason i dont understand why its always have to be a harem anyway.. why cant the mc just be a player who fucks around, sweet talks (...)

    18. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      because it dilutes the romance with every added girl. Authors can say the mc loves every girl the same but it just isn't possible. Time is a finite resource he can spend on each gal and if he cut one short (...)

    19. Re: Share your strong book opinions.

      The slavish devotion to Hemingway’s style has done more harm than good in terms of developing new creative writers. It’s a stylistic choice, it’s a fashion, and like fashion, it will not always be popular. (...)