1. Re: 1 ply vs 2 ply

      write your garbage into a notebook and dont post it online for everyone to see. It helps you getting it off your mind and if you are trying later on for a real story, you have a bunch of ideas to draw (...)

    2. Re: LitRPG ecosystems. What happens?

      in regards to an ecosystem, you would need to start from really small organisms that feeds on ambient mana that give xp just for existing, to bigger ones that feed on them etc. all the way up to big monsters. (...)

    3. Re: worst written female character in a novel ever?

      can never remember the names but i hate those unreasonable ones that if you switch the gender, you wouldnt feel bad if the MC just straight up kills them. 3 people attack the MC, 2 males one female. the (...)

    4. Re: Great Pace Debate(ce)

      they are both bad. a normal pace is best. fast pace means it has details in the story that arent explained for a reader to be satisfied and slow pacing means you want to drag things out that doesnt need (...)

    5. Re: The Unpopular Views

      i dislike that smug Anya grin, why is that so popular? its ugly AF

    6. Re: The Unpopular Views

      how about Apathetic Characters are the poor mans "cool guys"? if you want to write a badass cool character but dont know how or are too lazy? make him not care about anything...

    7. Re: Should Sexuality/Gender 'Warnings' be in a synopsis?

      i generally avoid Stories with 0 Romance unless the Action/Evil Bug bit me so i would like to know the Sexuality of the MC to avoid the dissapointment later on. if i had a Story that told me there (...)

    8. Re: The Unpopular Views

      Ace from OP Levi from AoT Itachi from Naruto all sh*tstains that i care 0 about. they were never charismatic enough for me to like them

    9. Re: The Unpopular Views

      Ginny is a good pick the Room of Requirement is overused and boring when SI's free Sirius early like the munchkins they are without any proof, they should be Betrayed in a sudden twist because he was (...)

    10. Re: What are the essential elements of litrpg?

      i would say play your most favorite RPG, see how they do the levels and stuff and copy that in written form, adjust it a bit to let it flow smoother and you have it.

    11. Re: Can you write a book without describing your characters looks?

      i personally like it if the looks play a more active role in the story. how many stories are out there where the MC is super beautiful or handsome? and how many of them treat it like its normal they are (...)

    12. Re: Plot armor and why it's a meaningless term.

      why is it always if the Villain isnt killed in a Sword Duel, he will definitely survive anything else. they dont have broken Bones or Bloodloss. Bashing them with a Hammer wouldnt accomplish anything apparently (...)

    13. what is the coolest Fictional Army?

      which Army would you pick if you were on a lone World. no sapient Creature inhibit it except yours and you are the master of it. You need to choose one Faction/Army/Race of people and inhabit it, build (...)

    14. Re: What's the most common antagonists/source of conflict for action/adventure stories?

      -the frickups that dont have any sense and make everything worse with their stupidity. they offend someone and they wreck the village or they summon a monster because its cool and overestimate themselves (...)

    15. Re: What's your favorite kind of system for a LitRPG?

      at this point i dont want to read anything that has the name System in it

    16. Re: The Most Appealing Concept For a Story

      i like the concept of the Devils contract magic and stuff like a Jinni, as an Protagonist. Rabbitsfoot and Wish-granting for others in exchange for power and favours. it gets briefly touched upon Highschool (...)

    17. Re: Your favorit character Archetype and your favorite Mc Powerset

      Archetype that is fun to read about are the real confident/Prideful ones, that arent lying about every bit and dont try to hide themselves or their powers because they think some guy is out to get them (...)

    18. Re: The right way to do a dungeon story

      why not both? a story about a Dungeon who digs Holes, spawns Monsters and kills Adventurers who want to dig him up because the more powerful he becomes, the more freedom he gets. first restrictions that (...)

    19. Re: Health bars make no sense

      everytime i see Health bars on Gamer fics and such, i think back on those Mentor figures that smack the MC around for training. they always hit them an inch away from Death or permanent Harm because they (...)

    20. Re: What do you find to be the better anti-hero

      i come to realize over the times that Anti Heroes get really boring.. like they are Edgy/Brooding Heroes that are too wishy washy about themselves. Shining Heroes or Villain Protagonists are more Interesting. (...)