Wes McCabe

Wes McCabe

The Misplaced Dungeon

The Misplaced Dungeon
by palanca_preta
1k pages

The gods on four worlds were in trouble, or rather the clique that had taken over those worlds development and refused to listen to the established but less powerful gods already in power were in trouble. Their mismanagement was causing four previously lush and pleasant worlds to become harsh and inhospitable.

So taking another leaf out of world building 301 they arbitrarily decided to seed the worlds in question with new dungeons they could control or at least influence.

One fine day Azurea, self declared Goddess of dungeons on those four worlds discovered a fascinating world; it was teeming with life, literally overburdened with teeming billions of sophonts. Even better in her view many were atheists and due to the rapidly expanding population many of those were brand new souls.

So without further ado she soulnapped one hundred of them for her cliques experiment.

This is the story of one of the randomly selected beings, a sixteen year old girl with anger management issues, in fact Mary Silvestre has been diagnosed a borderline psychopath by a lazy school system.


NB: This story uses UK English spelling.

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Doomed Dungeon

Doomed Dungeon
by Cass262
337 pages

Bastill is kidnapped and sacrificed. Turned into a dungeon by his captor, furthermore they plan to return in five years to collect the matured dungeon core. While his stats are reverted back to the first level, will he be able to overcome his enemy? With experiences from his human life, watch as Bastille builds his dungeon into a fortress, amass an army, and level up. Will he protect his core when the time comes?


Please send me art! I will use it and treasure it!

ART... I really would like your art... PLease?


Started on {5/15/2018}

Feel free to crtitique the writing. Its in a rough Draft right now. If I get decent enough feedback I may continue on writing it. 

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New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness

New Earth- The Dungeon (...)
by nikostar
1.3k pages

After being betrayed, framed and kicked down to the ground, our protagonist was sentenced to life imprisonment. But a few days later, a global disaster occurred, people from all nations migrated to underground refuges.

As a prisoner, he thought his life was over, abandoned by everyone. However, he wakes up, greeted by Gaia, the person responsible for New Earth.

New Earth was a second chance for him, watch as he builds up his own dungeon and become known by all as the Emperor of Madness.

[Note: This novel is also posted on Webnovel: https://www.webnovel.com/book/10443702306039605/New-Earth--The-Dungeon-of-Madness]

Here's an edited version available on Amazon:
Book 1: https://amzn.to/2MwyMBG
Book 2: https://amzn.to/2U9R6lp
Book 3: https://amzn.to/2UdVbVx

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Chronicles of a Dungeon Core (Side Stories)

Chronicles of a Dungeon (...)
by dragon_knight79347
370 pages

Side stories of Chronicles of a Dungeon Core following the dungeon core Inari, and others.


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Chronicles of a Dungeon Core

Chronicles of a Dungeon (...)
by dragon_knight79347
4.1k pages

A young man awakens to find himself in what he is told is the depths of a dungeon. He is told he will have a month to train before setting out on his own to make his own dungeon. Most dungeons cores are born with all the knowledge they are required to survive, but for some reason this young man has trouble adjusting.  The story follows the life of dungeon core #212 while he discovers just what it means to be a dungeon core.

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A Dragon's Dungeon

A Dragon's Dungeon
by eman7391
410 pages

Dorn, a 3,000 year old silver Space dragon, has only wanted two things in his life: revenge, and the time necessary to get that revenge.

Kiera is a migrant farm worker, running from a troubled past, and doesn't expect the rest of her life to go anywhere.  She's already given up hope of ever going back to her homeland with her head held high, and getting justice against those who drove her away.

Dorn builds a dungeon in the hopes of amassing a trained human army for his vengeance, and Kiera takes the chance to help, hoping for reciprocation.  But the past is a murky thing; events are not always what they seem, and those who should be allies are frequently the greatest of enemies.



Image is not mine

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Azarinth Healer

Azarinth Healer
by Rhaegar
8.1k pages

A new world with nearly unlimited possibilities. A status, classes, magic and monsters. Sounds good? Well, for Ilea it didn't come quite as expected as for some other protagonists, nor was there a king or god to welcome her.

The grand quest? Well, she might figure that out someday but for now, a new world with new food is prize enough. Her fists at the ready, she's prepared to punch and get punched, however long it takes and however many limbs she might have to regrow.

A story I've started writing now quite a while ago. Transported to another world, somewhat standard fantasy setting with my beginner attempts to make it dark but funny. There are Litrpg elements here but I do hope it's not too heavy and annoying. The fights should be interesting and aren't just numbers vs numbers. Contrary to the title the protagonist will be quite an offensive fighter.

Ilea Spears is your average sarcastic kick-boxing fast food worker and soon to be student. She will be transported to another world rather conventionally and will be confronted with survival in the wild.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. My experience is incredibly lacking. If you find yourself hating it early on, do convey your anger in a detailed comment or review :) I want to get better but without any feedback it's simply quite difficult.

Quick heads up: Around chapter 120 there are a bunch of longer PoV changes that I discontinued again shortly after. The Arc around chapters 150-200 is darker than the rest and the themes shift quite a bit. Just know that it goes back to what you've come to know after that section.

Thank you for reading.

Quick update June 2019: Many complaints regarding the formatting, specifically spacing in conversations and of course the usage of the present tense in the first 36 chapters have been addressed. I'm of course learning by the day but compared to how it was before it should be an improvement at least.

Chapters usually around 3k words

Cover art by Kevin Catalan

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The Ten Realms

The Ten Realms
by Michael Chatfield
646 pages

People Started falling down in pain at first.

Then they saw screens and could sense an energy within them called mana by the screens.

These people could gain skills, cast magic and do the impossible.

Two weeks after, without fail, they disappear, never to be seen again.

It was called the two week curse.

Erik West was a combat medic, he was trying to save his friends lives, then he was blown up, leaving him with just one arm. At first he thought he had an infection, but then comes the news. He has the two week curse.

Let's just see if there is such a thing as healing magic.


Current release schedule:

3 chapters per week, coming out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Patreon supporters can read ahead as well get access to other benefits!


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The Dungeon Calls for a Sage

The Dungeon Calls for (...)
by docemoon145
324 pages

Archimedes was the ego behind one of the most powerful dungeons ever created. He grew and developed his halls, filling them with powerful monsters and beasts, over the course of thousands of years. He was a grand structure of ten thousand floors which even heroes had failed to defeat.

However, an Evil God had come from another world, calling himself the Demon King, and a party of heroes were sent to do battle with it. They were victorious in the end and obtained enough strength to breeze through Archimedes' dungeon like it was nothing. Forseeing the end of his life, and realizing how pointless his pursuit of power had been, Archimedes destroyed himself to prevent the heroes from having the satisfaction. As an added bonus, his collapsing dungeon killed the hero party that had even defeated an Evil God.

Still, Archimedes felt despair that he had lived a worthless life as something as pitiful and futile as a dungeon. Sensing his regret and potential, the voice of the world presented Archimedes with the chance to start anew and live a more meaningful life. Thrilled and hopeful for the first time in eons, Archimedes accepted the offer, only to be reborn again as a dungeon core with not a single room or monster to his name.

Just what was the meaning of this?!

Archimedes couldn't figure out what the voice of the world was thinking. Somehow, he would have to draw a sage into his dungeon to figure it out for him.


DCS is now a member of the WriTEr's Pledge, which means I have sworn to see it through to a satisfying end.


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The Dungeon Pact

The Dungeon Pact
by Alexis Keane
341 pages

They must live, and so, a god must die.

Luneil, a unique dungeon, awakens in the wilderness. He must learn to adapt, or face oblivion.

Bas, a member of a lost race of humans, arrives on the magical world of Era. He must adjust to a new way of life using only his wits and an old physics book.

Era is in flux. Harmony is shattered and a tyrannical goddess begins to muster her full might in a crusade against anyone who will not bow.

They cannot weather the coming storm alone. A deal must be struck.

Luneil was born a monster. Can Bas become one?

No matter what, Era will never be the same.

This is the story of how a deathtrap becomes a haven, and how a good man becomes a killer. 



This story is eventually intended for publishing via Amazon, however, you have my word it will be left up for at least five weeks from the time it is completed (at which point I might be posting the second installment on here), so you don't need to worry about it disappearing overnight. Also, bear in mind that this is all a first draft before any significant edits. There will likely be spelling, grammar and continuity errors, I will address them as soon as I spot them or you point them out. I read every comment (and reply, time permitting). Please feel free to criticize (I suspect I have a somewhat longwinded writing style, shouting really does help :) ), and above all enjoy.



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Rebirth: Rise of the Slave Master

Rebirth: Rise of the (...)
by Stick
516 pages


Rick Nelson is a man who thought he had conquered the world, that is... Dream World Online, mankind's first and most successful VRMMORPG. His fate changes, however, when those he trusts most turn on him, crippling his chances for future success. Faced with a sudden and tragic death, he is shockingly reborn. Now in the past with a chance to do everything over again, Rick learns an important truth:

Cold or not, revenge must be served!

Willingly embracing the path of darkness, Rick embarks on a journey that will take him beyond the realms of good and evil, right and wrong, and onto his own legendary path... the path of the Slave Master!

So begins the tale of a game-obsessed loner as he is inevitably side-tracked on his road to revenge!

May Also Include: A hopeless attempt at Comedy and stale, tired Romance tropes

Warnings: Some Strong Language (PG-13)


A thoroughly unoriginal, yet (hopefully) entertaining story that will give you hours of enjoyment!

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The fool's paradise (dungeon novel)(complete)

The fool's paradise (dungeon (...)
by mcdeathcore
851 pages

A twisted man who Lives for a third time finds himself reincarnated as a dungeon core.

He wasn't born twisted, but living several lives tends to do that, now he just wants to have fun and maybe get some answers, however, greedy adventurers, ambitious leaders, and craving mages won't give him time to catch his breath as he has to balance defending himself, and coming to terms with his new form that is further twisting his mind. 

Author's note. This novel is completed with 851 pages and is now in the editing phase, it may be slow as I might start a new novel, so expect horrific chapters in the beginning. 


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