Timothy Baril

Timothy Baril

    1. Re: Anybody that says non-LitRPG can do well on here is a liar

      My stuff is hosted on my own sites I do the same. How are you (or others) driving traffic to personal sites though? How do people discover you? Didn't stories like Worm and Wandering Inn start (...)

    2. Re: A More Beneficial Ratings System that also Fights Trolls

      And I'm saying that people don't want to read stories "because they're techically well written". They want to read them because they want to like and enjoy the story and the characters. A movie can have (...)

    3. Re: A More Beneficial Ratings System that also Fights Trolls

      I encourage you to make your own site and implement your suggestions That doesn't make any sense at all. That would be completely innefficient. "Go try something, invest tons of time in it, and (...)

    4. A More Beneficial Ratings System that also Fights Trolls

      Summary: Change the star Rating to Technical Rating and reduce its visibility and how much it affects rankings  Replace Ratings with Favourite as the primary visual distinction between stories Rankings (...)

    5. Re: How to Quick Plot a Story Structure

      Do you follow these structures? I follow the 3 Act structure for the genres I write in but for the first time, one of my fantasies is naturally progressing into either one ginormous book or more realistically, (...)

    6. Re: How to Quick Plot a Story Structure

      Don't get me wrong, this is just quick plotting. The bare bones. From here, you can get much more in depth both in the planning and in the writing phase. This is just an easy way to start the process. (...)

    7. How to Quick Plot a Story Structure

      I am not an expert, but I have worked as an editor on a number of manuscript critiques, I’ve studied story crafting, and when I gave the following advice to someone, they seemed to find it very useful, (...)

    8. How to solve this plot problem without alienating readers?

      Thanks for the feedback, everyone. It's appreciated. Think I came up with a different solution.  :) Deleting the content here because the chapters involved are upcoming and I don't want to confuse any (...)

    9. Re: Sssooo…What Happened to the Beta Recommendation Feature?

      I love the idea. Anything to help increase visibility. As an author, I'd love for my books to be recommended. As a reader, discovering new stuff is hard, so recommendations help.  I don't know if the (...)

    10. Re: Designing a city for a dungeon break story, maybe tokyo or seoul?

      Tokyo is in a league of its own with 37 million people. But there are many cities with 20+ million.  I would avoid NYC and London as they are overdone. Delhi or Mexico City or something would be a freshing (...)

    11. Re: How common a problem are 'stupid' readers?

      1) Most people don't have a very high level of reading comprehension because we don't actually get enough training in school, and most jobs don't require it. And most leisure time is spent with visual (...)

    12. Re: What's a good serial output rate?

      6 months fulltime I have 6 months where I can write full time. New job starts in March maybe. Just want to write as much as I can before having to go back to work again. Trying to plan out the most (...)

    13. Re: What's a good serial output rate?

      quantity You're saying the ones making money are doing 5k a day, everyday? You'd produce 3 novels every 2 months.  What about reader exhaustion; is that a factor?  And how do you continue (...)

    14. Re: Any advice for finished stories?

      Anything more I can do? 1. Try posting to Wattpad. With both completed and romance, you might find more readership there. Try to build a fan base. Advertise to romance groups if romance is an important (...)

    15. What's a good serial output rate?

      I'm new to serialized writing and trying to build a following. What do you guys think is a good output rate? (I'm writing full time for the next 6 months.) I currently have 4 books updating. For each (...)

    16. Re: Fantasy advanced review swap (fantasy only, nolitrpg) , anyone?

      I'll give it a shot. In return, feel free to read my Heartstone book for straight fantasy. Others have litrpg elements. DM if you're interested. 

    17. Re: Advanced review swap + comment with opinion on every chapter

      I'll swap with you, if you like. You can review any of mine in return. Chapters are generally 2500 words, so you can do it all in one of the longer works or split it up. It's up to you. DM me if you're (...)

    18. Re: Fantasy - Early Review Swap And Feedback

      I'll read your work and DM you with feedback, if you like. You can choose if you want me to post a rating as well. You can review any of my works in return, if you like. DM me if interested. :)

    19. Re: How important is COMPLETED on RR?

      Mad props to RR for this! Why? It's hugely negative for anyone with a completed book, anything with a storyline that actually ends. It soemtimes devalues traditional books for serials with less (...)

    20. Re: How important is COMPLETED on RR?

      Wattpad I would guess genre might have something to do with it. Wattpad is allegedly primarily young adult romance. The happily ever after (HEA) is crucial to this genre, which is perhaps why endings (...)