1. Re: A Few Forumish Questions, If You Don't Mind

      No problem, glad I could help!

    2. Re: A Few Forumish Questions, If You Don't Mind

      Sup! 2) As far I know, there's no way to friend/follow accounts, only stories. 3) First, if you want to use the cover you uploaded you need to right-click on the image and use the 'Copy image url' (...)

    3. Re: What Fiction Disappointed You Most

      There are two series I liked that were ruined by the final books: Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett. While the series had its ups and downs, it was overall a fun read. But The Core was such a mess, I barely (...)

    4. Re: Story of about a dragon and a hydra lovers

      This one maybe?

    5. Re: This fanfiction i read when i didnt have a account

      This one?

    6. Re: My forgetful brain... Please help

      The second one sounds like Reborn: Apocalypse, but it's no longer available on RR.

    7. Re: Free candy (reviews)

      Count me in, link's below. I'll add your story to my reading list, but it will take me a few days to take a look at it. 

    8. Re: March General thread

      Maybe talk about how we are all going to be getting a lot of writing done if everyone keeps shutting down schools/workplaces/activities over Corona virus? It's like our profession has been waiting for (...)

    9. Re: March General thread

      Question: What do you guys like or dislike about the forum?  It's lacking one feature that I thought was something that defined a forum - a page with the lists of recent posts. Or I'm too blind to find (...)

    10. Re: Reviews: Subjective vs Objective

      When I'm looking for something new to read I tend to skim over the reviews that only praise the story. Sure, they are helpful, but I would need to go to each of the reviewers' accounts to check their favorites (...)

    11. Re: March General thread

      Do you guys have similar experiences of getting anxious about the statistics of your book? Like, I tend to get really wigged out if I focus too much on comparing myself to other people. Whenever I post (...)

    12. Re: I started a VRMMORPG story, But how many of you would mind???

      :peoapproval: If you find it useful then sure.

    13. Re: March Thread: Promote Your story Synopsis: In a magic world on the verge of an industrial revolution, Ari Ragnarsson must uncover the truth (...)

    14. Re: Reviews for new authors

      Welp, I'm not sure why Fae deleted his account, but it's a shame. Not only was his story really good, but he helped me and a few others here with great feedback. If you're reading this Fae I hope that (...)

    15. Re: What's a good way to avoid info dumps?

      Use both dialogue and descriptions to show your world/settings/magic/whatever. For example, instead of writing a paragraph about the history of your world, let the main character meet an old man in (...)

    16. Re: Reviews for new authors

      I just wanted to thank Fae both for the comments and the review. When I first saw the notification about a new one, I thought someone posted a whole chapter of their story there by mistake. Overall (...)

    17. Re: I saw it on amazon, I think? but someone in here might know it.

      This maybe? There aren't many books with bard as MC.

    18. Re: Text editor

      I'm using Google Docs and there were similar issues with paragraphs, because I've used two enters to create one, but then I found this guide and now it works flawlessly: (...)

    19. Re: Reviews for new authors

      Well, I'll bite. It's isekai with a small twist on the genre and non-op MC. Thanks for doing it and I will check your story later today. Looking (...)

    20. Re: What sorta music do you listen too when writing? Or do you even listen to music at all?

      I default to soundtracks from various movies and games. Interstellar (my favorite one), Inception, Ink, Transformers (while the movies aren't that good, the OST is greatl) to name a few. If I'm in the (...)