Song of the Void

This is an epic story and i really like how the author keeps it fresh.

Real Time Dungeon

Good and a fun new way to read a dungen core story

Modern Age Online

Amzing story and another of my few max stars. Its not perfect in its writing but for me its immersive, fun and i cant seem to put it down. So hense the 5 stars :) Thx for a great read

Life Merchant

Great start. Very hopefull of this story

Dungeon Defender

The consept is interesting and hopefully the story will be kept at a good pace and not rushed like so many others because i can see a great many possibilities in this story.

Cultivating Dungeon

The pace is good and the people are interesting. The story itself is very interesting and funny at times.

There are also standard and unique dungeon options that are better explained than onther novels and that gives the feeling of being there insted of being confused because of the cheap explanations that i have read in other dungeon stories.

If you like dugeon stories you will love this one.

Have a great read :)

Nagol: The Skeleton King

Great start with a promising MC background. Story seems interesting and if the auther keeps it at a steady pace and doesent rush it i think it can be a unique experience.

Dungeon Instinct

Great consept and storytelling. Much more than most dungeon stories, this has much more focus on what it would be like if you suddently lost the consept of yourself and became a dungeon. Because of this the story is for more avid readers because the writing can be complecated but actually makes a lot of sense if you focus on it. Exelent story so far and i must say that this has become one of my favorite stories.

Reincarnation: EVOLUTION.

So funny and still descriptive enough to let you feel the world the MC is in.

Reminds me of RE: Ocean and if you like that one you will love this one too :)

Rise Of The Dark Queen

As stated this is one of my favorites so far. In my imagination there are so many awesome possiblilities that could be made into this story at a nice and steady pace. Hopefully this story will go down the patch of awesome and i will be there to read it :)