Cody Obannon

Cody Obannon

Life Hunter

Enjoyable - Advanced Review

Enjoyable.  Some grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing to major that would distract me from the story.  Infact, I had to go back and look for them when I made this review.

Overall Score calculation is calculated via the Style (5 stars), Story (4 stars), Grammar (4 stars), and Character (4 stars) scores combined and then divided by the total number of stars which is 25.  5+4+4+4= 17/25 = .68 out of 1.00.  Equivelant to 4 stars.

Congratulations, You're Dead!

Enjoyable, and interestingly unique.  I'm looking forward to more chapters, if there were a couple hundred I would gladly binge them all.

A vampire life

Good Foundation - Edit 0

Good foundation so far. 

Style:  The style is fine and tends to blend well with the story.  The only gripes I have about how the story is set up is the lack of using something to signify that it is being used.  For example:

Spoiler: Spoiler

 This made me deduct two stars from the Style Score.  As it does happen a couple more times in the 3 chapters total.

The grammar is fine, but could use some work.  I suggest Grammarly as it is quite easy to use and does not require you to pay.  Grammar score is 4 stars due to some mistakes.

The story is interesting and hooked me in the title description.  That alone shows how well made it is so far and there doesn't seem to be any major plot holes that I can see / think of at the moment.  Story score is 4 stars, however, as it can still be improved. 
The characters, the 3, that we have seen so far have not shown much life to them.  This is to be expected due to the short chapters and the overall small progress that has been made so far.  The little life that has been shown though is promising.  4 stars for the Character Score.


Overall score is calculated for me by combining the Style, Grammar, Story, and Character score then dividing by 20 which is the overall total of stars you can have. 
3+4+4+4 = 15/20
This comes out to 75% or 3 1/2 stars for the overall score.

Overall a great start to a promising book.

I will edit this review as the story progresses. 

EDIT:  It appears that this story may be dropped.

Ekalius Online

I enjoyed it so far.  It keeps my attention quite well, even with knowing that I'll blow through the amount of chapters posted in less than 2 hours.  I tend to read much slower when I know this, but I still flew through this one, shows just how well done it is so far.


So far I am enjoying this way too much.   Lets go over the different score sections so far.  This will be subject to change as the story progresses, and if any scores become obviously lower, then I will edit my review.

The overall score is a combination of the Style, Grammar, Story, and Character Scores.  It came out to 95% out of 100% of a score, so not bad so far.

Style - I enjoy this type of book, I feel as if the author continues in this type of path then this book will be one of the best on the site.  Other books that I have read that contain this type of style include Awaken Online, Ascend Online, and others.

Story - The story is in its fledgling stages at the moment, though that is to be expected.  There is some rich background building for the main character and even a possible nemesis introduced in the early chapters.  This allows the story to flow and even helps the Style score out.

Grammar Score - Good, I did not see any obvious mistakes.

Character Score - As stated above in the Story Score, the characters are being fleshed out to a decent degree. It is not a full five stars as I have not read more than 15 chapters so far, but as the story progresses this may rise or fall.  I am quite enjoying the development of the main character, maybe he will become a spellsword or a master magician.  Who knows?


Overall, a great start to what looks like a great book.

The Author Of Eternity

Eternity is going to be great

So far I am in love with this book.  Once it gets to a decent amount of chapters, (lets say 100) I'll redo this review as an advanced.

Of Gods and Dungeons

My First Review - Of Gods and Dungeons

This is a great start to the story that I have read so far and I do look forward to the rest.  I do not know if the author plans on continuing, but if he does... then it will no doubt be up to the caliber of The Divine Dungeon and The Slime Dungeon books.  I like how it is structured without using the status menus, making everything requires science and common sense instead of it being handed to you on a silver platter.

Typically with a dungeon core novel, you will have them go through and select a starter race. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Grammar - 5 stars as I did not see any noticeable mistakes with grammar.

 Style - 4 1/2 stars for now, as the book is only 6 chapters long and about 100 pages.  The style ties into the above review's synopsis.

 Story - Not applicable as of this moment as I have not seen enough of the story to accurately place a star rating.  

 Character Score - 4 1/2 stars, like the above Story score, this score is based on the current knowledge that I have gleaned from the novel.  It may update in the future as more pages are put out, (if more pages are put out). 


Overall - A damn good book with a healthy future ahead of it.  I look forward to more chapters from this author.