The 3rd Law of Cultivation: Qi = MC^2

Or would mad alchemist be better?

... whatever you call someone experimenting in his room with alchemical recipes. I might also recall mad cackling somewhere.

Oh, wait, he's also a drug dealer!

Or not...

Well, he makes stuff in his room and sells it to a shady dude in a hidden corner, he somehow fits the description.He even got the conversation right.

This is what the story basically sums up as. Experimenting and selling his experiments to gain funds for more experiments. And maybe one day having his own lab.

All the while avoiding the gaze of the cultivators, that may or may not squash him, depending on the circumstances.

While there's no action, fights, or otherwise dangerous moments for now, it has still been quite enjoyable. The future looks also quite interesting. I can't wait for the day he gets his lab.

I did not pay enough attention to the grammar, since I was too taken by the story, but since I found nothing that broke me out of my immersion, I feel fine giving five stars.

Style is good, as I said. It kept me hooked most of the time. It could be better, but I also prefer more action focused novels, so I find it normal that I lost some drive at times. it was still good enough to keep me reading despite that, so five stars are well deserved.

I can't find fault in the way the characters are written. It is a first person POV so to gain a real understanding of a character we'd either have to read his perspective, or see many more interactions. For now, only three have been shown, and one had been very brief. Still the characters have well defined personalities, and fit the setting, so, for now, five stars again.

In short, if you don't mind the lack of action, this story is gold. And even if you do it's worth a try - who knows how it'll progress.

Ben's Damn Adventure: The Prince Has No Pants

As the title say, this is the fantasy version of the Jenkinsverse.

I can say the author took much inspiration from those stories, the first of which was The Deathworlders, who gave inspiration to the following stories and gave birth to the universe, there are many details that shows that.

That said, he did a good job on reinventing everything and making it a litrpg/fantasy thing and making it quite a bit lighter with the humor.

Speedrunning the Multiverse

Just wonderful.

He took the cliché OP cultivator that reached the peak. Took out the betrayal and other nasty stuff, and made reincarnation a game said cultivator used to stave off boredom.

Then set everything in the cliché "Reincarnated in the body of the bullied half-dead boy". Add to that that he forgot all the techniques and Daos, and an impossible difficulty, and you get the picture.

Just wonderful. It's worth saying twice.

I was too focused on the story to notice any grammar error, but there probably wasn't any.

It was also extremely easy to follow. I didn't get doubts so far regarding his objectives, motivations, or anything else.

He's also able to keep interest up, by adding plot twists, or unexpected developments, at the right moments.

Characters are all well defined, with different and distinct personalities. They also seem to behave in a logical way, given the setting, motivations, and personalities.

I can't honestly criticize anything about the story.

It is not the first early review I make. But it's the first one I feel like I won't need to come back to revise in the future. Everything is already clear from the start.

Just wonderful. It's worth saying trice.

Artificial Mind

I am surprised I have reached chapter 10. I say this because this is not the kind of novel I read, usually. I much prefer cultivation, sword and magic, or litrpg. But it was still good.

I can't say much about where the story is going, yet, since it's still the early phase, but it could go in many interesting ways.

The style was good. In fact, I didn't have any difficulty in following, and it kept me hooked most of the time. One of the things I don't like, is when there are too many descriptions - be they of the environment, technology, or anything else that would take too much time out of the story. He did a good job here, in my opinion.

The grammar was also good. I just noticed two word repetitions and a few places I would have used different punctuation, but otherwise perfect.

I haven't read enough to make an accurate assessment of the characters, but they all have their distinct personalities, and seem to behave in a logical way for the setting. For now, I like them.

It is hard to say anything about the world. It is technologically much more advanced than today's Earth, maybe set in the future, but, other than that, not much information for now.

It's a good novel overall, and I recommend it for those who love the genre.

The Runesmith

I like this novel.

I began with that because while I will criticize some parts I have enjoyed reading it until the last chapter (115 right now).


Before I give the reason why I gave to style the worst score I want to make a premise: I am not a blacksmith but I have watched many videos and have some books too, so I can say without any doubt that I like it. With that made clear the reason I gave this low score is because of the long explanations of the blacksmithing and Runecrafting processes that I sometimes found in the story. There are also some other parts that I don't remember right now that could have been shortened substantially.

It is good to know that you understand some processes and that you took your time to make the world building, but try to show it to the reader with a few choice sentences, without boring him with long chapters explaining how to hit a piece of metal. If I wanted to read about blacksmithing I have books about it, so focus on the story, not the craft.


This one is good. The motivation of the MC is a cliché, but one that works well. It is also not rushed and while he has his special advantages he is not too overpowered. It also has a good balance on crafting and fighting (that would still hold true without all the explanations).


I have found very few typos, but sometimes he repeats himself; it happened both in the same paragraph and after some chapters. It doesn't happen often so it's not too bad.


The MC emotional reactions and his logical reasoning are very well made. It is also nice to see how his personality is molded by how he lived his life. The reason I gave it four stars is because of the other characters: they are overall well made but the female propension to get attached, or show favor, to the MC is a bit baffling. I am not sayng they jump straight to his bed(he did it just once until now) but it is still strange. I may have been a bit strict here but character is one of the things that I focus on the most.

In short, this is a good novel that could be great after some polish, and I recommend it.

Beware Of Chicken

I write this review when, the novel is hovering between 1st and 2nd place in the best rated, so it's already clear it's amazing but I wanted to give my two cents and give it some help.

First of all, the author is putting out chapters everyday and with good quality too. They are maybe a tad short but well within the average here, and longer than some others.

Now, for the novel itself there isn't much to be said that hasn't already but I'll try.

What I believe is the best point is Bi De POV, and the rest of the disciples and people later. Not that Jin POV is bad, but it's really hard to show how amazing one is by his own perspective and the novel got on a whole other level because of them.

The style of the novel is also easy to follow. It doesn't bore you with info dumps and gives the right amount of details you need to enjoy the story. I have yet to find anything to break my immersion.

The story itself is a nice change compared to the usual xianxia novels. I had my doubts in the beginning, since I thought it would get boring fast, but the author surprised me more than once, and now I am convinced it will keep to entertain me for a long time.

For the grammar I can't say anything bad about it, though I'm no expert in the matter.

Characters are well made, and while some are still not well explored he has given them enough "character" that you won't feel any of them are superfluous or "2D". He also does a wonderful job of showing their self growth, worries and difficulties. Another selling point is how likeable as a character Jin is; he has a dream that doesn't require going fighting people left and right, though he's not afraid to defend what he has, he has drive and works hard, and he is competent in what he does and getting better.

Also, Meiling is absolutely adorable.

Go read this story people, it's amazing.

Realm of Monsters

Goblin, yes, but with cyan skin, and slitted, lilac colored eyes... I won't say more to not give spoilers.

I really enjoyed the story, but there were a few points that could have been better.

Character was a 4 stars for me, mostly because of how the MC changed when he entered the city.

I know that what his shaman did was a shock to him, and leaving the tribe in a less than ideal situation wouldn't have helped, but his behavior doesn't seems coherent with how he acted before - he adapted way too fast.

I do appreciate though the fact that I didn't have to read too many chapters of him stumbling around in a new environment; I can also gloss over by saing that magic and his other race characteristics are only beginning to show now, so that may factor in the change.

The are also a few other characters that do some dubious things, but they're minor compared to this one.

The Style wasn't bad - a bit lacking in details, but I prefer that over reading paragraphs that describe the various shades of green of a forest, or things like that.

The Story is good, and original too, in some ways, but the MC has no other objective other than becoming strong - that will probably change in the future, but for now it make it feel like it lacks direction.

Grammar is good, though there were parts where it could improve; mostly in punctuation.

To sum it up, the story can be improved, but it's already very good and I enjoyed reading it.

The Primal Hunter

It's still in the beginning but I already love this story, maybe because I'm also an archer and I've been considering going hunting with my bow. Objectively speaking it's still a good story.

Style is good, with the right amount of explanation to not bore you but also not leaving all to your immagination. The different POV are also done quite well and, in my opinion they are perfectly placed to make the story better.

Story is a classical introduction to the System, for now, with them still being inside the tutorial, whith the MC getting a good boost from the start; a classic but still good. There are some little things that doesn't make much sense to me but i can gloss over with "magic" or "system stuff" like the arrows making more damage the more his strenght went up, or how he made fire with two knives.. EDIT: The arrow thing was explained later.

The characters looks well made, with different personalities, reactions and needs, though it's still a bit early to tell. I especially like the MC fighting style, his personality and his decisions; definitely one of the MCs I like the best among everything I have read.

Grammar looks good, I haven't spotted any error of any kind. EDIT: I noticed several errors in the last chapter, but since some looks more like typos and he does a good job at editing afterwards, I decided to leave the five stars.

This is definitely a novel to read, I can't wait for the next chapters.


It always surprises me how some common themes, such as isekai, dungeons, etc, can feel so different and original, with just some changes, if they're done well; and they were done very well in this case.

The style is good, it isn't overly detailed so it relies on the reader imagination for several things, but the flow is good and you aren't bored by long explanations. I also like very muchhow he made the different POV in third person.

The story looks very much like a classic isekai, with monsters, dungeons, status screens, etc.. Only with some differences that makes seem fresh and an MC that doesn't look like he wants to follow the classic or "right" way to be strong... or follow it at all.

Of this story I particularly like the MC, though I still don't have a full picture of his personality, he seems unique enough for my tastes, and I love how he doesn't just bow his head and go with the flow. I also like how the different POV shows the personality, feeling and thoughts of the other party members, making them more than just filler characters to make the MC look better.

I didn't notice any grammatical error.

I rarely give five stars to every category, but this story deserves them. Go and read it if you don't believe ;)

A Lord of Death

In the beginning I had my doubts about this novel, and I admit that it took a while to change my mind, but it did.

At the start I thought it would be a boring story with some comedic moment and with no substance, the more I kept reading though, the more I saw I was wrong.

It is developing slowly, at over 300 pages the story has just begun to get in the thick of things, but it's worth it.

The story is strictly from the MC POV, but even with that, the author managed to give characters personality, though because of the slow progress of the story I can't say more, I am confident that we'll appreciate and learn more about them in the future.

The worldbuilding is also well made though as I said before, it will be a while before i can get a true measure of how well exactly.

The grammar is good, though I have noticed missing or misplaced words a few times.

The true flaw of this story, if we can call it that, is, as I said, the slightly boring beginning and the slow progres, if you can get past that (wich I know it's hard for many) it's a good story, and I recommend it.