1. Re: LITrpg where mc has gone back in time

      Btw, have you tried in advanced search with the litrpg and time travel tags? Here

    2. Re: LITrpg where mc has gone back in time

      Towers of Heaven. Blessed time. Planetary Brawl. The Perks of Immortality. The last two are on hiatus. These are the only ones with both time travel and litrpg that I have read.

    3. Re: Shamelessley looking for encouragement

      I'm certainly willing to let bygones be bygones- but only if the other party isn't going to go onto other threads in this forum and make increasingly blatant swipes at me while referencing the situation. (...)

    4. Re: Hi everyone, any clues about how to make the light element more destructive?

      The photons, if shot at a high enough speed, sever the connection between atoms. He becomes a light bulb and everything around him disintegrates. Or he shot unstoppable rays that can just sever (...)

    5. Re: Hidden gems

      Here is a recommendation: before you propose an idea, try to poke holes into it, as many as you can. That will tell you all the ways it can (and it will) go wrong. The current Trending list already (...)

    6. Re: Hidden gems

      Well. Good luck then. I am not a picky reader, or at least don't consider myself one. And yet, browsing latest updates and various small stories, I find only a small fraction of them readable, let alone (...)

    7. Re: Shamelessley looking for encouragement

      First! Thank you so much for the warning and your insightful knowledge.  I have heard in between the grape vine how some of the RR readers are a bit... "enthusaistic" when it comes to stats.  (...)

    8. Re: So, How is Writing Coming Along For You Lot?

      Well, my novel is not doing too badly. I had a very bad first review, which is, maybe, slowing things down, but I'm still gaining some followers with nearly every chapter. I was also starting to feel (...)

    9. Re: Hidden gems

      I don't like these arbitrary cutoffs at random follower counts. The rules should be the same for everybody. Not implementing specific rules for only some fictions, in hopes the stories will grow because (...)

    10. Re: Hidden gems

      That you won't do something doesn't mean other won't. I think the last experiment clearly showed some of the downsides of a voting system and also showed that lists that are voted on aren't much (...)

    11. Re: Hidden gems

      It could work, but I would keep those below 100 always there, and implement a two week leave for those between 100 to 500 - or even more depending on how many will enter the list. As for those above (...)

    12. Re: Hidden gems

      I'm all for additional lists that can give me good and fun reading recommendations. I however question if a list like this would do that. I can for one already see the new meta where authors ask you (...)

    13. Re: Hidden gems

      Yeah, honestly, this system can be expanded upon as well. It will however require several list, where it shows works between a certain amount of follows. Something like this. 0 - 100 Which is the (...)

    14. Re: Hidden gems

      Anyway, staying on the main page for a while wouldn’t necessarily work. Since it would be adjusted to put the most voted on first, which would lead page upon page upon page. A rotation system would (...)

    15. Re: Hidden gems

      That is why I proposed that with novels that had less than 500 followers. My objective is to give good stories that can not be seen some way to be noticed. Yeah, this is a good idea. However, it would (...)

    16. Re: Hidden gems

      Well. It was kinda useless: only stories from the top of "Popular this week" appeared. And, the stories that went out of their way to ask for Ratings in authors notes, or even seperate "INFO" chapters. (...)

    17. Re: Hidden gems

      I think That would be a good idea, but the one year limitation is not really needed imo I added it so that it doesn't overlap with rising stars.

    18. Hidden gems

      So, I put this in the idea suggestions (here). It's not very visible there, so I made this thread to have some opinion. What do you think? So, I was thinking about putting a "Vote" button only active (...)

    19. Re: Shamelessley looking for encouragement

      I would absolutely love to read it. Please stop your worldbuilding and start WRITING!!! There's a non-zero chance you'll never start if you keep at it. Hurry please. I am waiting for your novel. I (...)

    20. Re: What was everyone's first novel they read on their own?

      I think it was Tales of Demons and Gods, because I read the first few chapters of the Manga, but it wasn’t coming out fast enough. That was the moment I stopped reading manga. After that I think it (...)