1. Re: What makes your story stand out?

      I write Xianxia, I am at chapter 19, and my MC still hasn't found some Heavenly Treasure, Ancient Pill Formula, Heaven Defying Cultivation Manual, or exterminated any Clan or Sect. No face slapping (...)

    2. Re: Authors Who Dislike Comments Fixing Typos: Read This

      I like when they point out mistakes. It means they're invested enough in my story that they want to make it better. I personally never saw an author that didn't like when I pointed out their mistakes. (...)

    3. Re: How do people accrue reviews so easily?

      I only have four, and I think at least two, if not three of them were motivated by an extremely bad review I had. The one marked as a swap, is not actually a swap xD.

    4. Re: Dividing the Best Rated

      BTW, they are side-by-side on desktop, one under the other on mobile and tablet size I just saw the desktop version. Nice! :peoapproval:

    5. Re: Random Quirk

      Not so much, but I wrote the same thing here.

    6. Re: Plot holes in your writing?

      Not until now. I had a near thing in a chapter, but I corrected myself before falling for it. Still, I don't have many chapters, so I can't say for the future.

    7. Re: Why Did My Stars Change Colour?

      They've always been that color, I think.

    8. Re: Music or no Music

      Most of the time. I'm still trying to understand if it makes me less or more productive. I have the tendency of losing myself inside my mind and imagining the scenes I am writing. Sometimes, when I (...)

    9. Chapter views

      I got some strange chapter views. They go up on some chapters, then slowly back down. I don't know if it's normal. Does it happen to someone else?

    10. Re: Dividing the Best Rated

      Ah my bad. There were also some talks in the other thread about splitting up the list further into genres, which my answer was for. Ok. I thought I was seeing things :drakansweat: :DrakanLaugh: (...)

    11. Re: Dividing the Best Rated

      Here is my 5 cents: We already have genre filters on the list page. The front page is noisy enough as it is already, this wouldn't be a good use of either the space or the development time. Sorry, (...)

    12. Re: Dividing the Best Rated

      Duh, I was going to write a suggestion about this, but I suppose they were already thinking to do it. :DrakanThinking:

    13. Re: Intrigue-Heavy Plots: Blessed, Stressed, or Depressed?

      I didn't read many thrillers, but I'd say they should be complex and full of intrigue. For something simple and straightforward I'd go for another genre.

    14. Re: LivingSpoon is back!

      Who?! :DrakanThinking: His novel was pretty high on best rated, one or two years ago. Strange you missed it.

    15. Re: Okay, I am going to be honest what the eff is LitRpg?

      Yes, I write Xianxia, but that's not what I wrote. I just said that, like him, I didn't know LitRPG before discovering this website. Or were you talking about something else? It was just a minor point. (...)

    16. Re: Okay, I am going to be honest what the eff is LitRpg?

      Fastus, last I checked yours is cultivation which is popular here, so idk if that's what HereBeTreasure is talking about. Yes, I write Xianxia, but that's not what I wrote. I just said that, like (...)

    17. LivingSpoon is back!

      I just found out he posted a ton of chapters of Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4. Just wanted to share the joy.

    18. Re: Okay, I am going to be honest what the eff is LitRpg?

      Yes, I know this is like a prominent thing on this website, but I actually have no idea what it actually is lol, as in, what the genre is like. I've never heard about it before stumbling here. Anybody (...)

    19. Re: Okay, I am going to be honest what the eff is LitRpg?

    20. Re: Anybody that says non-LitRPG can do well on here is a liar

      Well, I don't write litrpg, but I still have some followers, and I have some comments in every chapter. I also don't consider myself an exceptional writer, so I think that what I have is fair, rating (...)