1. Re: Sky Sight - Arc.2 Complete

      Yes, it seems up my alley. I'm adding this to my list as welll!

    2. Re: Sky Sight - Arc.2 Complete

      Looks interesting, I'll give the first episode a shot!

    3. Re: Sky Sight - Arc.2 Complete

      Hello! I just completed the first full story arc of my story Sky Sight. It's a sprawling epic set inside a city where everyone is given unique powers called "Commands" based on the karma they accumulate. (...)

    4. Re: Thriller pacing?

      Sounds like an interesting idea to me, though I might even, if the chapters are only about 300 words, toy with sometimes two chapters a day; morning and evening. It could add to the "can't get it out of (...)

    5. Re: What is the optimal length per chapter?

      This definitely depends on the story, the tone, and the writer's style. There are no real rules. Fantasy chapters tend to be longer, because more things need time to get developed, whereas thriller, horror (...)

    6. Re: Am I giving away too much?

      I just read the first chapter of your story and it's very direct. Each sentence is straight forward and the delivery is static, without much flow or rhythm between them. I'd try adding some variation, (...)

    7. Re: Critique Request: The First Draft of the first Chapter in my New Original Story

      Any specific ways I could improve? I'd personally say practicing some age old "show, not tell" exercises couldn't hurt. Your writing is very direct and to the point, almost as though you're simply (...)

    8. Re: How do you come up with a story?

      I get inspired by things. Sometimes an author will write with a certain style or tone and I'll want to reproduce it. Sometimes I'll watch a movie and think that the subject matter could've been handled (...)

    9. Re: Writing a Good Synopsis?

      I like the newer one far more than I did the previous. I tried highlighting certain nitpicks I personally had with it, but five minutes later I just decided to rewrite the whole thing, as an example of (...)

    10. Re: Writing a Good Synopsis?

      I just realized that there doesn't seem to be any highlighting on RR, so I guess I'll paste a picture of what I just wrote in Word. The removal of the kingdom (...)

    11. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Anti-Hero Lead, Female Lead, Grimdark, Male Lead, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy Story: Sky Sight Link: Summary: A city (...)

    12. Re: Two books at once?

      I used to subscribe to the "one at a time" philosophy. But time has changed me, and now I'm writing many, many things. I write whatever story is capturing my interest, usually for a few days. I get down (...)

    13. Re: Writing a Good Synopsis?

      Hey there. I'm here to tell you that there isn't an easy answer. Writing synopses is hard, and it's something you learn to do with practice. Just like writing a one page or two page summary, if you (...)

    14. Re: How is the problem of numerous real-life languages solved in VR novels?

      The issue can be easily written off with technology. Whether it's instant translation, which we currently have available, or some other newer and more efficient technology, if it's not a crucial part of (...)

    15. Re: I'm just looking for general feedback on my ongoing novel

      Hey, just read through some of what you've posted. Seems like an interesting start to a story. Just a few things I noted. Your chapters need to be numbered somehow, so that it's easier to navigate through (...)

    16. Re: Sky Sight Begins

      Hey, I just added the first two chapters of my story, Sky Sight. It's a sprawling epic set inside a city where everyone is given unique powers called "Commands" based on the karma they accumulate. I have (...)

    17. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      New and would love an opinion, thanks!