Rohan's Calling Online

The novel is weak but is growing.

This novel sure does needs a lot of improvement.
Character description and development is less.
Scenario description is less.
Style is old with a few loopholes.
The story is good but the settings and scenes are bad.
Action description is brief and unsatisfactory.
Plot twists are moderate.
The naming is complicated...some names ar just too difficult.
Timeline is improper.
Stats description is improper.
There are some interesting and new contents that give kick... And some sour contents that kill the mood.
It's currently an average rated novel but have potential.


Everybody Loves Large Chests

Classic storyline, Decorated with amazing plots.

It is undoubtedly an Epic tier story..😁 as it is long... lucrative...and twisted.

The author totally breaks the style by twisting the first chapter by revealing that the story's MC is a mimic when he devours the First charecter.

It's few salient features are..

  • One of the best fiction online featuring a non human MC.
  • Great charecter description and development.
  • A plethora of monster, races and creatures.
  • Detailed and neat system of physics, magic and science.
  • Great way of storytelling by the author.
  • No grammatical errors, the author does a great proofreading job.

The author had taken great care not to mess up the storyline and timeline... The story follows up any left out details on the next chapter perfectly.

Kudos to the author 👍 it is a delightful experience...

😁 I'm a Lv 100.maxed out scribe and following are the results of the appraisal of this Story.

Type: Epic Fiction

Humour: 8/10

Action: 9/10

Twists: 10/10

Charecters: 9.5/10 (Boxxy is 10/10)

World & System: 8/10

A must read! Totally Recommended!

It's as  Boxxy puts it "TASTY".