Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World.

The stroy is interesting, but the main detracting element is the pacing. Each chapter feels like either a build up to, or a reveal of, a new twist or turn. There are no chapters where our mc simply sits back and consolidates everything going on, while we can feel the antagonists gathering their strength. This lead me to very quickly start to burn out on reading the story. However I still feel hope that the author can remedy this in the future, and that they have mearly been setting the stage in these opening chapters.

Worst World Renewal

great start, let's see the momentum continue!

Overall(tl:dr): This story is quite good in my opinion. The concept is fresh (to me, not seen anything like this one before) and the characters seem to be at least semi-fleshed out. Definitely worth reading the first few chapters to see if it's to your own tastes


Style: The Author has a very tried and true style of story telling mixed with some unique story elements. It reads very much like some of the translated LN's i've read, but with a noticably western lens. 


Story: The story itself is a very unique and, while I hesitate to say inspired, I can say that the concept is certainly original. the individual elements of the story come together to create something that is simultaneously familiar, and foreign at then same time.


Grammar: I had no problem reading this story, the sentences were clear, and the spacing of the sentences well done. while certainly not a grammer thing, this story is also very well spaced, as in there is no wall of text, used to describe a fight or a character introduction in a single paragraph.


Character: the characters feel like people (certainly not completly human, whose depths no sane writer could hope to realistically portray) they do feel like more than just cardboard cutouts used to present pertanent story info, or a quest for the hero. there is a depth to them that belies an attempt at not just storybuilding, but world building. which, at least on this site, is a thing done well by only the top 20% however the difference here between 4.5 and 5 is more to do with the low chapter count to see how character progression is done. you can have the best characters, but if none of them grow and respond to the story in a believable fashion, then you have character types, not characters

The Daily Diary of a Mushroom

Re:monster format, with original content

Overall:  I love this story, mostly due to the characters and the style. but also for the quality of the writing itself. The author has a talent, a talent to write descriptively, with out burdening us with a whole paragraph about what the spoon the MC is holding looks like.


Style: Borrows the RE:monster format, of using a diary like day by day system, with a reincarnated human, who has some kind of advantage over all normal monsters of her birth type. It is a good literary style, but with the original content, it is so much better than a simple clone


Story: The premise of the story is a completely unique one.  It might not be One-of-a-kind, however this isn’t just a clone of a story I’ve read before. The story is fresh and lighthearted in the beginning, something most fictions on this site seem to do the opposite of.


Grammar: The authors grammar is quite good, absolutely no mistakes that make reading difficult, and the few typos he has, when pointed out, get fixed ASAP.


Character: The characters of this story all seem like real people (if real people could level up and evolve on the spot). My one complaint about the characters would have to be that, because of this depth of character in every character, it becomes hard to remember the tiny details of the sometimes single or few times seen characters.

Returning to Legacy

Nothing i haven't seen before, but it's still early

*This is a very early review*


Overall: Kind of early to tell, but the story is generally shaping up to be a "evil lords are evil, therefore they have to be final bosses" and "gods are good, but can't do anything" kind of set-up


Style: As previously stated the amount actual style, creativity, in this story is very little. But what is there is nice to see. not much else to say at this point


Story: The plot, while nothing special, is tried and true, and always makes for interesting stories, even if the end goal is always the same.


Grammar: didn't have an problem reading this story, therefore the grammar of the story is good enough. Although I'm sure if you were nitpicky enough you could find something to complain about


Character: All together the characters have fit a kind of mold. The Hero is just, and protective while The Matriarch is long lived and intelligent. Evil characters(both of them) are completely evil, with no redeeming qualities. A naive king and a tom-boy warrior princess. It just feels very bland like a meal you've eat many times before was just put in front of you.


Great Read, Absolutely recommend to put on your reading list

*written as of 1/12/16 (January 12, 2016)*


Overall(TL;WR): This story is a great andthe chapters well written, the plot is beginning the thicken and the cast of characters has shown varying personality and thought behind their existence. 


Style: Coming over from "Beyond?" i can instantly recognize this as a story written by you, which is both a great thing, (as in it being a unique writing style) but also bad (as in you aren't experimenting , and thus you cannot gain experience) that is the only reasoning behind a 4.5 instead of a full 5/5


Story: The story is unique and standard at the same time. Unique by way of characters being developed and the story not being about an adult in a child's body, which has come to be the very bog-standard setting on the site, right next to VR settings. (nothing wrong with either one, but there is only so mant ways to be reincarnated/ Play a VR game)


Grammar: in my experience, there is no stumbling over words incorrectly spelled, or sentences written in a fashion where you have to spend 1-2 minutes deciphering everyone of them. Vocabulary is both articulate, but not overpowering in usage of large, complex words.


Character: THE 4.5 IS ONLY BECAUSE OF THE MCS IMPAIRED EMOTIONS, which means that we don't get a human experience in seeing his view of the world, but instead it feels like we are watching a computer/A.I. see the world (yes i know this is how it is supposed to feel for now, but that doesn't change the fact that it feels strange and impersonal to read)


Interesting, awaiting more!

Overall Score: 3.5/5 Refreshing humor and refreshing plot combine to make a great story to read, at least so far (2 chapters and the prologue)


Style: A new take on the classic Reincarnation scenario, which doesn't seem like a gimmicky mess at the beginning  


Story: (from the 2 chapters i've read so far) is refreshing and contains a good amount of humorous content that instantly made me want more


Grammar: As far as i can see, there are zero grammatical errors. 


Character: The two main protagonists are a great duo of personalities, and as far as i can see are both well thought out characters.


Good, not great. but a lot of potential

Overall I give this a low score, simply because there hasn't been very many chapters and as such not a lot to actually review


Style: Using the tried and true RE:(insert monster) format makes a nice story, but it's not very original. The story style makes up for that by allowing the author to take the story wherever they want. 3/5


Story: The author has used the RE:(insert monster) format to create a very compelling story, that I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter to. 4/5


GrammarNot a lot of errors that I could see, at least none that managed to impact my reading of the story,  however I recommend running the story through a spelling check just to be sure that your work has no errors that are easily avoided. 3.5/5

*"spoiler alert"*


Character: The MC is an easily likable character, even when you know that he is an undead. can't say much else at this point (chapter 5) 3/5