The Novel's Extra's Extra

So, I'm not good with titles, even review titles

For those of you who had read The Novel's Extra before, you'll like it.

Even though the early part of the story could be better. It's not bad, mind you. I just think it could use some improvement. But you can see the quality improve as you read more, and considering the author never had experience writing and his reason to write is just for the sake of enjoyment, I have to say it's really good for a first time. So you definitely should check it out.

A few things that I find weird is, Christopher, in the early part he is like some kind of lonely, always bored guy. So he decided to fill his days with music. But at the later part, he is suddenly become an extroverted, outgoing guy. Well, it's not really sudden, but it was just so weird seeing him change so much while there's really nothing big happening to change him so much.

And second, the quality just seem to improve when it's in 3rd person perspective, or when it's in a narrative pov. Like, weird, right?¯\_(ツ)_/¯ In a good way.


-Overall score 4,5 because I definitely enjoyed it

-Style score 3, the writing style just feels weird, especially at the early part of the story

-Story score 5, what can I say? i love the story idea.

-Grammar score 4, heh, why 4 you said? Cause I'm not good with grammar myself so I just gave what I thought appropriate;;)

-Character Score 3,5, the character act rational enough, although I think there are some that doesn't fit with the original one.

A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale

So much influence from typical japanese novel

The start is good, I actually enjoyed it at first. But as I read more, more problem seem to come too.

So many slice of life moments in a freaking dangerous magical forest, so many chapters about cooking and spices.

And that parallel mind? Ugh, I can't, I don't even get what part of her parallel mind is logical. It's more along the line of, a childish, emotional part of her mind that at least can think a little bit better than her.

I really tried to continue the story even tho there's so many thing bothering me. But I can't.

Two thing that finally make me drop this is, the side chapters, and the really slow pace.

The side chapters are really uneccessary and ilogical. Non of the interaction and the happening in the side chapters actually make any sense. I can't even imagine where there is a world people act like that, and we are talking fantasy. That is how bad it is.


The only good thing I can found is the beginning chapters.

Worth the Candle

I like it, it start off kinda slow, with flashback in between chapters. But it still interesting to read. So, no problem there. 

One of the thing that I found interesting is author gave little clue here and there which if you didn't really think about it, it would feel not that important. But will be proven wrong when the pieces start to come together and you can see it have significance for the later part of the story. So there's that.


The MC is not too powerfull even tho he have this game interface to help him get stronger that no one else have.


I don't really know what to say anymore, all is great and I'm having a good time, the style is really interesting, I guess you could say it's a new take on fantasy genre. 


Other than that.. it's on the later part of the story that I have complain about. Well, not really, but you just have to hear me out, i guess?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, after the story progess more, there so many Drama.. 

But that's the thing with people, right? People are complicated, or is it feeling that are complicated? Nvm

Even tho I didn't really like it that much with so many drama going around at later chapters. At least it feels more realistic this way, and that's probably rare in this website.

So. Props for author for the great story!

I so much enjoyed my experience reading it.



I read till chapter 3

I know! I know it's not enough to judge the story, or give a review with just the early chapter.

But! Hear me opinion first

So, like I said, I read until the end of chapter three. And..

I'm not sure if I like the now and then perspective of the MC.

Kind of like spoiler, but not exactly🤔

Just ruining the reading experience you know, like, I want to know the world, what happened during the apocalypse and all that while the MC's experiencing it. And in the proccess get to know what is happening. 

If it continue with this 'now' and 'then' format, I don't know if I'll be curious or, I guess intrigued(?) enough to want to still read it.

But that's just my personal opinion about the style😄

With that being said, I'm sure everyone have their own preferences, the style on this one is.. just not my cup of tea? Is that how you say it?

Anyway, be sure to check it out first, maybe you will like it!

Aaaaaamustbe 200 words at least,brbrbrbrbrbbrrrrr

Come on already, is it not two hundred yet? Aaaaaaaa i don't know what to read anymore, i just want to give a little review that i think will help(?) the author, because that's what almost every author on this site said, REVIEWS MATTER GUYS, just don't be a d**k when reviewing.


Thank you~


Atros Imperium

Well, a little advice and a bit of review?

Honestly, if you want to keep potential readers coming, you really have to rework that first part of your story.

The quality is so bad i have to force my self through it, but i do admit that it gets better after that, but still not so much. A couple decision still seems so dumb, and Anton, our MC, can't be creative at all with his praying power, i understand it uses lots of mana, but it still have many uses if he just take the time to think for the right use, like just a simple prayer every morning so that everytime he finish exercise, that exercise will become more effective and his body will wet stronger with each training he does. Will that take much mana? I don't think it will. With just that little prayer and a bit of training everyday he can become stronger, at least physically. And another example is that, when fighting enemies on close combat, he can chant a prayer so his body will be moe resilient or his perception will be enhanced so he can get that edge in close combat against physically strong opponent. 


But overal other then that, after the first part of the story, it's pretty enjoyable and i definitely want more

So thank you, i guess? 

And sorry you have to put up with my bad english

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

Honestly it's great. The system is solid and the story just grow on me. 

We can see that author is improving throughout the story.

in terms of grammar, i don't have much to say because i'm trying to improve myself. So, yeah. Haha. 

the next thing is, the prologue, i don't know if it's good or bad, but we didn't know much about the mc in the beginning. Because the mc is thrown in to the system at the start of the story, and we don't really know what to make of the mc, what kind of person he is, what he do, his personality, etc.

But we do got to know him later in the story when he got his bearing and some breathing room. 

And about characters, i personally like the mc all the side char in the story. Well, not all of it, most of it. My point is, we can see they grow in the story, they have their own feelings and opinions, their ups and downs, and i think author did a great job with it.

Other than that, the setting is common with the coming of apocalypse accompanied by the system. But i have to say it's one of the best apocalypse type novel i read out there

The Wandering Inn

Everything is great

I check out the story because the good reviews & scores, but find out its not my kind of story

Overall its good, well written, the characters feels real too, i like how they interact with each other and i hope there will will be more stories like this with different genre

And sorry for my bad english