1. Re: What was the book that make you want to write?

      Magician by Raymond Feist. It's not my favourite, but its very close. I've always had a love affair with fantasy but Magician was the first time I really thought, "Building entirely new worlds with different (...)

    2. Re: How are other ways I can get noticed on Royal Road?

      Yeah, non LitRPGs get gimped here but as long as it's fantasy or fantasy-adjacent, you can find success. I'd say do a few review swaps, because a lot of readers check out reviews first before deciding (...)

    3. Re: Looking for a fiction!

      I'd love you to check this out: In an alternate timeline, a military officer and the self-proclaimed ‘last woman on Earth’ embark on (...)

    4. Re: I'm looking for some recommendations, believe it or not.

      Try my fic, The Garden. It starts off with a battle for all of humanity lol. No over-the-top speeches though

    5. Re: Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Stories!

      Mine! My story is post-apocalyptic but only kinda dystopian in that I'd never want to live in this world lol

    6. Re: Feedback on plot point revolving around arranged marriage

      It's a bit cliché but there's nothing new under the sun and all that. If it's done well, I don't see a problem. Though you will have to answer a few questions in the fic, for the plot to make sense. 1. (...)

    7. Re: Looking for a very specific genre of books.

      "He who fights with monsters" here on RR is literally exactly what you're looking for, idk if it's one of the one's you've read

    8. Re: Announcing My Revisions?

      I agree with carebear90, I release chapters as soon as I'm done with them, then do rolling edits quietly. I do plan on going back and revising some previous chapters though and I'll definitely let my readers (...)

    9. Re: Does a Staggered Release Schedule Discourage You to Write?

      It depends tbh. I have the whole plot of my story planned out, but I usually actually write the chapters when I want to release them because it's extra motivation. I'm a terrible procrastinator so unless (...)

    10. Re: Politics in writing.

      Any good fantasy book involving more than one person should have politics imo. Its just good worldbuilding, power dynamics and resource allocation is part of any group and when the two intersect, politics (...)

    11. Re: What is the most unique aspect of the world's created in your fiction?

      A dude sunk the continent of south america to end a holy war against the human species. Also, I think my power system is pretty unique lol

    12. Re: Organized writing vs chaotic writing

      I actually disagree with Corvus, my two favourite authors, Brandon Sanderson and GRRM couldn't write more differently, but their work hits right all the same. Sanderson is more of a planner, where GRRM (...)

    13. Re: [Free Covers] Willing To Make Covers For A Review!

      I'd be interested, I actually like LitRPG's and still need a cover that isn't ripped straight from Google images lol

    14. Re: I missed my weekly release schedule.

      You'll be fine lol, outside of the few fics that actually release consistently over long periods of time (props to TheFirstDefier, Shirtaloon and every other author that manages this) most readers wait (...)

    15. Re: How Important is "Ranking"?

      If they go with a different platform, who knows what their cat might do. If they start using word, maybe the cat will choose to just wreck the computer. What's worse, thousands and thousands of words, (...)

    16. Re: Favorite Ramen Brand? Current Favorite TV Series/Movie?

      Maggi or bust. My favourite series right now has to be The Boys on Amazon (remains to be seen if the Wheel of Time series will be good) and I'm not much of a movie person lol, I'd say it's between Endgame (...)

    17. Re: How Important is "Ranking"?

      I have premium because I've lost thousands and thousands of words due to my cat stepping on my keyboard.  I'm gladly paying the 5 bucks of month just for the auto save draft function. Why not just use (...)

    18. Re: Community Project Fictions

      Sounds like a great idea tbh, the only problem is us authors are a prideful bunch lol. I can't see it ending up as anything but a clusterfuck with egos clashing and feelings getting hurt. You could prove (...)

    19. Re: What would you awesome folks love to read?

      I second the vote for Volt but my other choice would be C: Hero, Hacker, if it was set in a more sci-fi world

    20. Re: I can't see all of the chapters of my story on my author dashboard under the latest chapters section

      yeah, from whichever chapter you're reading, use the edit chapter button in the top right. You can see everything there, but I'd suggest going straight to the "Chapters" tab at the top of the edit page (...)