1. Re: Vampires: Are they overdone? Is there still something you can do with them?

      Depends how you approach it tbh. I think every permutation and variation of vampires has been done to death at this point, but they say there's nothing new under the sun and all that. Of course, you might (...)

    2. Re: Looking for Female Reviewers (Will swap!)

      I think you might be out of luck; everyone knows there are no women on the internet

    3. Re: Review swap for litrpg fantasy?

      Hey I'm down if you're interested

    4. Re: Review Swap!

      Are you still up for this?

    5. Re: Review swaps- Fantasy/Action

      I'm down, I can get to your story by tomorrow if you're okay with it

    6. Re: Hit 101 pages, time for review swaps

      I'm also about to release my eighth chapter, I'd be down for a swap. I'll read it tonight

    7. Re: Most unique magic systems you've seen on RR?

      I am curious what you mean by "unique magic system." You reference Sanderson so I wonder if you mean hard magic systems that are based on different things, or do you also mean unique magic systems that (...)

    8. Re: Most unique magic systems you've seen on RR?

      "Essence of cultivation" had a pretty creative system, I liked it quite a bit. Like, you have these "shells", almost like atom shells, in which you place certain mana types. Different combinations make (...)

    9. Re: Most unique magic systems you've seen on RR?

      I feel your pain. Many of the LitRPG stories I've read on RR have the standard stats / level up system with some twists like perks, titles, etc. I guess that's what people like to read. But like you, (...)

    10. Re: Review Swap - In a different way

      I'm down. I have a short ~250 word prologue but the first chapter should at least give you a good idea of my writing style, if not the story. Hopefully you like it

    11. Re: Most unique magic systems you've seen on RR?

      I pride myself on not using cliched, played out magic systems in my fics but I only specifically set out to make them unique because I don't see many other unique magic systems on this site. I know they're (...)

    12. Re: Dealbreaker Tropes

      Oh, r*pe as a plot device. Spare my eyes.  It's not necessarily a thing I can't read about at all, but if it's to force a relationship to somehow get "better" because the victim enjoys it or think (...)

    13. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

      Idk if you're still accepting stories for this, but I'd appreciate you looking at mine. It's a near future sci-fi soft litrpg, hopefully you like it

    14. Re: Review swap for newer fictions

      I'm done for a review swap as well, and my novel is under 10k words right now, so it shouldn't take too much of your time as well. That's fine, I can get to it now and be done in a few hours

    15. Re: Review swap, anyone?

      Still up for it?

    16. Re: Dealbreaker Tropes

      Bitch MC's. Idk what it is, but reading about main characters that get run roughshod over tickles me in the worst way. I'm pretty outspoken myself and I identify with more assertive characters. This is (...)

    17. Re: Review swap for newer fictions

      Hello! Sounds good to me! I am about to upload my 6th chapter, so I wouldn't mind you waiting till I finish yours to read mine but yeah. Would you like an advanced review or normal, and I assume you (...)

    18. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Have you ever experienced a moment of pure creation? When distilled imagination bleeds out into the real world through stories, paintings and films? In the world of Artifex, this is not a metaphor. (...)

    19. Re: Review swap for newer fictions

      Hey all, my fic is just under 20k words right now, but I'd like some feedback on how I'm doing. Got some free time, so I'm willing to do three review swaps right now (for fictions 20k words or less). Link (...)