1. Re: I've peaked.

      Smh at least you got some breathing room first. My first two ratings were five stars, then I got a random drive-by 0.5 that sunk my rank. Pain  :peocrying:

    2. Re: Review Swaps {Open}

      Yeah I'm down. I think I'm at like 25k or something

    3. Re: Plot Against EastTales!

      Get as many people with pirated stories Isn't this all of us lol I thought they scraped the whole site. At least, I don't think they specifically sought out my fics lmao

    4. Re: review swapping

      Sure, your fic Saikou looks about as long as mine, so I can review it. My own is in my sig

    5. Re: Swapping of Reviews?

      I'm also open to swap, DM if interested

    6. Re: New writer w/ a new to assist with a review =)

      I have a pretty new entry too and I can see our stories are similar in length. Would you be willing to swap reviews?  :DrakanGlasses:

    7. Re: September Thread - Promote your Story

      Dark, victorian progression fantasy. Based on christian demonology, angelology and occultism, drawing from as many real-life sources as possible

    8. Re: Exposition Dumper here...

      Just make it part of the dialogue. In my own story, I have a mentor character that drops pieces of lore when it makes sense in the context of the plot Edit: try fit it in naturally as well, no "as you (...)

    9. Re: I want to create an accountability group.

      Sure, let's see how many people join up

    10. Re: I want to create an accountability group.

      I'm open to the idea at least. What platform would we be on?

    11. Re: Hello...

      Lol yeah we all started off like this. The feeling goes away eventually and you'll start to feel a lot more comfortable about joining conversation. Welcome to the family!

    12. Re: Visualizing your series

      Yeah def animated. Eventually I plan on having epic battles between hosts of angels and legions of demons and I just don't think the cgi could look good enough to ever portray that accurately. It would (...)

    13. Re: Promote your story by telling us how/why you named it what you named it

      It does what's on the tin lol it's about a demonologist

    14. Re: Shoutouts! While I remain on the RS list

      I have a new story, but i think it has potential. The opportunity is much appreciated  :DrakanWine:

    15. Re: Review Swapping

      Hey, I just started a new story too, so I'm open to swaps. I'm at around 12k words. Fic in signature

    16. Re: Post a story of my own

      And so the reader - writer pipeline claims another victim

    17. Re: Short prologues?

      Do people hate prologues? I use them in all my stories and no one's ever complained. Though it's never an info dump, usually a non-MC pov set before the plot starts, to give a taste of the world the MC (...)

    18. Re: 🔨 Constructive First Chapter Feedback 🔨

      Me! Me! Pick me! Jokes aside, would be genuinely grateful for some constructive crit. I only have my friends for reviewers lol and none of them are huge readers Fic in my signature  :DrakanWine:

    19. Re: How Do You Find Artists for Book Covers?

      Check out the Art threads, there are a few artists that do covers for free for various reasons. Mine was free ¯\_(ツ)_/¯