Forsaken Talents: A Dark Path

Forsaken Talents: A Dark Path
775 pages

From International Best-Selling Author Stuart Thaman:

The Seven Portals to Wonder changed the world. The most advanced AI ever created powered the worlds, bringing infinite possibilities and endless adventure to everyone across the globe. War on Earth practically ceased as most of the planet's population became addicted to the game.

Ben Hales was no different. He spent a few years saving enough money to buy lifetime passes for himself and his daughter, Ingrid. Now he has the cash, and Ingrid just turned 16, the minimum age required to play. 

Not everything—or everyone—in Wonder is quite as it seems. Evil lurks both inside and outside the game, and that evil finds Ben all too soon.

Ravaged by loss and consumed by hatred, Ben awakens an ancient necromancer and a host of long-forgotten classes. Now he's building his citadel of darkness and raising an army of the dead with a singular goal: revenge.

If it means the death of everyone inside Wonder... so be it.

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For all the hardcore LitRPG fans, here's what you can expect:

No logout, grimdark, gore, evil MC, moderate to heavy amount of stats, 1st person perspective, lots of dungeon building, loot heavy, non-VR, portal fantasy

Unlike what some very confused reviewers / commenters have stated, this is not a VR story. Again: NO VIRTUAL REALITY exists in anything that I have ever written. I cannot stress it enough. Stop sending me messages—you are wrong. Stop leaving comments saying this is VR—you are wrong. There is nothing virtual about Wonder. The characters walk into the game just like a football player walks into a stadium. That is it. 



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