1. Re: I want to review others, but no need review trade.

      https://www.royalroadl.com/fiction/18944/cleaning-up-the-future I would appreciate a review of my story. It’s not a bedtime story. It’s scifi. Thanks for your time, 23DN4L 

    2. Re: Review & Proofreading Services for New Authors

      Hello,  I’d really like an opinion and review on my story Cleaning Up The Future.  https://www.royalroadl.com/fiction/18944/cleaning-up-the-future Thank you for your time, 23DN4L

    3. Re: I can't describe it.....aaah what's the word?! Keep it simple or smart?

      Thanks for all the feedback. I appreciate getting a look into how everyone writes and handles issues like this.  I definitely don’t want my writing to come off pretentious or long winded. I will keep (...)

    4. Re: What race would you choose?

      Hey,  Out of what you have listed I would probably pick an Orc, and be a blacksmith. I always see a good orc as the true underdog. If you are vicious people are like...."Oh that's how orc are supposed (...)

    5. Re: I can't describe it.....aaah what's the word?! Keep it simple or smart?

      While writing my novel, CLEANING UP THE FUTURE, I have had moments where I am sitting down wondering what word would fit best into a sentence. What word would be the smoothest choice? What word would make (...)

    6. Re: Wanna stop an apocalypse? Hire a janitor!

      I believe a Janitor has all the skills you need to dominate an apocalypse! Keeping things clean helps people live healthily. They can repair things, and they understand the power of management! They understand (...)

    7. Re: Let me review your story, no need to review swap

      Hey, you swamped with stories to review? Hows the feast so far?