Who Killed My Body?

I think the title needs work, but the prose is solid. Some chapters have a sort of flash foward in the beginning which throws off the flow of the novel. I think it would be improved by moving those into the book, or removing/modifying them. The main character is solid though.


So far very interesting

It's very early so far. I really enjoy the premise, it's vague, but intentionally so. Unsure where exactly the book is going, there doesn't seem to be a set direction so far. I really like the setting, although I do think it could use a bit more description. The environment is hard to grasp and I think suffers from not having that much description as to what it looks like. We can vaguelly understand what everything looks like, but for the most part there is a lack of description I hope to be filled.

The Wandering Inn

TWI is a great webnovel. I always await a chapter every week and it sucked me in. The big thing for me is that Pirateaba writes so much that the good chapters are really good, but then the bad chapters are really bad. Here's some stuff on characters.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 TWI has a few chapters that are the best things I've ever read hands-down, and I mean a few. I'd say the majority of chapters are great, but every once-in-awhile I get a chapter where I go "ehhh coulda been done better" Pirateaba is absolutely brutal about killing characters and I hate it. It's better now than it was, but the way it was done just aaaaa. On one hand it makes it the most tense fucking thing I've ever read. Every battle could be the death of a character I've loved. But on the other hand it really does ruin TWI. I get the feeling that pirateaba got kinda freaked out that they had to write so many characters, and their solution was to kill one or two off every once-in-awhile. 


Really though it is worth a read. Because pirateaba writes so much we get a better view of side characters and character arcs. Character arcs can be slow and long, and as a character changes we don't even remember witnessing the change because it happened so gradually, it's amazing. Erin is alot better now in v7 than she was in the past. She was very frustrating, but now how she's written is more mature. Pirateaba has gotten alot better at just, well, writing.


The thing I love most about TWI though isn't the characters or world, it's the races. Antinium, Selphids, Drakes, Gnolls, Drowned Men, Dulluhans, they are so varied, so interesting. Each race makes me feel old I guess, like I'm looking down on a world, watching as it changes, finding out more about the different races. It's just something so different from other novels. Each race feels like a race, they are interesting and unique, they have cultures, habits, history. The races are what makes TWI feel unique and like an actual other world. The characters are a side-effect of the races existing in a way.


I like Erin as a character, I think she was really good in the beginning couple volumes, was kinda eeeeeh in the middle, and again is really good atm. No longer so aimless or clueless. Before pirateaba wrote Erin as if we all knew what she was thinking, when in reality, only Pirateaba knew. Pirateaba has changed their writing style to sort of "open-up" characters a bit, letting us know more, instead of leaving us in the dark. It makes the experience so much better. Erin is written now how the other characters were written and it makes her so much better. 


Now I do have to take a break. Every few weeks or months, I stop reading for about a month. That's when a bad or frustrating chapter happens, where I get frustrated and just step away for a bit. Pirateaba writes so much that I can usually come back after 3-4 weeks and have enough to read where I can go through it and get to the chapters that I really enjoy. It's a kinda weird experience, but know that for every bad chapter, there are many good ones, but it isn't consistent. You'll run into something that annoys you, but I plead for you to keep reading, as you'll then get to something you love. Spoilers territory here for a moment of my favourite moment from any book I've ever read.


Spoiler: Spoiler


The Menocht Loop

Not bad, it's well written and coherent. I think the score really depends on where the story ends up going, but so far it's pretty good. The main character is a little odd, his personality seems to be inconsistent, it's not a big issue really, but the author needs to pick a way to portray him and stick with that. His emotions flip from realistic to unrealistic and it makes it hard to get a grasp on who he is. As for the other characters there isn't too much to write for them yet, they aren't really there.

The Loyal Ones [Dark Biopunk Fantasy]

Very enjoyable, so far it's looking good. Actual fiction, as in a book that you would buy and read. Characters and world are interesting, and not cringe-inducing.


Very well written. The protagonist is very interesting and realistic, but what drags it down are the two other main characters. They are fairly uninteresting, and really wow is Raine a terrible character. The romance is also very awkward and uncomfortable, the author constantly injects little lines where the protagonist mentions how she feels, or how cool Raine looks, etc. I hate it. The story would infinitely be better without any romance or potential sex at all. The cosmic horror is interesting and done well, but the story really had such an amazingly strong feel at the start, that is still there, albeit not nearly as much. The story basically throws the 'horror' part of 'cosmic horror' out the window by instantly introducing characters that the protagonist can rely on. I think the watering down of a solo-struggle hurt the story, but it's still worth a read for the quality.

The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

Oh my god does the author suck at writing battles and knows nothing about weapons and armour. Everyone is running around with swords, which of course are a good sidearm, but like nobody uses any sort of longer weapons like spears or polearms. Nobody wears actual armour, just leather armour for some reason. The author thinks chainmail just breaks when you try to put a knife into it. Nobody wears gambeson either, which is actually good and would protect you. The author writes alot about fire arrows, which would be possible if you had a cage sorta in the arrow with smoldering coals being kept inside, but apparently in this world you light the arrows on fire, and shoot them, and somehow they stay on fire. 


Nobody uses shields, and apparently they are "too cumbersome" like what the fuck. Shields protect you, nobody runs around swinging a sword like an idiot, if you do that you're fucking dead. The battles are a bunch of dudes running around with swords for some reason and attacking equally unarmoured enemies. Just give some people some spears or polearms man, swords are a sidearm, and give them shields or bucklers. Give them any sort of actual armour, and realize chainmail is actually really good and was worn often, so was gambeson. Rich noble knights wearing full plate armour would absolutely wreck bandits. The swords people use in this book wouldn't be able to get into the gaps in armour, they aren't the right type. Sneak attacks are fine, they're smart, but don't make a big battle where dumbasses run around in leather with swords.

The Vespidian

I don't understand how anyone likes this. The characters are terrible, the main character goes from okay to awful. It's just, so horrible.

Super Minion

It's really well done. I've only seen one grammatical error in the entire 17 chapters so far. The main character is interesting, and the story seems very promising. Unlike other stories where the protagonist is non-human, the protagonist actually is not human. It doesn't think how a human does, and the author doesn't let the main character get bogged down by the other human characters. It stays its own person. The world is interesting, and has some concepts to differentiate itself from other novels, like the Odd Summer. I'd say regardless of anything else this is worth a read for a good main character who isn't a total cringefest of garbage angst and emotions.