Ars Alogia

Well written with a unique presentation

The synopsis is very vague, so this review will contain more detail while avoiding spoilers.

This far (28 chapters) the story is a refreshing slice-of-life world building story without massive stakes or grimdark villains. The MC is the oldest son of a family of enchanters and has been minding the family store while his parents are traveling for work and research. Some wards fail at an inopportune time, some imps escape and hit him with some mind magic. The story picks up with him trying to figure out what they did to him, what happened while he was "out", and what caused it all to happen in the first place.

This brings us to the unique presentation of the story. Every chapter is a journal entry in a magical diary the MC has started to help him remember everything in the event he ever gets his mind messed with again. A clever way to explain things to a novice in this world like the audience.

After all the grimdark horror and evil lords you find on RR, it's refreshing to read about a dude just living in a magical world.

The world building has been interesting so far, with hints of many unexplored things to come.

I would recommend this story, just know you're not getting epic battles.

Slaying Monsters for Dummies

Well written Urban Fantasy story. Magic starts coming back to the world, giving some people powers and awakening magical creatures both good and bad. All this is hidden from the general populace. The story follows two people who have developed sensitivity to "the weave" and how they handle life in this new reality. Definitely got some nice Dresden vibes, though this is definitely a standalone story and world and not a fan-fic.

Gritty world with consequences. People can die or have bad things happen. But not so grimdark and tragic that there's no happiness or joy or point in even trying.

Some grammar and punctuation issues. Not enough to be immersion breaking, but enough to notice and knock off a half star.

Very enjoyable read, definitely recommend.

Life of Numbers

Excellent fresh take on litrpg systems

How have I not seen this story until now?

Well written, interesting world, relatable and reasonable MC, excellent grammar and spelling.

Spoilery plot summary:

Spoiler: Spoiler



Apparently the system is based off of the Warhammer games. I've never done anything with them and I still really enjoy this story. 

Well written with engaging style, interesting characters, and good grammar and spelling. MC is on their way to becoming OP, but it's an enjoyable ride rather than boring steamrolling of everything. I recommend.

Realm Of The Forgotten Gods

Standard "transported to a fantasy world" story. Still early, so the overall plot hasn't really gotten started yet. Well written, with good grammar, spelling, and characterization. I gave it a follow.

Flat Earth Online

Flat Earth conspiracy theories meets The Matrix

Review edited because some of my concerns were addressed.


The plot so far is the beginning of The Matrix, but instead of a hacker, the MC is a flat Earth conspiracy theorist who makes YouTube videos. He's abducted by the evil government agents from NASA and a mysterious benefactor helps him escape and promises to reveal the truth about the simulation.

While the plot so far is far from original, most stories on RR are the same way, or at least hit some very familiar tropes. Once our MC meets his mysterious benefactor, there's a lot of possibilities for the plot to go new places.

At first I thought this was satire (the MC lives with his mom, half the first chapter is him spouting flat Earth arguments like "just look with your eyes" and "aether explains everything else"), but now I'm not so sure.

Grammar and spelling are good, but plot and characters are underwhelming so far. Not my cup of tea, but it's still very early (only 2 chapters so far) and could get better. Nothing so far that needs a retcon.


It's the Healer's Life for Me

Great story, doesn't really match the title

This is the story of a young healer cleric who decides to seek adventure after his mentor dies. He's a genuinely good and caring person and a true believer. Thus far (as of chapter 5) he's still growing his party (got a warrior and thief so far). There has been some healing, but no slutty behavior, or even usage of the word "slut" so far.

I really don't understand where the title comes from. It conjures up images of a harem story with scantily clad priestess of orgies. (Not that there's anything wrong with that) Instead you have a very sweet and (for lack of a better word) wholesome story about friendship and adventures. It's great, you should read it.

The Wrong Hero

Entertaining with loads of potential

Only 4 chapters so far, but loving how it's developing. Excellent grammar and spelling, entertaining writing style, engaging characters, and a System that has clearly had a lot of thought put into it.

I'm eager to read this as it continues and see where it goes. 

Update: 11 chapters now and still going strong. Probably my favorite story on here right now. Highly recommend.


Only 5 chapters so far, but a decent start. Transmigration litrpg that doesn't take itself too seriously. MC is self aware, but isn't OP or smarter than everyone else. Story isn't tragic or grimdark, but isn't LOLrandom either. Good grammar and spelling.

So far seems like a chill litrpg that's fun to hang out with. I gave it a follow.


Only 3 chapters so far, but it's really good so far. Interesting world, likable characters, engaging story.

It was a great idea to start with the NPC POV, it really cements the idea of the players as these weird strangers and differentiates the story from your usual VR LITRPG opening chapter.

I look forward to seeing how this story progresses. Definitely recommend.