Really enjoyable story that has me hooked. Has the feel of Percy Jackson for grown ups. Lots of mythology references, including some less well known characters. Interesting story, realistic characterization, well written, with nice long chapters.

Give it a read and follow. I did!

Apocalypse Born

Fantastic story with stupendous world building and believable characters. The writing is top notch quality.  There's no way this won't end up on trending.

The story follows Hunter, one of the first in the generation born after the system apocalypse. Things have settled down into a new normal, but there is still adventure and danger to be had. He takes advantage of the accumulated knowledge of the prior generation to maximize his growth potential and not fall into the same pitfalls they did. His "build" is unconventional, but works well in the system. The system itself is incredibly well designed.

Chapters are nice and long, but this is going to be a very long story. 10 chapters in and he's still only 16 years old and level 1. That's not to say he's weak and useless; he's currently gaining and maxing out a truly impressive list of skills and abilities. I guess it's more that this all feels like the opening moves in some grand epic, so there's gonna be a lot more to come.

READ. THIS. You will not regret it.


Summoning Life

Enjoyable story just starting out

Dude gets summoned as a familiar to a girl at a magic academy.  Very early in the story, but so far so good. Excellent grammar, believable character interactions, lots of potential with the world presented.

Give it a follow. I did.


Standard "transported to another world" litrpg, but with a unique twist. The MC is a single dad in his late 40s who was transported with his 20-something daughter. She does the full adventurer bit while he just wants to chill in the city and get a job using some utility spells. It's definitely more slice of life, but you still get some adventure from his daughter. Plus they get thrust into a "quiet war" between races in their City.


Really good read. I recommend it.

The Watcher's Test

Only 5 chapters so far, but a promising start. It's your basic transported-to-another-world litrpg, but with a whole family being transported. A genius concept that had me surprised I hadn't ever thought of that before. I like how that avoids the usual awkwardness of the MC wondering if he cares about leaving his family behind. You also have a ready-made party with lots of group dynamics to explore.

The family comes across as a normal everyday family caught up in their everyday life. This setup has a bit of a The Incredibles vibe to it, now that I think about it.

My one critique is that things might be a little too detailed. It's fine for setting the stage and introducing characters, but there's potential for the story to get bogged down if this continues. After 5 chapters, and they're long chapters, the family has just arrived in the new world. Not even opened their chest of gear or moved from their obligatory forest clearing yet. Lots of character and relationship development, but very little plot development.

All in all, an exciting new story with a clever twist on the standard template. I look forward to reading more.

The Final Draft

Promising summoned hero litrpg

Only 6 chapters, but really enjoyable so far. Creative explanation of the RPG system, MC is intelligent but not OP hyper-competent, likable characters. I also enjoy the balance of both individual skills and settlement-planning.

All in all, an enjoyable read that I am happy to follow.

Wood and Iron

Fascinating story with a well thought out world, ingenious magic system, and characters that feel real. Blending the big picture kingdom stuff with people and relationships is done very well.

Only gripe is that the grammar could use some work. There are some run-on sentences and odd phrases that make me have to read things twice to understand.

All in all, a really promising story (only 18 chapters so far). The author has created a fantastic world with a unique twist on magic and I'm hungry to read more. Definitely recommend.

Edit (Aug 8): Making this an advanced review because this story is too good to not be trending. Doing my part to get it noticed.

Hollow Core: School of Swords and Serpents (Book 1)

Good writing style, descriptions, and dialogue. Interesting cultivation system that makes me want to learn more about the different techniques and clans.

Unfortunately, the plot has been very depressing and characters have questionable decision making and NEVER COMMUNICATE. So many of the issues the MC deals with, other than everyone hating him in general, come from people not telling him something and then getting mad that he doesn't know it.

The MC makes some pretty idiotic decisions too. Flawed characters aren't a bad thing, but sometimes it seems like he really doesn't deserve to attend the school and brought a lot of his problems upon himself.

It's just frustrating because this is an interesting world and the story could be really good. Overcoming adversity is a great theme, but right now it's kind of a "one step forward, two steps back" deal for the MC with no foreseeable payoff for him where this was all worth it. If anything, his situation is going to get even worse before it could possibly improve.

Overall, I still follow and read this story because it's got potential and I'm hoping it will get better, but there are still frustrating aspects.

Farming For Gold

Nice chill slice of life MMO litrpg

Great story, cool world, interesting characters. I'm a sucker for priest-types in these stories, so that was a nice touch. 

Has the same feel as "Loser of Tarinath" , another MMO litrpg on RR that I love, though sadly no longer updating.

Grammar is rough, but the rest is good enough to look past that.

Really enjoying this story.

The Land of Many Kings

Very well written, with interesting sympathetic characters and a fascinating world. Perfect grammar, engaging plot.

After reading the synopsis I was afraid it would be hard to keep track of all the different plot threads, but the author weaves and intertwines them together so well that it's easy to follow.

You should definitely give this a read.