Renewal and Rebirth

Really good standalone cultivation story

Okay, if you're like me, you've seen this story pop up a number of times but have always been a little confused by the synopsis and reviews. So, slightly spoilery explanation in the next paragraph.

Old lady in the distant high tech future chooses to digitize herself and now can live a theoretically infinite number of lives on a theoretically infinite number of different worlds. As of chapter 99, she's still on her first life as a young woman on a cultivation world.

My interpretation of all of this is that we will eventually see her progress through multiple lives with multiple slightly different cultivation or litrpg systems. At one point the governing AI tells her she can't pick her race until her 10th life. Its gonna be a looooooooong time until that happens, though.

For the time being, it's best to treat this as a standalone cultivation novel that has some setup for sequels and/or spinoffs that you shouldn't really worry about for now.

All that being said, it's a pretty darn good cultivation story so far and I've been enjoying it. It's worth a try, but make sure you get at least 15 chapters in before making a decision on the story. 

Arawulf, the First Daughter

The author's synopsis and note explain this story far better than I could. I definitely recommend reading that to get a sense of what to expect.

The story itself is very well written. No typos or grammar errors that I've noticed. It's primarily written from the POV of the MC, but will also show the POV of a number of supporting characters. Plot is slow developing, but there's lots of world building and character development.


This is a really good start to a litrpg fantasy story. It follows a girl from a tiny town in the boonies with a Hunter class who finds out about her heritage and sets out on an adventure to find out more. Plot-wise that's about it so far. At Chapter 13 she's just arrived in the big city. The chapters have been full of character development and world building, though.

The author has stated that they are "looking to create a fantasy world that has some logic to it and stays believable even as characters gain power and progress in levels. Classes and level quantify the people's progress, but they do not artificially inflate their power to demi-god levels." I'd say that they've been very successful at that so far. It hits the sweet spot of having a System with stats and numbers, but without making half of each chapter a spreadsheet.

Another thing I like about the story is that the MC is a normal person who has grown up in this world. Its not VR, they haven't been isekai'd or reincarnated here, just plain old "regular person living in a System world." Its refreshing.

So yeah, I'm enjoying it so far and think you will too. Give it a read!

Core Chronicles

Enjoyable modern dungeon core story

This is the story of a man who becomes the first dungeon core on present-day Earth. The dungeon begins slowly releasing Mana into the world, which causes people with the most exposure to begin to gain access to The System.

Our MC is an intelligent, thoughtful, benevolent sort. He makes wise choices about obtaining and utilizing modern materials and technology and also takes steps to reduce the lethality of his dungeon without compromising his own protection. I absolutely love his idea to have trading cards of his dungeon creatures be one of the loot drops.

The story is primarily the POV of the dungeon core, but also occasionally peeks in on the POV of other characters closely impacted by the dungeon. Its also nice to have a System in modern times story without it being a System Apocalypse.

I've really enjoyed reading this story and definitely recommend it.

Soul Blood

Enjoyable slow-moving romance

This is the story of two leaders on opposite sides of a centuries long conflict trying to find a resolution that benefits themselves. They are intellectual equals and grow to respect each other while still being passionate about their own side. 

Its pretty clear where this is going, but the story is taking it's time to get there. Its chapter 23 and we still haven't caught up to where the synopsis leaves off. Not that I mind, because those chapters are chock full of excellent world building and character development.

I have enjoyed this story so far and recommend it.

Knight and Smith

Early in the story yet, but I'm already hooked. This is hands down some of the best writing I've seen anywhere, not just on RR. We're talking better than most professional novels I've read.

Style is excellent. Like I said, professional author quality. Good details, good pacing, good everything. After reading the first big fight scene, my heart was pounding and I was full of adrenaline. The world building is slowly unfolding. We don't really know much about how magic works yet, but it's clear that we will learn about it as the MC does.

Story hasn't gone very far yet, just about barely caught up to where the synopsis leaves off. But I see lots of juicy story hooks being set up, so I'll give it 5 stars for now.

Grammar is perfect. See Style for more raving about the writing.

Characters are fascinating and have depth. Our MC has a good heart, but is flawed and is very rough around the edges. There's lots of opportunity for further character growth for both him and the others around him.

All in all, this is a fantastic read that has me desperate for more. I'm so glad that I stumbled across it today. It should hit Trending no sweat. I heartily recommend this story.

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

Litrpg that's lots of fun. I'm a sucker for the type of class the MC picks, so that gets bonus points from me.

The beginning is just okay. The "reincarnated as a baby but retaining all my memories" trope is nearly impossible to pull off well. Thankfully the author doesn't drag it out forever and uses some judicious time-skips to establish some character and world building while still getting us to the meat of the story relatively quickly. Once that gets going, the quality continues to improve with each subsequent chapter.

Style is good. First person POV of the MC. The System is logical and makes sense while having it's own unique twists over the standard litrpg system. I like it a lot.

Story starts off 'fine' and has made it to 'really good'. Like I said earlier, early childhood stuff is hard to do well, but the author does a good job of getting through it while still making it impactful to the MCs development and decisions. Nothing in the plot is revolutionary, but it's all handled well.

Grammar is great, no issues there.

Characters are pretty good. The MC can be easily distracted and impulsive, which can get a tad annoying sometimes, but that just makes her feel more real. Supporting characters are fleshed out more or less depending on how important they are to the MC

All in all, an enjoyable read that just keeps getting better. I definitely recommend.

Path of the Whisper Woman

First, this story is written extremely well and has fantastic, detailed world building. That being said, I'm not sure I enjoy it for two reasons. First, the world created, while fascinating and very detailed, is very dark. There is very little joy or happiness. The people live under the domain of the Goddess of Darkness & Death. While not evil, the goddess is not kind, gentle, or merciful. Secondly, the MC is broken, even more than other people in this world. Her family is ostracized for being healers ("too much life" in them for a people that worship the goddess of death) and her mother is incredibly verbally and emotionally abusive. This all renders our MC basically incapable of normal social and interpersonal interactions. She actively sabotages and pushes away all possible relationships with people who would care about her. While a believable depiction of what it's like to be that kind of person, it's draining and depressing to read.

So, if you want an excellently written story with tremendous dark world building, this story is for you. If you want something to make you laugh or feel good, move along.

The Rise of a Magi - Empires of Old

This fan fiction story is set in the same world as Metaworld Chronicles, though in a different part of the world than the main story. It's early yet, but the "feel" of the story is good.

Grammar is okay, but the tense jumps around. Half the time it's present tense "he straightens his tie", but the other half is some weird past/future subjunctive "he would snort at her comment".

Rebirth in a Magical World

Best fanfic I've read of anything

Hands down the best fanfic I've ever read. Avoids all the common pitfalls of the genre. Set in the HP universe, but explores a wealth of things not covered in the books. MC is not Harry Potter, or even a self insert that is his best friend. In fact, he's a couple years older and has already been at Hogwarts having his own adventures for two years before The Boy Who Lived even shows up. Even then, he's careful to not screw up the plotline too much by interacting with them a lot. This is very much the life and adventures of an entirely independent stand alone character that just happens to live in the same world and general time period as Harry Potter. Give it a read, you won't regret it!