Path of the Whisper Woman

First, this story is written extremely well and has fantastic, detailed world building. That being said, I'm not sure I enjoy it for two reasons. First, the world created, while fascinating and very detailed, is very dark. There is very little joy or happiness. The people live under the domain of the Goddess of Darkness & Death. While not evil, the goddess is not kind, gentle, or merciful. Secondly, the MC is broken, even more than other people in this world. Her family is ostracized for being healers ("too much life" in them for a people that worship the goddess of death) and her mother is incredibly verbally and emotionally abusive. This all renders our MC basically incapable of normal social and interpersonal interactions. She actively sabotages and pushes away all possible relationships with people who would care about her. While a believable depiction of what it's like to be that kind of person, it's draining and depressing to read.

So, if you want an excellently written story with tremendous dark world building, this story is for you. If you want something to make you laugh or feel good, move along.

The Rise of a Magi - Empires of Old

This fan fiction story is set in the same world as Metaworld Chronicles, though in a different part of the world than the main story. It's early yet, but the "feel" of the story is good.

Grammar is okay, but the tense jumps around. Half the time it's present tense "he straightens his tie", but the other half is some weird past/future subjunctive "he would snort at her comment".

Rebirth in a Magical World

Best fanfic I've read of anything

Hands down the best fanfic I've ever read. Avoids all the common pitfalls of the genre. Set in the HP universe, but explores a wealth of things not covered in the books. MC is not Harry Potter, or even a self insert that is his best friend. In fact, he's a couple years older and has already been at Hogwarts having his own adventures for two years before The Boy Who Lived even shows up. Even then, he's careful to not screw up the plotline too much by interacting with them a lot. This is very much the life and adventures of an entirely independent stand alone character that just happens to live in the same world and general time period as Harry Potter. Give it a read, you won't regret it!

High-Class Mob

Fun story with surprising heart

Yet another "reincarnated as a character in a story/game" story, but the best I've read of the category. The author avoids all the usual pitfalls that these types of stories run into. The MC was just a bit character, so he has more freedom to do what he wants. His "knows everything that will happen" cheat is limited by the fact that he doesn't remember everything and the realization that the more he changes the less he can predict.

What I love most is the depth of all the characters. The MC says he's just gonna live easy, but reveals himself to be a good person who genuinely cares about the people around him. He uses his cheat to help others instead of himself. The supporting characters are much more than cardboard cutouts. Several times characters that he remembers as stereotypes are revealed to have much greater depth and motivations as he gets to know them. 

Great story that I really enjoy and recommend.

Little Giant

Story can't decide what to be

Starts out as a fun romp. What's more ridiculously awesome than a little green dude driving around a suit of armor by (badly) singing pop songs? 

But then the tone drastically shifts from "fun comedy adventure" to "dark serious adventure" and it loses me. I have nothing against dark serious fantasy stories, but it's hard to take it seriously when it's not played straight from the beginning. And I really don't like it when my fun lighthearted escapism suddenly gets depressing.

Grammar is fine, characters are interesting, but I don't like where the plot is going so I'm dropping it. Still giving it 4 stars cause y'all might like it better than I did, especially being forewarned.

A God's Chosen

Early in the story, but so far so good

Pretty early in this story yet, but enjoying it so far. Looks to be a settlement-building story where his denizens are monstrous races. Pretty good start, so I'll be giving it a follow to see how it goes.

The Elements: Silver Coin Saga - Book 1

Overall, the story is your standard "village bumpkin attends the cultivation school and grows in power" type, but it is one of the most well done ones I've seen. It avoids the usual pitfalls for these types of stories quite well so far.

The cultivation system is unique and robust, allowing for lots of specialization without getting needlessly complex. 

The school actually seems to care about their students and discourages inter-personal conflict. There is the obligatory Arrogant Young Master antagonist, but he's not as cartoonishly evil as other stories.

At this point in the story they're all still learning and growing, but it's enjoyable to read. I definitely recommend.

Cinnamon Bun

The same vibe as "There Is No Epic Loot, Only Puns", except the MC isn't a dungeon core and is a little less flighty. A fun read!


First, you should watch the trailer when you have a chance. The music is quite good, suitably epic and poignant. 

This story is written in the style of Eastern epic romance. This means that there is lots of overwhelming emotion, hyperbole, and recurring themes and symbolism. Good guys are paragons of perfection and virtue while bad guys are evil and despicable. She's not just pretty, her doll-like beauty touches the hearts of all who gaze upon her. If that style of writing isn't your thing, bail out now. If you're okay with that style, you're in for an enjoyable read! This is an excellently written example of that style.

The story follows two star-crossed lovers kept apart by things like duty, honor, and the machinations of evil men. They seek to find their way through the world and back to each other as kingdoms rise and fall around them (and because of them). It's epic and moving and poignant. The illustrations scattered throughout are truly gorgeous. 

Fight scenes are not the authors strong point, and there's plenty of things that don't make perfect sense (it feels like some of these kingdoms are only a single city, and there are multiple times where an enemy army suddenly appears at the city gates with no warning) but if you skip the logic and just go with the flow ofof t feel and emotion of the story, it is a truly enjoyable read.

This is a great story that needs better visibility than it has for the quality and effort on display. I'm so glad that I finally decided to give it a try.

Fantasy World Epsilon 30-10

Fresh spin on portal fantasy. A delight!

This is a fairly new story that is interesting and enjoyable and has surprising heart. It's clear that the author has put a great deal of thought into both the world and the character interactions. The author notes at the end of each chapter give good insight to their thought process.

Some story context without being too spoilery: The multiverse is a thing, more advanced beings have discovered Earth and gifted them portal technology. Earth has, in turn, decided to explore other worlds too. Jon is a "Diver", sent to scout a newly discovered world full of fantasy characters and magic. Things happen and he finds himself pulled into the happenings of the world much more than intended.

This has got the perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy. Most of the tech is logical and theoretically possible with our understanding of science. Jon is very aware of the standard portal fantasy tropes and doesn't so much subvert them as acknowledge them while doing what he thinks is best. He's a little too dependent on pop culture references and catchphrases for my taste, but I deal with it for the rest of this fantastic story. Give it a read.