Malt the Manslayer

For a newbie, this shits good!

Considering this baby hardly even has 90 pages as of this review, I expected a lot rougher gem than what I read. Genuinely happy with how well this story has developed as normally stories this small and new are atroscious or bearable at best. 

Aside from the very well written chapters, the story actually has a plot! I know, crazy right!?!?! Normally stories suffer under the inability to select a single thing for their MC to focus on, yet this guys already got his shit somewhat together! I don't know, that just really made this already good story a great one. Hes not OP, nor is he hiding some bloodline from his ancestors, hes just a normal kid making his way in a world infested with the darker side of humans and sub-humans alike. Can't wait to read more!

[RETIRED] Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur

This mans will be Dino god one day.

We get sad news sometimes.

Sometimes Author-san gives us good news!

But again its mostly bad about our tiny god...

Start reading, the more people shaming the author for torturing our god - the less he'll do it!


Level: Zero

Alright so I have literally no fucking clue what was happening at any point in this novel, just genuinely not even the slightest idea. MC and MC heroine interaction was superb but all the others kinda fell on the short side, ahhh genuinely just not familiar enough with books where theres actual romance so I can't really say anymore. Another point against this novel is it seems to flirt between alot of different things the author wanted to do before going on to more things, leaving alot of loose ends. Its like getting introduced to something new before immediately going to do something else, never really expanding on that new thing..... Might have rated lower for this but I don't feel like a 5 star rating system is the healthiest way to see how good a novel is so i'll leave it at 4 and half. Perhaps if it were out of 10 i'd lean more towards a 9 or like 8 and half but it is what it is....

I guess I can recommend this to others just prepare to be confused on alot of stuff???

Faceless: The Monster Within

Not gonna lie, this ones a bit long winded. The author has a way of dragging out certain aspects that you wouldn't normally notice, which is certainly not a bad thing. This hyper attention to detail makes this story quite different than many others i've read, again despite being reallly long winded sometimes it was still a good read - currently at chapter 29.

Weirdly enough the fights themself aren't drawn out like in Dragon Ball, they're typically very enjoyable and well paced, it will be just some occasional emotion or hell he could be walking down the street and suddenly you're getting a mental picture of the smell of that lady bug across the city who just took a shit on some hobo - just really obscure stuff, anyways back on topic, it was still a really good read and I totally recommend it to anyone still reading this review!

Dungeon Crawler Carl Book 5: The Hunting Grounds

Simple as that, its good shit. 

Its interesting, character isnt some weak little bitch that shys away from killing for 20 chapters before having his sister brutally raped by a goblin and suddenly become edge lord king of demons, hes totally conscious of his actions and morally accepts what he does. All aorund just great story building with comedic relief where pantsless comedy is due. 

If youre still reading, stop and go read the fuckin story. Lov ya :D

Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

I will not say that this story should be the role model for every other book or novel, nor should it be used as the 'correct' way to write a story as I perhaps just said.... Each book needs a uniqueness that draws readers in and keeps them from every forgetting the amazing things the author created in their own little world, and Spoon has accomplished this many times over.

I was genuinely suprised and glad I gave this book the chance it deserves as the title can be a bit misleading (usually I see longer titles and sigh as its almost 100% of the time a wish fulfillment or some other fantasy that disreguards any language and instead just tries to fit as many overpowered powers into one character as the author can). If you're this far into the reviews and you still haven't decided whether or not to give this baby a chance, I highly recommend you do. 

PS: If chinese cultivation isn't your thing thats totally fine as AYMTAV totally broadens this genre in an amazing way "In my opinion", you totally won't regret it!!! :D

Exterminator Dungeon

Amazin, es goood, and es better than you.

Love this puppy, then again I love all DC novels so it might just be my disposition for insanely overpowered MCs. Has an interesting take on many things that I either hadn't seen before or was used terribly that Adster actually managed to make work. Really recommend if you like dominating EVERYTHING!

Read if youre not a dweeb and actually have a life.


A mans that don't cheat!

Yea I love this guy. Honestly a blessing onto this world which they will forever be grateful for once the wacky shit crawling in the night stops tormenting him. Really interesting take on combining LitRPG with a bit of eastern reading. 

Read if you're not a dweeb and actually have a life.

Slime and Punishment

Loving the story so far. The MC is doing his own thing and all the while having fun wherever he can even if its at someone else's expense. He's good guy though, suprisingly his morals are still intact.

Anyways, don't wanna say too much and spoil the fun of this corrosive boi. Read if you're not a dweeb and actually have a life.


Rain down in Africa!!!

Yea that title was misleading, Rains not going to Africa.

Will say that this is an absolutely wonderful story, 10/10 would read again if my mind would allow it! Love the direction its heading and despite its slow pace at times, I thoroughly enjoy Rains slough through daily challenges in the mind of a calc professor!