Returning to No Applause, Only More of the Same

Absolutey amazing. Really couldn't recommend this anymore than a 5 star rating can. The read was incredibly enjoyable and the characters posses depth and feelings that are missing in many other stories. Would love to see some romance for our poor boy Kreig, but as it stands, the story is heading in a great direction.

Apocalypse: Generic System

By now if you havent read one of Macro's litRPGs then you must either be new to RR or have never read this genre before. Its the same old same old, once again Macro is a genius and made more cool magic systems that somehow work out super well and his skill with characters has only improved since his first story. 100/10 you should definitely give this story a read.

Return of the Tower Conqueror

Story is very interesting, theres nothing driving it- no sense of urgency, no world ending calamity is decending to ruin the cosmos, its literally just a tower climbing story. To me this is incredible because usually stories like this fall flat around chapter 6~7, but this baby somehow gets you hooked until the end. Its an amazing story, the LitRPG elements are refreshing and not the same over used smut, and over all the character development is phenomenal. If you havent already been persuaded by this story reaching #1 on trending then Id definitely recommend giving it a read.

The Immortal Mutant Teen

I like the concept of this novel, the best parts have been as the author blends the MC into the history of the world, explaining how his influence affected the state of the world and how hes gotten as strong as he has. To be honest, despite being called OP, I still don't think the MC is as strong as he should be considering how long he's lived but maybe thats my overestimation on how useful extra time is, it probably plateaus after a certain amount. Anyways, if the description hadn't already warned you away that this was an OP harem story, then ill say it definitely is. Even if those things arent your cup of tea, this is still worth a read.

Cannon Fodder - A LitRPG Story

I think what I've loved the most in this series so far is the growth our MC gets as the story progresses. Most novels prolong the cowardly MC long enough that I hate the story even if its good, but our MC manages to really toughen up through his life and death struggles. Even better, he isnt spontaneously a badass marine version of doom, he still has his nerdy cowardly tendencies in some moments which show that he still has room for growth. 

Aside from the awesome MC development, the story is pretty interesting- its not too heavy on LitRPG elements, but it still has enough to give it the system spice alot of LitRPGs have.


Good spin on the normal time traveling theme alot of novels seem to try their hand at - except i'd say this is one of the more realistic ones of the many i've read. The character isn't OP because he's a time travelor, hes just stronger than your average joe, maybe even among the strongest in the world at the start simply from his countless life and death experiances. But aside from that and his knowledge on working the system, he's got no solid advantages. 

I hate how so many time traveling novels have their character chase after all the 'godly artifacts' as soon as they go back in time because in the previous time line the holders of those artifacts blabbed about where they got them and exactly when???? Or how the travelor immediately knows what to do and how to achieve victory, like god damn did you know this was gonna happen from the beginning? While I would say Frank lets his internal debates on what ever the hell to do drag on for a bit longer than neccessary, I feel its a better alternative to him knowing the answers to every problem from the get go. Plus he was basically labotomized after he got sent back but I think this is all im gonna spoil and the rest you'll just have to read for yourself. 

Great novel, loving the progress so far, cant wait for more!

Earths Eulogy

Dont normally go for this genre so I may not have anything else to really compare it to, but from what i've read - its good. As the bio said there are things in here that are sketchy/different from our norm but its not as bad as it couldve been. I find the only thing I still question is the lack of curiosity the natives show towards the time travelor's knowledge. Even this is a feeble complaint when you consider these are people who believe magic is involved in anything remotely advanced.


Give it a try, the worst that can happen is you realizing this genre isnt for you....

Monster Buffet

I like how it doesnt drag out unnecessary parts..... It gets simple things done simply, is probably the best way I can describe this novel without giving any details away. While not entirely unique, it also emplores concepts I dont usually find in novels, atleast not in ones that are still surviving to this day so I am eagerly awaiting Damon's adventures!

Giant Eater (LITRPG)

Really slow for an LitRPG but it has fantastic descriptive elements for what the characters are seeing. Characters are fleshed out and can elicite emotion from you so thats also a plus. I can't see anything wrong with this story, even the grammer is on point so I recommend it 100%.

Summoner's Journey

MC isnt the other worlder for once?!?!!?

Really like this one.

Figured once our weird islander friend met the man who fell from the sky, that the sky man would be our new perspective and future MC... BUT NOPE! Author manages to completely keep us in line with island boy and everything is great! You can tell i'm struggling not to tell you everything but that would be spoiling and I cant do that so if a story about an other world traveling companion sounds neat, then you should totally read this puppy!