Returning to No Applause, Only More of the Same

Returning to No Applause, (...)
by Palt
560 pages

Kreig was summoned to the other world 130 years ago, the last 30 of which were spent in a constant, vengeful war against any army that would attempt to subjugate him. Once he returned, he found out that only 10 years had passed.

He was given the title of War of the North but he never even knew about it. After all, nobody could get close enough to tell it to him. 

But that all changes one day when a portal opens, allowing Kreig and a small band of soldiers to enter one of many portals that leads to Earth. As it turns out these portals have been opening ever since he was summoned, giving the people of Earth abilities that the world he was summoned to only used to have. But now... now, he has returned. Longing for his former life of peace and understanding, he allows authorities to capture him on the spot, only to be faced with deeply personal questions, such as "who are you?" "what have you been doing for the past 10 years?" and "why is your level so high?"


...Have you ever read a story where the main guy who got isekai'd returns to Earth. Say, for example, FFF-class trashhero or the necromancer of Seoul station? Say, what if the authorities actually became aware what kind of monster had returned to Earth?

What if they actually tried to use them for something?

Kreig's been in the other world for 130 years, has experienced three great wars, and he isn't okay. Mentally speaking, that is. He's been imprisoned, gained and lost comrades, been betrayed... The whole lot. By now, all he wants is to put it all behind him, something the world doesn't seem to want to let him. 

(Irregular updates, mostly written for fun, no strong planning)

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Borne of Caution

Borne of Caution
by Fuggmann
846 pages

An irritated Pokemon might tell you to stop what you're doing. An irritated animal will probably just attack you. Pokemon, for all their power, would be open books and a breeze to care for to any competent animal handler on Earth. After a fiery death, a professional zookeeper who never outgrew Pokemon games ends up in the world of Pokemon. The entire world is thrown onto its side.

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Perspective is Ki (Saiyan, Young Justice, OC)

Perspective is Ki (Saiyan, (...)
by Elbowsnapper
342 pages

Aiden Neve, a CEO of a construction company wakes up inside an Attack Ball that is headed on a course straight back to earth, and it only gets stranger from there. Updates every Friday.

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Apocalypse: Generic System

Apocalypse: Generic System (...)
by Macronomicon
67 pages

Jeb Trapper tried to kill himself. The gun jammed.

Two months later the vet is participating in underground trials of ecstacy to treat his PTSD.

Everything seemed to be going great until...


 >>>The System has Been Installed<<<

Now he's got to choose the difficulty of his tutorial.

Just one problem.

He's high as a kite, and nothing seems Impossible.


A:GS book one is up and running on Amazon!

Book 2!
Book 3!


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Return of the Tower Conqueror

Return of the Tower Conqueror (...)
by theReamedOne
1.8k pages

August 8th, 2026 -- the day seven mysterious Towers appeared around the Earth, changing the life on it forever. Cain had already lived through it once, experienced the irreversible changes that the world underwent seemingly overnight. Now, for him it is twenty-five years later, while for others it is still three months before the Towers are to appear. Having stolen the Timecube and used it to reverse back the timeline, Cain is now back before it all began -- with the sole difference of already knowing what will happen.

Nobody had managed to discover the mystery behind the Towers even twenty-five years after their appearance, but with the fresh start and advantage, Cain plans to unearth the story behind them, and whoever, or whatever, put them on Earth.

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Cannon Fodder - A LitRPG Story

Cannon Fodder - A LitRPG (...)
by Nole Moody
298 pages

Not even alien scum can take down a squad of US Marines!

When his dad died, Kerry Peters did the one thing he knew would have made his father proud. He signed up for the Marines. After barely making it through basic training and four days after deployment, he wasn’’t confident he’’d survive his first tour.

As a bookworm, he wasn’’t considered a real soldier and most definitely not a hero.

Fate, however, has had other plans for Fire Team One, and when the squad wakes woke up alone in camp alone, the fight is was no longer against the Vietcong … but against creatures from other worlds entirely.

This is a fairly smooth LitRPG story - so will incorporate aspects of RPG and gaming in the writing. The LitRPG side of things is most visible from Chapter 7 onwards.

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Doom Guy Isekai

Doom Guy Isekai
by Angry Spider
262 pages

A very familiar soldier, used to battling the 'endless' hordes of Hell, is eventually overrun and dies.

But his war isn't over yet.

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The Immortal Mutant Teen

The Immortal Mutant Teen (...)
by AinzOolGown0601
517 pages

100,000 years ago, a meteorite crashed into Earth, granting a 17-year-old caveman the power humans have craved for millenniums, immortality. Though originally a savage and cruel caveman, millenniums have let Acheron refine himself and surpass the epitome of Humanity,  basically, a god on Earth. With his power, he mastered all forms of combat, every language, all the arts, and much more. He sometimes helped create empires, sometimes built empires, sometimes destroyed empires, at times, even his own. Today, mutants with superpowers walk among the public, it is kept a secret by the governments throughout the world, and events pertaining to them are covered up but doesn't stop Acheron from interfering with their plans.

2 months ago, his oldest adopted daughter passed away, she was 96 years old. Though he cherishes all the children in his family, she was without a doubt, one of his favorites. 

"Her last wish was for me to have a normal life but what do children do in this era?" Acheron asks one of his adopted sisters. "They go to school, Lord Acheron," she says. "School? Right!... Will it be entertaining?" he asks, "It would at the very least be a new experience" she replies. "Make it happen!" he orders. " Yes! I will do it immediately, Lord Acheron" she says.
He, who was there when the first Homo Sapiens migrated out of Africa and existed way before the wheel was created, will let nothing interfere with his daughter's last wish and will slaughter anyone that stands in his way.

P.S this is not a Marvel or DC fanfic

I am the original author. 

(Cover photo was taken from Google)

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Ultimate Cultivation Support

Ultimate Cultivation (...)
by spaizzzer
163 pages

Their old world had fallen. The Devourer had won. 

In a last ditch effort to prevent others from destruction, a group of cultivation masters combined their souls, and sent them across the stars.

This story follows the journey of Mingwei, inheritor of their soul, will and memories. He will use their mastery of cultivation alchemy, forging-itemmaking, rituals and formations, and prevent his new world from falling.

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by LeeSinToYourHeart
566 pages

The apocalypse was not kind to humanity. The survivors of the system's arrival banded together as they could, but the harshness of the new reality they faced whittled away at their numbers. A decade later, only a few humans remained, holed up in the last stronghold left. Frank was one of them, his survival as much luck as it was ability. As the final assault broke through their defenses, he felt the end approach. He accepted his death, only to wake up at the beginning. Can he change his fate? The fate of his species?

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Earths Eulogy

Earths Eulogy
by CJ Fielding
45 pages

                 In July 2057, all life on Earth was wiped out by thousands of meteor strikes. Two men survived because they happened to be in the seed vault on Svalbard Island. An alien from a civilization far more advanced than our own sends them back in time to AD 70 with all the supplies that could be found in the seed vault. Will they be able to change the timeline enough that humanity can survive the extinction event of 2057.

Books 1,2, 3, and 4 are now avalable on Kindle Unlimited, as the story is now at book 5

                Please note this story does not whitewash history. The Empires of AD 70 did things that would be called ruthless by our times. Things that we would consider war crimes were considered honorable. Superstitions that would horrify us today were commonly practiced. Things like child marriage were not just practiced, but for much of the world was expected. If these things bother you, then you know how the main characters in this story will feel.

You can find book 1 here     https://www.amazon.com/Earths-Eulogy-New-Timeline-Book-ebook/dp/B08BBQBZ5L/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=earths+eulogy&qid=1629387540&sr=8-1

Book 2 can be found here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08G1WZRHV?ref_=dbs_m_mng_rwt_calw_tkin_1&storeType=ebooks&qid=1629387540&sr=8-1

Book 3 here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08S3X9MC9?ref_=dbs_m_mng_rwt_calw_tkin_2&storeType=ebooks&qid=1629387540&sr=8-1

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Giant Eater (LITRPG)

Giant Eater (LITRPG)
by Sig Kusanagi
232 pages

A father and son get revenge by killing the Giant that devoured their family. But this unlocks something otherwise unknown to them at the time: Adventure Classes.

Now joining up with the ranks of the Heroes in the world, their realm gets a whole lot bigger, including the stakes. 

Leaving their simple life in the woods behind, they become the Giant Slayer and Giant Eater, two extremely rare classes that will be the key to toppling the monolith evil that plagues the land.

With these new powers and responsibilities come consequences, and both father and son's burdens become heavy when they realize exactly what it is they've stumbled onto.


 This is a LitRPG set in another world. There is no Isekai or VR.

This story switches POV's.

Chapters updated several times per week (typically four or five.)

This story is also available on Scribble Hub.

Higher Quality version of the cover: https://imgur.com/a/5ljBiew

Kingdom of Cygnus map: https://imgur.com/a/5ty6BqG

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