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Bio: I was born in a room in a time long gone. Raised by wolves is what I would like to say, but it was a rather more boring upbringing, just my father and brother. Soon a step mother and three sisters were added, thus my torture began. From there I just ventured forth into the world and sought my fortune.

At first that fortune was elusive. It led me to college on a scholarship that I eventually squandered away after three semesters. With choices limited I joined the military to seek adventure across the world. I did not find that, instead I found a desk to type at and a failed marriage. School beckoned me once again though and I did manage to finish what I failed to do before entering the service. With two degrees in hand I returned home to continue the search for my fortune.

After a couple of years of dead end jobs and other jobs that made the military seem easy, I went back to the world of orders and salutes to satiate my need for gainful employment. My timing could not have been better either. The fall of 2001 was when I decided to go back and I was needed, to do more typing. Then my chance to shine came when we departed for Iraq. I was decidedly the best typer on that trip.

Now I was married again to my future ex-wife #2, and had a clone in tow, so I decided to try something else. And by that I mean change jobs in the service. So they made me infantry. It was a whole new world, no more typing for me, I would be out in front doing the good work. So they put me in charge of a bunch of people and I got to arrange training, personnel files and much more, in other words, more typing. At least this time I actually got to go and see other parts of the world. It was not my total dream, but part of it.

That dream though seemed to include more beaches and fancy drinks. Going to foreign lands where people liked to shoot at you was not part of my dream. Then again I did not have everything down in detail, and like they say, be careful what you wish for. So while in the cradle of civilization I sought to learn more and started my first graduate degree in Education. I thought maybe if I learned to educate I could teach myself how stupid I was.

After my journeys to exotic locales I left the service, this time for good I would not be fooled again, and finished my next degree. At this time I found myself a bit uneasy about certain things I had been through while in the land of plenty and sought out help for these feelings. Our resident representatives of the government were less then helpful in this regard so I had to go on my own.

This meant getting another piece of paper in a field that I could use to help myself, so I choose another graduate degree in Psychology. This one was fun and revealing. By the end of it I had found actual help and was on the road to wellness, or as close as I could figure. It was also the time at which my future ex-wife decided to wander off the farm. So with that in mind, I grabbed the small version of me, loaded up my car and yet again ventured forth to see if this fortune thing was actually out there. I ended back where I started, in Michigan. I thought a while, I decided I like to write, so why not go back to school for that.
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