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It's been 10 years (in real time) and 40 years in game time since [Tarros] launched. [Tarros] is a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (VRMMORPG) developed by [ Genesis Corporation ], the leading company in the gaming industry.But what will you do IF the biggest and the hardest virtual reality game ever created in the history of mankind reveals an unbearable truth to you and the entire mankind?

Author's note: Author? I'm not an author. I'm just casually writing a story with my tiny hands. Read the story if you want, disregard if you don't prefer it.

Satisfaction will always plague us down.

We will never feel satisfied in this world.

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Kage System

Kage System
62 pages

[System Initializing]


[Looking for a suitable candidate]

[Candidate found! Candidate found]

[System Overhaul!]

[Integrating System]

[Integrating System Status: 1%]

[Integrating System Status: 2%]

[Integrating Fail!]


[Initializing Integration Program]

[Integrating System Status: 4%]

[Integrating System Status: 12%]


[Integrating System Status: 98%]

[Integrating System Status: 100%]

[System Integration Completed!]

[System is now barely functional]

[Host can now use the System!]

[Congratulation! The host receive 1x Beginner's Box Random System! ]

Zheng woke up by the continual noise of the voice. "Huh? what is this System thing?"

*****************Special Announcements*****************

Schedule Release: Probably 2 or more chapters per week.

Question #1: Why so little chapters?
Answer #1: I only have 2-3 hours worth of writing time per day.

Question #2: Will you drop this novel?
Answer #2: Of course NOT. Not to my knowledge.

Question #3: Your grammar sucks! Why?
Answer #3: English is my third language meaning, I'm not a native English speaker. If you want, you can help me edit my mistakes. :D (free of course)

I'm happy to hear your thoughts so leave some comments and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading, I see you around.


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I was Reincarnated as Bai

I was Reincarnated as Bai
9 pages

The young boy opened his eyes, what he saw was something that he never expected. 

He was sitting on a chair in the middle of the dark room. And in front of him was a computer monitor. 

"What is this?" The boys uttered as his dark eyes opened wide. 

"A script?" The young boy even surprised at what is displayed on the computer screen. 

"The author of { Legend of the Perfect Emperors }." The young boy narrowed his eyes and read what he saw. 

"I'm Bai. The best author in the world. No one can criticize me or fool me. I'm perfect."

Spoiler: Spoiler
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