1. Re: Problem with tables

      Now it worked, but the table got fat, lol: I'll be honest with you, I don't see me doing this everytime there is a table involved. Thank you for you help and patience (...)

    2. Re: Problem with tables

      I’m having some problems with the tables here on RR. The two things that bother me the most right now are the table spacing between paragraphs and the words position within the cell (see the image below). (...)

    3. Re: Bad Review – Am I being Paranoid?

      I recently got another low scored review (1.5, what’s new right?) to my fiction. The main gripe of the reader was that the synopsis had mislead him, making him think the story was about something else. (...)

    4. Re: Grammar & Flow

      Wow, thanks so much for these in-depth answers, the compliments and the encouragement! It means a lot.   == Venior == Experience, experience, and more experience. Oh, and with an extra side of more (...)

    5. Re: Grammar & Flow

      My fiction just received its first review, a 2/5, and it stings to be honest. The reviewer makes good arguments, part of them subjective and part of them objective. I would like to focus on the latter, (...)

    6. Re: Litrpg tag definition

      No, it doesn’t need to be litrpg. I guess I just misinterpreted what litrpg meant altogether. My story is just a fantasy/adventure then. Thanks for clarifying.

    7. Re: Litrpg tag definition

      Some of my readers asked why my story had the litrpg tag and that made me question the definition of litrpg. Litrpg, to me, meant a story with rpg-like features or setting. I played a lot of table-top (...)

    8. Re: Sanctuary – A Fantasy Adventure

      Tags: | Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Tragedy | Female Lead | LitRPG | Magic | Male Lead | Multiple Lead Characters | Strong Lead | Supernatural | Warning: There is mature content, which includes foul (...)

    9. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Go ahead, take your time and return whenever you need to. For now I'll just look at your current description, but honestly, it looks pretty good to me. Old Rudi is a small child who lives in a plateau (...)

    10. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Hello, could you do mine as well? It’s here: I wish there was something like this thread for creating descriptions too, I’m kind of bad at it. In the (...)