1. Re: How to write a novel like Primal Hunter

      Anyway, Zoghart will probably will have a good chuckle at how we analyse his work bit too much. If I remember correctly, he said that he wrote this as hobby that happen to work out (those bloody english (...)

    2. Re: How to grow your patreon

      Hey, just want to drop in and confirm that it does indeed work brilliantly (he linked me his 413 page dissertation outlining the complete strategy).

    3. Re: Authors should be able to publicly respond to reviews like in Yelp

      "Just report it, surely the mods will delete it."   :DrakanLaugh: Peak RR Forum cluelessness. To RR's credit, reviews actually get deleted. Unlike Amazon... Amazon has an approval system for reviews, (...)

    4. Re: Authors should be able to publicly respond to reviews like in Yelp

      I mean, authors could just lie? Like, I get where you're coming from. That's probably part of why people can like/dislike reviews and they're automatically sorted by that ratio. And for objectively (...)

    5. Re: Does small Typos can flop an great idea?

      No, not really. Most popular stories are very imperfect due to a plethory of reasons, not limited to producing 5 or so chapters a week at minimum, just leading to some mistakes here and there. Rather than (...)

    6. Re: Am I the bad guy?

      Imma be honest, first time ever hearing the term. I guess you can just write it down to one of the words we as a society filter out of our vocabulary. I am sure that in a few decades most our books will (...)

    7. Re: ¿is the role of luck underplayed?

      I don't think I have ever talked to any large author from RR who doesn't agree luck is a major factor, if not the biggest factor. However, one must also realize that recognizing luck as the biggest factor (...)

    8. Re: Running your story like the business it is.

      When should you look into anything about copyrighting your work, and how should you go about it when you are ready for that step, or is this not an issue and is handled around the time you move over (...)

    9. Re: Advice is advice, not a fixed set of rules. Also, big authors aren't out to get you. Shocking, I know.

      1.) Giving bad/low quality advice is not what I would consider sabotage. anyone thats been writing knows to be careful with advice. Sabotaging would be intentionally sending readers to attack other (...)

    10. Re: Is it possible for non-LitRPG stories to do well on RR?

      I fucking tried to disprove this point by writing a shameless power fantasy LitRPG after playing too much Skyrim, certain I would get smitten down by actual quality fiction and compelling stories. Yet (...)

    11. Re: What kind of LitRPG reader are you?

      The Alpha Reader: Numbers only go up after the system is fully introduced and fleshed out with a detailed explanation of why each individual number goes up. The Beta Reader: Numbers don't go up. (...)

    12. Re: What is your least favorite word as a writer or reader?

      The N-word is definitely up there. What books use that? Can't recall any, but that just proves my point that many others don't like it either :p

    13. Re: Where do your ideas come from?

      A small goblin living beneath the floorboards called Phil.

    14. Re: To you what would make a god a god to you?

      It that's what it says on your status screen of course.

    15. Re: Your opinions about book covers

      Dunno tbh, but I think my new one is damn rad.

    16. Re: "I" Before "E," the Lie Before Me

      This is why we have spellcheckers.

    17. Re: Is it a good idea to use the notes from the author to remind people of patreon and the availability of adv(...)

      Making people aware they can support you financially and what they get for doing so is not greedy, but just silly not to.

    18. Re: Do you think it's a waste of time trying to get your audience to follow you on social media and other such(...)

      Discord is also a huge resource to utilize and nicely works together with Patreon and RR.