1. Re: Supervillain School

      So, i plan to make a story based in a superhero world with certain individuals having superpowers, some having an unnatural intelligence, and deciding to dress up in costumes for various of reasons. You (...)

    2. Re: Making Weak Skills Broken!

      Okay, So I intend to eventually make a story where the protagonist's limits are broken at the start of it but the thing is, he can only use weak general skills! Obscure and weird skills like: (...)

    3. Re: Measuring strength help

      The setting is basically dungeon invasion plot where the whole has been overrun with dungeon portals filled with monsters of fiction and certain human beings have been given the power to combat against (...)

    4. Re: Measuring strength help

      So i'm planning on making a story where the fighters of this planet can be ranked from F rank all the way to SSS rank. What i want to know is there an easy way of figuring out how strong each rank should (...)

    5. Re: Alchemist and Apothecaries brewing techniques

      Okay how the hell do alchemist and apothecaries make shit into potions? Like in a fantasy setting or fictional setting. I don't know the exact steps, all i know is that nature or magical ingredients are (...)

    6. Re: Monster Story help

      I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but I'll ask anyway. So i'm looking to make a story about a monster. Pretty simple enough right? Not for me. I'm having trouble thinking of arcs (...)