1. Re: Meme Culture as Comedy in Fictions

      Memes only last for so long. A year or so from now, they will be as amusing as being stoned to death.

    2. Re: Not Overpowered Main Character Story

      Wuxia, xianxia and xuanhuan by definition is about an OP protagonist. If the protagonist isn't OP, or doesn't become OP (the goal of such stories), then the story isn't any of the three. It is like asking (...)

    3. Re: "Borrowing" or using story elements from other novels

      With that acknowledgement, I'm wondering at what point it goes from borrowing to straight up ripping off. The answer is none. You already have an inkling of this. Nothing is truly original and everything (...)

    4. Re: First draft or more polished?

      If you have a rather refined draft (typically when the author does meticulous pre-writing work) and what it needs is just minor revision and editing . . . maybe. However, typical drafts are meant to (...)

    5. Re: dungeon stories problems and possible solutions

      Well, people with a strong will to survive will even kill their babies if that meant to survive a little longer. You don't need to overthink it, some people value their lives more than their moral and (...)

    6. Re: dungeon stories problems and possible solutions

      Like @Ashkari said. A lot of people make the dungeon a goody two shoes that has a harem (althouth they don't have a body and no sexual drive) that wants mana/money without killing anyone (or only the (...)

    7. Re: Why are Isekai's and LitRPGs so popular?

      Isekai has already been popular for a very long time. Chronicles of Narnia, for example, is Isekai essentially. A lot of Children Literature are Isekai: Alice in Wonderland, The Phantom Tollbooth, The (...)

    8. Re: Publishing a Story that I have published from other sites - Yay or Nay?

      You need to read the terms and regulations of the sites. Each site do it differently. RR is okay with publishing stories you published in other sites, as long as it is yours, but other sites might not (...)

    9. Re: Review as of chapter [xx] mantatory input

      i feel like some people are making this an emotional argument i like information  it is everything if you give a review and the review is "it's shit" i want to know what chapter u are talking about (...)

    10. Re: What's your favorite under-represented genre?

      For me HTADODB is funny because its a deconstruction of the genre, but not everyone like the same things. But yes i agree, the comedy tag is not well used Deconstruction doesn't mean funny. Puella Magi (...)

    11. Re: One big work of fiction or multiple smaller works?

      Based on my personal experience, readers on RRL want everything on one thread. I wrote 'The Dungeon Hive' which is a trilogy and I split them up in 3 on RRL. The first volume had great views, so good that (...)

    12. Re: One big work of fiction or multiple smaller works?

      Oh, sure, I don't think it's a "problem", it's just a matter of reader expectations, sometimes you might lose people if you don't stick with a set cast. But, you know, some authors can keep cranking out (...)

    13. Re: One big work of fiction or multiple smaller works?

      People do tend to get attached to the cast they start off with, and want to see their continuing adventures, instead of always shifting around. I don't really see this as a problem. That is just an (...)

    14. Re: The Power of the Unbookmark Button

      I don't follow that many stories so this don't happen to me. Though there are stories that I would lost interest in and unbookmark. I generally don't miss them.

    15. Re: One big work of fiction or multiple smaller works?

      It might be better to package the stories as an anthology so that all of the stories would be together, or put an author's note that you wrote other stories that happens in the same universe/setting for (...)

    16. Re: What's your favorite under-represented genre?

      For the superhero story i agree, but I've seen some story that take place in an original superhero universe but does not really focus on the superhero part. Still qualifies as superhero stories, but (...)

    17. Re: What's your favorite under-represented genre?

      I'm sorry, but have you been here long? Have you heard any of these names? Not All Heroes. Inheritors. Legion of Nothing. Super! The Lightning brigade. Touch.  Graven. Super Minion. The Oscillation. (...)

    18. Re: What's your favorite under-represented genre?

      Non-fanfic Superhero Stories - Okay, there are lots of overpowered MCs but there are very few here that can be considered as a real superhero fiction. The more real superhero fiction you will find are (...)

    19. Re: Looking for guidance of Blurb writing.

      Agree with Hierophant. The blurb still vague and hides details. In my part: Unique ecosystem. Unique in what way? Joshua has visited a number of planets right? What makes this specific planet unique (...)

    20. Re: Why it is hard to gain feedback at the start?

      Oof, my first chapter is a few months old and I picked up the story only two months ago, there is(probably) a big difference in quality. Well, unlucky me. I'll just keep writing and await for some saintly (...)