1. Re: Love, Fantasies, and Lust. Society or Ingrained since childhood?

      Well, many women find alpha men attractive. Though, we don't evaluate our prospective mates on a single criteria alone. It is much much more complex. Sure, if you criteria is "watching porn" then there (...)

    2. Re: My cover's Progress

      I don't think Markious is the one who draws that one. It also seems to be traditional watercolor drawing than Markous digital drawings.

    3. Re: My cover's Progress

      The technique is pretty good. The coloring, shading, line art, etc. is done well. But it does have some problems. The composition is kinda boring. There is lots of blank space that doesn't improve (...)

    4. Re: New author here, can anyone help correct my synopsis? I want to it make more interesting.

      Blurb. Not Synopsis! Blurb! Arrrgh. Remember: A synopsis summarizes the story. A blurb teases the story. (kidding. But it's important. Blurb. Definitively not synopsis) Yeah. These terms have always (...)

    5. Re: New author here, can anyone help correct my synopsis? I want to it make more interesting.

      I suggest you remove everything about the prophecy. It adds pretty much nothing.

    6. Re: Do I have to pander with my cover?

      I say, yes, sort of. From what I can see, your story is kinda into the sexual stuff so a sexually suggestive cover works. This is not for the prudes. Though, you have to be careful. There is a difference (...)

    7. Re: Trending Fictions

      I strongly disagree with this advice. Never try to imitate something for popularity. Simply put when you look at a trend it can be easy to misunderstand what that trend is at it's core and why it is popular. (...)

    8. Re: Signs a story is going to be bad.

      I tend to disagree with Prologues. A Prologue isn't a sign of a story being bad. There's two cases where you want to use a prologue. The first is if you use a book-format rather than an open-ended (...)

    9. Re: Using a weapon in clever ways.

      Hmm . . . -You can use it to inject poisons. Something like a hollow needle with the poison inside, make it enter the bloodstream and release its load. -Razor Floss. Wires can be used to cut and (...)

    10. Re: Signs a story is going to be bad.

      Hmm . . . Many have put up great pointers. Here are some of mine: Premise that doesn't have much potential as a novel. Those kind of premise that make you ask, how can you make a 300+ chapters out (...)

    11. Re: Trending Fictions

      Eh. I completely ignore trending. By its very name, it tends to showcase fics that contains trendy materials like LitRPG, Reincarnation, Adventure/Fantasy combo, Overpowered protagonist, etc. I think, (...)

    12. Re: How to increase the pace?

      The reason might not be because of pacing. If people are just not commenting, then, it might be because nothing is worth talking about. Like, if they are supposed to comment on your chapter, what is (...)

    13. Re: How to best write discussions with a lot of participants?

      First, in such discussion, where lots of people come together, it is rare that all of them will talk. Only a few would actually do the discussion and others would give support, agree, react, etc. This (...)

    14. Re: Can anybody recommend good editing software?

      Well, you have dyslexia. I don't think an editing software is going to help you with that because it would still be difficult to read. A common advice is to use fonts designed for the dyslexic so that (...)

    15. Re: Grammar Vs. Plot

      My answer, both are equally important. The plot is what makes it a story, grammar makes the writing understandable. What is the point of a great plot if you can't even understand what is written, and what (...)

    16. Re: Do I have a world building problem?

      Okay, you two! This is not the best place to express differences of opinion. This is a forum. It is a place to express opinions. World-building is not about fantasy, it is about author-preparation! (...)

    17. Re: Xianxia: What do you dislike about it?

      TBH, that is quite literally the case behind almost every single work of fiction ever. The names change, plots are shifted slightly; but when it really comes down to it, most fictions have their basis (...)

    18. Re: Book cover problems

      Well, are you going to sell your book and use this as the cover? If so, even if you put the "I do not own this stuff" disclaimer you still going to have problems. You have to ask for permission from the (...)

    19. Re: Xianxia: What do you dislike about it?

      These Xianxia novels we find are practically dime novels, quickly written with very little quality. The problem generally is not because of the genre but the sources of these stories. They are webnovels. (...)

    20. Re: Pixel art

      I like pixel art. I just see it as another style and medium. How I feel about a certain work depends really on what is done in the work than what medium is used for the work.