DCO- Dungeon Core Online

The novel is a nice escape from the mundane dungeon novel genre, it has its fair amount of humor and some of the jokes are well placed, others not so much, but they make do. Non the less if you enjoy laughing at memes, then you will most likely enjoy this.


The novel is about the story of a boy and his digital pixie, building a dungeon for laughs, a random dungeon with wacky monsters, each floor crazier than the previous one. And there is a lot of building involved.


Following are the things that I personally didn't like and some might not like about the novel.

-Although I don't care about grammar and words in weird places, from experience I know that some hate it.

-I don't like math much and the novel writer seems to hate it just as much.

-The storyline moves on helping wheels, because Logic is something absent from this novel. This is the main problem with the novel up to this point. It's as if the writer tries real hard to give a reason for everything that is happening, to fill up this hole, only to make it even wider, it's like feeding a black hole with whatever you have. I know that writing is tedious and at times hard and I really like the novel, but I won't lie to you, if you wish for logical actions and conclusions, this novel is not for you. I won't go into spoilers just be warned.


Dungeon Engineer

By all means it's not bad, It's a different on take on the dungeon core genre, where the protagonist is thrown into a world of magic alone to discover his full potential as a dungeon core.


What follow are some spoilers and the review of the whole novel so far till chapter 40.


The protagonist is supposed to be an "engineer" as he calls himself, and he creates his little ant farm dungeon. On top of his dungeon he can see what is going on and maybe that's the most exciting parts of the story, what others do,  because the rest is simply him building his dungeon and learning magic.


What follow are my points of view on the story, some points that many people  might not like, just disregard them if you loved the story too much to listen to other people's opinions


There are many problems that might cause people to dislike this novel. It has too much technical stuff, most of which might or might not be correct.  My  greatest problem is however the protagonist of the story himself.

The protagonist builds himself as the face of righteousness, you will however soon enough find lots of problems with his statements. He dislikes slavery and yet all his minions are no different than slaves, I haven't seen him paying them anything or rewarding them or even thanking them. He dislikes killing others, and yet he has no qualms with killing animals and even his own minions in the name of science. He steals, no "burrows" stuff without a care in the world, thinking that it wouldn't be traced back to him, which miraculously doesn't happen, although his existence is almost general knowledge at that point.

In general, I find his actions conflicting with his goals, of living peacefully. He's simply digging his own grave at this point.

Another point is that instead of going for obvious choices, he tries to impress the readers with his knowledge. Instead of building rail carts in a cave, lets build wagons, instead of building a pulley lets build an elevator with cogs.

I don't understand which century he comes from, but I highly doubt that in the future they will even remember how cogs work, digital technology is already king. The most however criminal for me thing is that he didn't even bother to try and generate electricity or build a gun.

Although I don't know how strong magic shields are supposed to be, but an engineer that can't build a gun is not an engineer and if he needs black powder, there was a whole volcanic explosion, don't go asking where to find sulfur, as for salt and pepper, I don't want to dwell in it, in truth he could simply create an air gun.

I can understand his fascination with magic to a point and I appreciate that the writer tries to build the world and I know how fascinating building your own world can be. Problem is that I find the building of a new tunnel boring, at some point I found myself skipping parts of the story, because I don't really care if he digs deeper, unless he finds a Balrog at the end of tunnel. Which won't happen because he's digging into different dimensions.

I have even stopped caring after all the technical stuff and explanations of explanations. All I see is the protagonist just wants to sell construction materials and become rich, everyone accepts him, because reasons and truthfully he's not the nicest guy to be associated with.

Seriously if a monster telepathically communicated with you and told you that it will help you make money, would you readily accept?

Okay maybe he found the greediest merchant there exists and then the greedy merchant begins giving him free stuff and help. I think you see the problem here, all people in the story other than the Protagonist are just bobs.

There's no individuality, even when the writer is trying to build a villain you end up with another bob, whom for some reason hates the other bobs, but at the same time likes other bobs, because plainly I don't remember anyone's name from the novel even after 40 chapters, all I know is that merchant bob is "good" and the MC's "friend" for some reason, the governor bob is "evil", because don't know, don't care, the other characters don't really matter.

The morals of this story is that the writer is really good, but his story is ruined by lazily written bobs and a bad Ike. 



A Good story, starts very strong

I like the writing style, it's interesting, it's original and some may like it more than others. The story of a creature that craves for light from the depths of the darkness is really breathtaking and interesting. I've only been able to reach chapter 28, the development of a young healthy, harem lusting, OP character into a lovestruck idiot that has only eyes for one girl, although predictable to a certain degree, I personaly don't find it as breath-taking as beginning. Fix me if you like, but I predict too much melodrama in the future, thus cut reading it short, it's probably not what I was looking for in a book. It's just that I couldn't empathise with the MC at some point, there was no real threat for a person whom could literally just stop time instead of doing all that unnecessery things.